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Gabe Landeskog out indefinitely with knee surgery, Girard out at least a month



Gabe Landeskog

I was just about to say “Good Saturday” to you all, but…then came the news from Jared Bednar: Colorado Avalanche captain Gabe Landeskog will have knee surgery Monday and is out indefinitely. And, Sam Girard will miss at least a month. So, yeah, scratch anything good about Saturday.

“No timeline,” Bednar said on Landeskog.

But, there was some encouraging news, Bednar indicated:

“Hopefully, he’ll be available for us for the stretch (run),” he said.

Bednar said Landeskog has had something nagging at him with the knee for a little while now and that it was “getting worse.”

“We’ll know more after surgery,” he said.

If Landeskog is out long-term, it’s possible he could be put on LTIR, which would free up $7 million in cap space. I’m not saying that’s probable, just possible.

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This obviously is something of a shock, and no doubt is a very bad thing short-term. But if Landeskog can come back full steam ahead for the playoffs, that’s the bigger picture that’s probably more important. Bednar said it is not an ACL injury.

As for Girard, Bednar said he would miss four weeks. Anybody who might be put on LTIR, they would have to miss the rest of the season almost certainly, as Landeskog has a $7 million cap hit and Girard has a $5 million hit. If either came back before the end of the regular season, the Avs would have to add their cap space back in. The only way they can likely afford any player with a big contract at the trade deadline is to either get more room from an LTIR placement or to trade a player with a contract that would allow someone else with a bigger one perhaps to fit under the cap. If the Avs are cap compliant by the playoffs, a guy like Landeskog could come back for the postseason, and the Avs wouldn’t have any cap penalty, because there is no salary cap in the playoffs.

Click on the PuckPedia link on this page for up-to-the-minute Avs cap info. From PuckPedia:

  • To qualify for LTIR, a player must be expected to miss at least 10 NHL Games AND 24 days of the NHL season
  • When a player is on LTIR, a team may exceed the salary cap. Despite the common misconception, LTIR does not remove a Cap Hit from a team’s overall Cap Hit, it just potentially allows the team to exceed the salary cap.

Let’s just see how this plays out. I’m not going to get into any conspiracy theories about the cap/LTIR. Just reporting the facts here.

Bo Byram, as noted earlier, practiced today in a non-contact jersey. Technically, Bednar said, Byram is still on “personal leave”, so he had no update on any timeline for him. But it’s obviously good news and evidence that he could attempt another return for the stretch run/playoffs.

“The fact that he’s been skating and around the guys is (good news),” Bednar said.

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So obvious Its a Kucherov/Tampa move for sure.. there’s no way Landy would risk missing the playoffs for a minor surgery.. He would have waited for the off-season to have the surgery. The Avs put Landy and Girard on LTIR and that frees up a lot of cap space. The Avs are clearly going for it and will make a huge splash at the deadline.. Bring on Giroux, JT Miller and a Klingberg! Stanley Cup here we come!

Last edited 6 months ago by Enzo
Karl Keen



Why is what I am saying funny Karl? You don’t think that this a Kucherov cap play? Please feel free to share your thoughts on the situation

Bob Neal

Got to think this is a Tampa/Vegas move. I hope they close the loophole next year after the Av’s win the cup. Let’s get a good defensive player along with all the offensive talent everybody wants.


Of course they will pull off a Kucherov. Why not? This is what they need to do to keep up with the other condenders.


I don’t know if this is a Kucherov situation by vs mgmt, but the big question (AD), is, which free agents could the team snag on a rental basis? Would the team try to sign Kadri to a contract during the LTIR cap relief period? I think that would be a good move, but the Avs need something more in net, and where do they find a goalie right now?

Any rest for the captain is well-deserved, even if it’s just for some minor knee tweak. The last few games, this team has looked tired


You wrote about signing Kadri, who is already on the team. Who did you actually mean? I’ve been trying to guess and can’t figure it out.


He probably just meant to his deserved extension. I was wanting him to be resigned last season. Now he is posting career year so more then likely will bolt unless he likes it where he is at. They can’t pay him 10 million. I would give him 24 million x 3 years. Get rid of Jost and Compher etc.

Matt Briggle

My guess would be that if they try to play the LTIR game ahead of the deadline it would be with Landy and not Girard. Girard’s style of play is a lot more rhythm and timing and could benefit from a few regular season games before heading into the playoffs. While Landy definitely has an abundance of skill, he can more easily step into the playoffs and play the power forward role while he gets his hands and timing back up to speed. The way I calculate things, they could have the Giroux deal with Philly all set and ready… Read more »


Knee injury bothering him a while, getting worse, not ACL. Sounds like a meniscus or cartilage tear, and an orthoscopic procedure to clean it up. 4-5 weeks average recovery I would think (I’ve had it done twice). I’ll let you know if I see him in Vail around the Steadman Clinic. Fingers crossed that’s all it is.

Last edited 6 months ago by tele_mon

Dislikes it when you are the bearer of bad news, AD! Speedy recovery for the captain and tornande.

thanks for the update!

Ryan Krueger

I have had a bunch of these ortho repairs and a young stud athlete like Landy could be on the ice practicing again in a week to 10 days if its only a meniscus tear…another 7-10 possibly back in a game. He was having a career year but need to get this stuff done before the playoffs. Get well soon Captain.


Sakic definitely needs to pull a “Kucheroo” with Landy and acquire some big name talent to augment the roster for the playoffs. I certainly wouldn’t risk bringing Landeskog back for a “President’s Trophy” run. Have an Eastern Conference team get that award and then bow out of the playoffs early – like so many times before. Just secure the Western Conference best record and focus on the second season.

Last edited 6 months ago by ricoflashback
Ari Gould

Yep. Me thinks Super Joe is going to go for it. The window is small for a championship-caliber team. This team has what it takes, but anything can happen in the playoffs. Sakic is shrewd and will get someone without paying too much. Bring on Sir Stanley!


Maybe Landy and Stone can go hangout together before the playoffs. Im glad the Avs are playing this card because it does give teams an advantage in the playoffs aka TB. BUT the NHL does need to put a stop to this BS now that teams are obviously taking advantage of it.

Karl Keen

Well either a Sakic is going all out TB or Vegas or we are f’ed. I can believe we have a Girioux trade all worked out but I’m not sure that will win us a cup. Is JT Miller better?

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