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Sam Girard

Colorado Avalanche coach Jared Bednar painted a generally upbeat picture of his team’s injury situation this morning on his weekly Altitude radio show.

On Sam Girard, Bednar said, “He’s skating, feeling great. We’re hoping he’s a player for us, hopefully by the Edmonton game (Saturday). Probably wouldn’t throw him in on back-to-backs.”

The Avs’ next game is Friday in Winnipeg. When Girard is active, Bednar acknowledged it will be a game of musical chairs involving his defense.

“We’ll have eight defensemen healthy here, and we’ll have some tough decisions,” Bednar said.

On Nazem Kadri, Bednar said: “Kadri is coming along. Feeling better. He’s still gonna miss a little bit of time here, but I’m confident that he’ll be back too.”

Superstreak Bonus!

On Gabe Landeskog, Bednar said: “He’s got the same timeline as before. We’re hoping that by the end of the regular season, he’ll still be able to get back in a few games. That looks like it’s on track. He should be getting on the ice sometime soon.”

Ryan Murray will still be out a while with a suspected broken hand.

So, the news seems good. Then again, these are the Avs, so let’s not get above our raisin.

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Jared Moss

I see no problem having 8 healthy D. It’s actually a gift. Start rotating sitting guys get them some rest. Especially toews n makar I know they are competitive and won’t wanna sit, but playing 25 to 28 mins a night does catch up with you. Playoffs here we come!!

Yan Girard

I can’t wait for Saturday. Though I’m sure he’s ready for back to back. He is young. He is able to take!

Bob Neal

This will be the time when the smarts and recent education of the Av’s management is shown. The Av’s have been winning by playing great defensive hockey, cleaning the front or the net, tying up their forwards and throwing some heavy hits around. If the Av’s put Sammie back in the top 4 defensemen and play him 20+ minutes trying to outscore their opponent, management will not have learned the valuable lesson the past 6 weeks has proven. If this happens and the Av’s go out in the second round of the playoffs once again, some people can sit around… Read more »

Doug Heinzer

I think Bob nailed it. I don’t believe it’s a coincidence that the Avs’ play on front of their own net has improved with G out. Likewise on the offense- he created a lot and helped push the pace, and their scoring is down with him out. But overall I agree with Bob that, if he even always makes the lineup, they should limit his minutes and pick their spots carefully. We’ve seen that he can actually be a liability in the playoffs.


Shades of Stephane Yelle the way Cogliano dove to the ice and cleared out the puck with his arms and stick outreached. Hopefully he’s o.k.

Donald Victory

Shades of many other defensive players of yesteryear. Yelle was mediocre.

Yan Girard

Don’t forget that Toews and Makar are almost half of the games on the ice. They are overexposed. The puck possession statistics are much worse without Girard despite news acquisitions who gave new life. Many shots allowed per game. In more, in many games, the opponent played his second game in two nights against Avs. The best defense is attack. When you have the puck, the opponent cann’t score. You will also tell me that the Avs is better without Landeskog or that Bednar must control his time on ice? I can tell you a thing, DK began to stop… Read more »


Dear Yan, the argument that ‘the best defense is attack’ is pretty humorous….misguided, but still humorous! 😀 If this were true, the Leafs would have won the last 2-3 Cups….alas, the game is not played in an Excel spreadsheet! (Sorry, Kyle, your Tee times for early May are already pre-booked!). If attack were the best defense, pitching would be a non-factor in November’s World Series. If attack were the best defense, the pass rush and ground game shut down wouldn’t be important to winning a Super Bowl. The reality? Defense is the best Defense….and is key to winning any Stanley… Read more »

Yan Girard

I don’t know the other sports. Many factors influence the results of a hockey game. More one team plays in his own area, the more chance there is the opponent score goals. It’s a fact. Whether you want it or not. Does it mean a team who plays more in his area will lose automatically the game? No but there is more chance for it to happen. Be serious in your statements. Toronto Leafs are lost Tavares in first period of the first game in playoffs. It was much easier to match the Matthew line. All the attention was directed… Read more »


Yan – leave your idiotic and scientifically ignorant comments about the COVID vaccine out of hockey talk. Save them for your FOX propaganda and right wing blog bullshit sites.

Yan Girard

COVID vaccine…look only the numbers and you will get the answers. Same way for the hockey game! FOX propaganda can’t close to your ankle!

Donald Victory


Donald Victory

Settle down cowboy! Yan is entitled to his point of view.

Luke Waggoner

MAF got worse as the playoffs went on, and the reason the Avs lost that series was not because of him, it was because Grub sucked when it really counted.

Yan Girard

Don’t minimize that the season 2020-2021 presented a condensed schedule. Lehner hurt himself and MAF played many games. MAF was about 36 years old. MAF won the Vezina Trophy the last year and known a fantastic season. He saved face of Vegas during the season. Now, you see what it gives for Vegas without goalie… Also, he known two big series against Wild and Avs. The tiredness of MAF can explain his performances until at a certain point. But MAF was a lifeline for Vegas that Lehner be hurt or not. In comparison, DK doesn’t need to be a lifeline… Read more »

Last edited 8 months ago by Alexander A.
Ryan Wolf

Yan- to bobs point, you haven’t learned anything from the last two 2nd round playoff exits. High powered offense and skill alone don’t make deep playoff runs. I feel like we have a newfound grit with the additions and we will need to be physical and strong on the puck in a series with a team like the wild. Sammy G brings a great offensive threat but he gets pushed around and our D has broken down in past years. I’m excited and optimistic about this years squad’s ability for a deep playoff run. Go, Avs Go!

Donald Victory

LOL, more like MacKinnon was shut down games three-six!

Donald Victory

LOL. Makar and Toews play alot not for their defense but because the Avs have been behind or in tight games. They are in the game for offense assistance.

Donald Victory

Yep Sammy got through around like a biden-rag doll…

John Emanuel

so let’s not get above our raisin” I was born and raised in the south and I’ve never heard this phrase before. However, I believe it takes an apostrophe at the end (similar to fixin’).


This “yankee” thanks you for the clarification.

Doug Heinzer

Not that he’d crack the lineup, but whatever happened to Jacob MacDonald after the big Trouba hit? Still out or back with the Eagles?


A quick check of the recap from the last Eagles game shows he’s back with them

Donald Victory


Matt Briggle

I just really want to see this team at full strength here. Outside of like half a period in December (I think) we haven’t had our full roster on the ice at the same time and the potential of what that line up could do is scary good. It will definitely good to get Girard back in and playing regularly before the playoffs. Since he relies so much on his skating and timing he will take a little longer to get fully back into game speed. Kadri and Landeskog are veteran enough and play a more physical style that will… Read more »

Bob Neal

To be clear, I’m not a “Girard hater”. I think he’s an outstanding young man from the stories I hear and an incredibly talented player. Of course he is an NHL caliber player, but I believe he is miscast as a top 4 defenseman and causes the defense to play too aggressive an offensive role instead of focusing on defense first.



I admire his skill and heart for sure.

IMO, however, he is just miscast on this edition of Avs team and would be a much better fit and successful with another club looking for that one puck moving D. More work on his shot would make him a legit PP1 QB.

A great fit for the Habs, for ex, .he is MUCH better than Wideman and would look great with Romanov.

Matt Briggle

Now, I didn’t mean “hater” like you think he’s a terrible person or anything, it’s just that I don’t think I’ve seen a positive comment about him since the Vegas series. I was just trying to point out that he has also performed very well in the playoffs. To keep holding judgement on one player for that series while giving everyone else a clean slate for all of this season seems a bit harsh to me. And it’s not just you or even this site, but every site that covers the Avs. The entire team collapsed during that Vegas series,… Read more »

Donald Victory

The real question on Sammy G. is did his wrist shot or slap shot improve while out? Highly unlikely!

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