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NHL trade drama: Avalanche still in on Claude Giroux Sweepstakes



The Colorado Avalanche are still alive in the NHL trade sweepstakes for Claude Giroux.

Getting late here, and anyone who’s read me over the years knows I need my rest. Insomnia has been a true problem in my life for 25 years now, and I’ve needed powerful medication just to get my eyes closed and my brain shut off. And I need to make sure I don’t use the computer after taking the medication too, otherwise I might say some dumb s*** that gets me in trouble. But before I snooze off, I wanted to get give the best update I can deliver on the situation with Messrs. Giroux.

It’s my understanding that the Avs have an offer in for Giroux, and that they have not been told they’re out of it, despite some reports to the contrary. Giroux was all-but traded to the Florida Panthers by some reports late Thursday night, but my NHL sources indicated that the Avs still thought they had a shot at the 34-year-old Flyers captain and 2022 NHL All-Star Game MVP.

Here’s the other thing regarding the Avalanche though: they are not sweating Giroux’s decision. The feeling is that Giroux might just be extra gravy to a team already good enough to win a third Stanley Cup in team history. The Avs feel they addressed a significant need by adding much more size to the lineup with the acquisitions of Josh Manson and Nico Sturm – who will make his Avs debut Friday in San Jose.

What is the Avalanche latest offer? I don’t know.

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I’ve heard the Flyers already turned down an offer of Justin Barron and the Avs’ first-round pick in 2023. If that’s true, I think Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher should immediately be fired, as Barron is going to be a stud D-man in this league for many years. I don’t know if that’s officially the offer.

So, that’s it, really. The Avs would like to add Giroux before the NHL trade deadline, but seemingly on their terms. If they don’t get him, there are some other names on the NHL trade block, like Andrew Copp and Cal Clutterbuck, and maybe Max Domi or Yanni Gourde.

I suspect by the time I wake up tomorrow, we’ll know the answer to whether or not Claude Giroux is a member of the Colorado Avalanche. I’d say it sounds like 25/75, but that’s still enough of a chance to think Friday could be an eventful day.

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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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I hope Sakic doesn’t make this deal (Barron & a 1st) the Avs can win cup this season with just minor changes to their roster on the bottom 6.


Well said Rich – I couldn’t agree more!

Bob Neal

Well stated Rich. Too high a price on a rejected deal for someone that is going to be a UFA. Let it go and get one of those other guys. Back to basics AD, there is too much information floating around out there that Joe will pull the string on this not so secret deal.

Aaron Rud

I would not give up Barron and sacrifice the future any more.
In other news, Chuck Fletcher is an IDIOT. How does that guy have a job? Did he take compromising photos of NHL management?


Barron and a first for a guy who may or may not be 100% good and ready to leave the Flyers behind?

That would be a terrible move, and one we would no doubt regret for years.

…and likely erase all the goodwill of the Duchenne trade.

Not Barron, and not a first. Plenty of very good Eagles in the cupboard.

Don’t do it Joe.


I want Giroux and you have to pay for a player of his caliber, but Barron and a 1st would only be a good deal if Giroux still had term! For a UFA it’s way too much!

Ryan Krueger

Also at age 34 his best years are behind him


Forget Domi. All the other players that A.D. mentioned are fine by me. I think Giroux is a nice player but not a great player. He’s undersized and in decline. 42 points this year. Not worth the reported trade proposal. Besides – when Landy comes back it will be like trading for a big time scorer. 30 goals and 29 assists for our Captain this year. Say it ain’t so, Joe.


Maybe Joe will explode the entire world’s head and trade for Patrick Laine…


We can’t afford Laine unless we send Rantanen. Not happening considering he has to be resigned as well.


It was a joke…


It seems to me there will be a big optional component in this trade for the case that the Avalanche were to sign Giroux for a longer term contract. Otherwise, 2 first round players simply seem too steep for a rental!


Dude’s gonna be 35 next season….35.


All this talk about the price being too much…

It doesn’t matter who we get at whatever price. If we win the Cup, nobody will really care what it cost.

I know I won’t.

PS: Be sure to hit the minus button!


Giroux is not the answer and a terrible long term decision. At age 34, his best years are behind him. Sure – winning a Cup would erase all questions for a year or two. But as a rental, it makes absolutely no sense. And how, pray tell, do you sign him to a new contract with all the other key roster decisions the Avs have to make including re-signing MacKinnon and addressing Kadri, Nichuskin and deciding whether to re-sign Kuemper? Unless it’s a lowball offer, I see no way this will work for the Avs. Let Florida overpay for an… Read more »


I agree. Copp or Clutterbuck would be great. Giroux? I could take or leave him. But we certainly don’t need him. At this point, I’m pretty convinced he’s not coming here anyway.

In the end, if we win a Cup, almost nobody will care what we paid for any of the aforementioned players.


This looks like the Foligno trade from last year to me.

We all know how that turned out.


Maybe, although I feel Giroux is a better hockey player than Nick Foligno.

I’m not saying I want Giroux though.


I’m a contrarian. I hit the plus button just for the sake of it.


Damnit! Somebody minused my plus on your comment! How dare them.

Karl Keen

As stated by others, the question is will Giroux agree now to a reasonable two year extension? If so, I could stomach this trade although I generally agree it is too high. I was ok with giving up Helleson but only because we had Barron. The issue is that we are going to lose Kadri next season and the Avs may look at Giroux as his replacement, but he will have to make a commitment to that. What we need to do is trade Girard and get his salary off the books for next year to try and resign Nuke… Read more »


Price is too high. Let Florida overpay for this rental.

Karl Keen

For those that pay attention to Dater’s twitter, what is up with a person or persons stating that players do not want to play hockey in CO?! Since when? I didn’t realize Florida (what city do they even play in?) was such a hot hockey town! Yes, NYC and Toronto may be more attractive options for some players, but most hockey players are not trying to be rock stars and appreciate cities like Denver. Also, these are rental players! So why in the hell would they care where they have to live for four months if they get a chance… Read more »


Florida’s attraction? Weather, no state income tax.

Karl Keen

That’s true in any sport. NY and CA have really high taxes and that doesn’t stop NBA/NFL/MLB players from signing in those cities. Also athletes are taxed in every state they play in so if they play 8 games a year in CA they pay taxes for their game salary.

No income tax states somewhat offset those to by having higher property taxes. Your $3 million dollar home is not a cheap, annual expense.

Again, somewhat all irrelevant for a rental player.

Last edited 8 months ago by Karl Keen

True, unless the rental is thinking of staying. And if you’ve been in both Manitoba and Florida, weather is a factor for even one week. 🙂

Aaron Rud

I think that most agents are selfish pigs, and most players aren’t smart enough to see that playing in a high tax city and state actually screws them. NY and any Canadian city? Forget it.


They play in this little area where you can live in Lauderdale, Boca, West Palm or hang with the PGAers in Jupe.

The technical term I believe, is ‘a really freakin’ great place’. 😀


Florida: America’s sweaty d**k.


Well, there’s Florida – and then there’s Jupe/Boca with $100mill in your pocket.

2 very different places! 😁


Oh, and you get the big lodge in the Muskokas for free from the tax savings. 😀

D Malingo

Too high a price in my opinion. I’d love to have Giroux, but don’t think we should give up Barron. I think we need another piece to compete – but I’ll be happy now if we don’t get Giroux. Let Florida overpay for a second time this season

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