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TRADE ANALYSIS: Tyson Jost dealt to Minnesota Wild for Nico Sturm



Tyson Jost

Hot off the presses: Tyson Jost has been traded. He’s going to the, gulp, Minnesota Wild in exchange for Nico Sturm.

“Nico is a big, strong forward who also brings a heavy defensive presence. He is a defensive-minded center who can chip in offensively, is good on draws and can contribute on the penalty kill,” said Joe Sakic, in a team release.

I think we have a new fourth-line center here, somebody who is considerably bigger than Jost – at 6-3, 209. As Sakic said, he’s a good defensive player who chips in offensively only on occasion. He had 11 goals last year in his rookie season, and had nine goals and 17 points in 53 games this season for the Wild. He’s only 26. He mostly centered the fourth line with the Wild, and those offensive numbers aren’t awful for a fourth-liner.

He was tied for third among NHL rookies last year in plus/minus (+10) and tied for 10th in goals. He finished the regular season tied for fourth on the team in goals and tied for fifth in plus/minus rating. His 11 markers were tied for sixth by a rookie in Minnesota franchise history. Sturm added two points (1g/1a) in seven playoff contests and led the team in plus/minus rating (+1) during the postseason.

Sturm’s faceoff-winning percentage for the Wild this season: 51.7 percent. The Avs needed help in that department. Jost’s faceoff percentage: 39 percent. Sturm’s cap hit is only $725,000 (Jost’s was $2 million), but he’ll be an unrestricted free agent after this season.

My initial take: it’s tough to see a quality guy like Tyson Jost go. He’s a true pro, never once whined about a thing here and was very active in the community. But, let’s face it, he was a disappointment here. He came out of North Dakota with a big reputation and was a first-round pick. He was given ample opportunity to be a top-six forward, but the offensive consistency just was never there.

He had been playing almost exclusively on the fourth line for a while now, and was a healthy scratch in a game recently. His ice time had been diminishing. His defensive play is/was pretty good, but he wasn’t a good enough faceoff man and he was part of a PK unit close to last in the league.

I haven’t seen Sturm enough to be able to sit here and definitely say what kind of player the Avs are getting. But, again, as if it wasn’t made clear with the Josh Manson trade last night: the Avs thought they needed to get bigger as a team going into the playoffs.

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I did ask someone who sees the Wild play every night what he/she thinks of Sturm, though, and got this assessment: “Big, tenacious forechecker. Not great hands. Impeccable shape. Better quote.”

As a media dude, I like that last part.

I think Joe Sakic, on paper, made a good deal here. I know a lot of Jost fans are very disappointed right now. But, yeah, it’s a business. The Avs just got more cap space and got a big, young player who’s played regularly in the league for two years now, who makes them a lot bigger up front.

It’s going to be very weird seeing Tyson Jost in a Wild uniform, that’s for sure.

One last thing:

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Sakic gets it. He’s toughening up this team for a long playoff run. I liked Jost’s speed and attitude. But he’s undersized and never had the scoring touch he had in college. Now to get Giroux, TJ Miller or Hertl. I also like the way Sakic is getting this done before the trade deadline next week. Get em in, shape em up and on to the playoffs!


Indeed, Jost as a third/fourth line center in a primarily defensive role always seemed to a bit of a mismatch.


How about Nico to Mikko? I like the move a lot. While he’s not Cal Clutterbuck, he is younger and coming into the prime of his career. You need guys on your team who are physical and willing to do the dirty work, be effective on the PK and win draws. A definite upgrade for the Avs. I believe Sakic is working the best deals he can. Much, much better than in past years. I still think there is one more big deal coming for a forward. Kucherize this roster by pulling a major “Kucheroo.”

Last edited 8 months ago by ricoflashback
Ryan Krueger

Plus he has a broken jaw. Kidding aside he played hard just really couldn’t develop enough speed and strength to take his game to another level from college. Wish him the best except against the Avs.

Aaron Rud

You know, Rico, it’s funny that it’s taken this long for them to figure out that they needed more physicality.


Yeah – but better late than never.

Bob Neal

Elliott Friedman just wrote an article indicating Joe is finally reading our posts on this site! Good stuff.

Christian Vieth

Feel bad for Jost, but Sturm is bigger, better at faceoffs, and has more goals/points this year- no brainer for Joe

My question is what do the Wild see in Jost?


The Wild must like the fact that Jost is a bit younger and under contract for next year. Otherwise, it’s a little baffling. Seems like a great trade for the Avs’ playoff run.


The Mild got fleeced, methinks.

John Klingenstein

Jost definitely has skill that a lot of guys even in the NHL don’t have. You can see it if you watch him in practice and warm-ups etc, juniors, college. There is a reason why he was picked where he was. It didn’t really happen for him here. The team is stacked and hockey is all about roles, so if youre a skill guy and youre not on the 1st 2 lines and youre not getting power play time, o zone starts, offensive d etc and it’s not very easy to put up big numbers. Sure he didnt earn it… Read more »


I like it. A cap dump and an improvement for the bottom 6.


As a German, I am certainly pleased to see this addition. As for Jost, maybe the change of scenery will have a revitalizing effect on his offensive numbers, but I am not sure Minnesota is the right city for that.


Das ist gut, ja!

Karl Keen

As rico said, Sakic gets it. Absolutely not sorry to see Jost go and love that we are getting bigger.

I read that Sturm will be a rfa, not a ufa, does anyone know?

Ryan Krueger

Sportsnet reported he will be a UFA


Like it. Agree with others, seems like the Avs should have been asked to kick in a mid rounder for Minny to do this. Joe seems to finally have conviction that the D and 3/4 lines needed to be bigger/stronger to Win. A little surprised he hasn’t done some of this earlier. I’d rather not have Giroux….IMO, his heart doesn’t really seem to be in a move. He’ll need to be full of fire to help win a Cup, and I have my doubts there. Much rather have Hertl….or Miller as Plan B. If it’s Miller, JTC will def have… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by gimmepuck

If it’s J.T. Miller, then the Avs need to find a way to sign him to an extension past next year. Miller is in the prime of his career and a possible replacement for Kadri if he moves on. I’d take any three of those players but I think you’re right about Giroux. He doesn’t seem to have the fire in the belly to chase a Stanley Cup and maybe he’s better off rotting in Philadelphia.

Last edited 8 months ago by ricoflashback

I tend to think that we still have Giroux at the top of our list. Time will tell. Also, do any of you think that we will do a Vegas move with Landy or Girard?


Landy is definitely going LTIR, IMHO. Possibly Girard but my preference is to flip him for cap space (at the least) and hopefully – for an impact forward. I’m cooling to Giroux because I don’t see that he has any interest in joining any team, let alone the Avs in pursuing a Stanley Cup. I think he’s a lifelong Flyer and is content where he is. I’ve seen nothing to the contrary that he has the desire, will and fortitude to leave Philly. And if that’s what he wants, if that’s how he wants to be remembered then good for… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by ricoflashback
Matt P

I also think it’s Giroux, although Joe never seems to trade for who we expect. I’d love Hertl or Miller, but I think they’ll be too expensive. I’m not sure I agree with everyone saying Giroux’s heart won’t be in it. If he gets traded to the Avs, that may be his only chance at a cup. Seems like a pretty good motivator to me!


Giroux has a no movement clause in his contract. I haven’t heard Giroux say anything about wanting to be traded to a contender. I really think he’s happy in Philadelphia and winning a Cup isn’t a priority for him – unless it’s with the Flyers. Good luck with that.

Matt P

Yes of course its dependent on him waiving his no trade clause for a trade. Provided he does, I expect him to be motivated to win a cup.


Dater – with all of this recent trade activity any word if the Eagles plan to sit any of their players before the deadline?

Matt P

I’m most excited about the fact that we were able to dump salary and get someone who is decent on faceoffs. “Big tenacious forechecker” sounds perfect. I hope he’s fast though. I agree we need size, but it’s important Col doesn’t change their speed game.

Charlie Anderson

For sure, but Jost isn’t exactly fast either


I just saw Helleson signed his ELC with Anaheim today. Good for him.

Off topic I know, but whatever.


I always liked Jost. Sad to see home go. Would’ve rather have Compher go the other way. I see those two as interchangeable and he’s older and more expensive, but it is what it is. I hate that it’s the Wild Jost is going to, cause I’d like him to find some spark; as I’ve thought for a while that, while I didn’t want to see him go, that a change of scenery might do him some good.

Charlie Anderson

I really like Jost as a person, sad to see him go. But on paper this looks like a big win for the Avs. I’m surprised the Wild went for this.


Guerin is making a bet that, with a change of scenery, Jost can recover his offensive consistency and get back on the curve to being a top 6 forward. Center has been a weakness for them, so if it works it could be a steal for them longer term.

Today, there’s just no room for Jost on this roster in the Top 6, and he’s miscast physically on the bottom 6. (Similar to Sammy being miscast here due to the arrival of Cale, Toews).

A risk, but might end up being a good one to take for them.

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