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Avalanche Trade Rumors

Marc-Andre Fleury won’t be coming to Avalanche by NHL trade deadline



Marc-Andre Fleury

One rumor fire I can safely extinguis: Rumors to the contrary, there is no possibility of a Marc-Andre Fleury trade to the Colorado Avalanche by the March 21 NHL trade deadline.

Well, OK, if both Darcy Kuemper and Pavel Francouz might both be injured within the next week, maybe. But if not, there are no plans by Avs GM Joe Sakic to make a big trade for a new goalie within next Monday.

It’s sort of been portrayed that Fleury would have his choice of any trade proposal from many of the existing Cup contenders. But, at least from the Avalanche’s end, I’m told there is not much interest in any big type of offer for him.

Personally, I think this is the right non-move. Sakic has already sacrificed a good-sized piece of the cupboard to get Kuemper, and he just signed Frankie to a 2-year extension. It would not only open him to a fair amount of second-guessing for not acquiring the right guy last time but potentially be too much of a jarring thing for both parties here.

Superstreak Bonus!

The Avs have the best record in the NHL right now with the goalies they have. Fleury might be a flashy name to brag about, but the fact is he is 37 and has poorer statistics this season so far than the two Avs goalies on hand.

I think the Avs will be acquiring a new forward or two within the next four days. But, not a goalie.

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That’s great news. It took Kuemper the early part of the season to get used to the team in front him. Fleury would likely have a similar learning curve.

Look back on the deadline Ryan Miller trade to St Louis, and how they never developed any chemistry together, ultimately losing in the first round.

Last edited 8 months ago by LastPlaceRob

Well based on this article, I’d say Flower to the Avs is confirmed.

Bob Neal

AD, I think you mean “extinguish”. I’m with Jason that once you start believing whatever information you received, Joe has a habit of reversing course. I just hope your information is correct as we don’t need another goalie.

Matt Briggle

Goalies are weird. At this point in the season for the Avs I think it’s best to dance with the one who brung you rather than trying to fit in someone brand new to such a critical position. I wouldn’t totally rule out a goalie deal if they feel they want to start carrying a third string option to head into the playoffs like maybe an Anton Forsberg or Craig Anderson or someone of that caliber who can be had for cheap, will know his role, and relish the opportunity.

Ryan Krueger

Will Manson play in Tuesday’s game?

Matt Briggle

I think that would be a safe assumption at this point unless he had difficulties with travel as Anaheim was in NY today.




Good. Kuemper is looking pretty damn good at the moment. Switching goalies at this point would be way riskier than sticking with what we have. The move for the Flower would have been last November or early December.


Funny no one is mentioning that Kemps is a statically a top 10 goalie this season. He’s not on anyone’s Vezina short list but his numbers compare to Vasy’s. Not suggesting that Kemps is Vasy’s equal, but he’s playing at a high level and he just needs to be able to steal a game when the boys aren’t playing crisp. Like he did against Calgary and he was one tipped, bounding, seeing eye puck from getting the game to OT in Carolina.

Glad we can finally put this talk to bed.

Jeffrey Zucker

Regardless of how you feel about Kuemper or Frankie, the Avs need another proven G, ideally one with playoff experience. If the injury bug hits Kemps in in the playoffs, Frankie has shown he is not capable and will likely also get injured. I hope the Avs do get a big G by the deadline. Fleury would be ideal, but Holtby or otherwise is better than nothing.

Luke Waggoner

The statistical possibility of injuring both of your goalies in the playoffs is quite low, and I really don’t get where you think that Frankie isn’t capable. His numbers this year are near identical to DK’s.

The Avs don’t need to give up more pieces to get a goalie who’s never going to see the ice. Their odds are much better if they focus on adding pieces not subtracting them. As a side note, Fleury and Holtby both have sucky numbers compared to DK or Frankie.

Jeffrey Zucker

Agree on their numbers. I just think experience is very valuable this time of year.

My Frankie suggestion was based on his performance and subsequent injury when he took over for Grubi in ‘20.

A guy like Fleury, for the right price, adds locker room presence if nothing else. He sure can’t hurt to have around.

Charlie Anderson

I believe in playoff Kemps. What was the last time we saw him in the playoffs? When he was the best goalie in the world for a week and stole AZ a game or two from us, that’s when. So we know he has the potential to do it, and in the playoffs. Frankie is top 5 backup, Kemps is top 5 overall when he’s on, easily. Kemps is a playoff goalie? It happened before, we’ll see…

Scott Groginsky

Agree. And in the 2014 playoff series we’d like to forget, Kuemper’s goaltending was instrumental in turning it around for Minn against the Avs.

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