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Avalanche playoffs

Avalanche series with Blues starts Tuesday night



Valeri Nichushkin

Johnny Gaudreau’s overtime goal against the Dallas Stars essentially means the Avalanche and St. Louis Blues get to get started one night earlier than they might have, with their own second-round playoff series. The Avs will play Game 1 against the Blues Tuesday night at Ball Arena, at 7:30.

If the Stars had won tonight, the Avs-Blues series likely would have started Wednesday night, because of some arena/TV conflicts with both the NBA Mavericks and NHL Stars playing at the same time. The Stars are eliminated now though, so Game 1 is Tuesday, Game 2 on Thursday, then Games 3 and 4 in St. Louis on Saturday and Monday.

I will be in St. Louis for Games 3 and 4, and your Avs Travel Tip Jar donations are always welcome, yes sir and yes ma’am. Here is the link to get to the Jar. I’ve already scored good deals on airfare and hotel ($52 a night for a decent airport hotel, the latter) so it won’t be a fortune either way.

Superstreak Bonus!

Here is the series schedule:

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I wish these games were on ESPN. The TNT and TBS apps for Fire TV and iOS are a steaming heap of excrement.


Yeah, but I’d rather deal with that than risk Leah Hextall calling the game in ESPN…


I’ll take Leah Hextall calling the game all day over multiple app crashes in the middle of the action.

Bob Neal

You obviously haven’t sat through listening to her calling a game.


Actually, I have. She’s better than that Levy guy who can’t get anyone’s name right or calls a save for the goaltender of the wrong team.

And I’d still rather see the game in it’s uninterrupted entirety with a bad call than the alternative. Not much gets my blood boiling more than watching my screen lock up with my chosen team on the rush, and then restarting the app, getting my feed back after having been forced to watch a 30 second ad, and I miss a goal being scored. Yes, it has happened to me…more than once.

Bob Mehoff

Levy is the worst. Called EJ, Makar, dozens of time. Maybe he is bleind to 6 and 8?


i heard that. whats the deal there, who thought that was a good idea? totally unlistenable.

Aaron Rud

NBC had better announcers. I can barely hear the crowd noise. I want to feel as if I’m there, not hear these awful announcers. I know MSG was going nuts, but you couldn’t really “feel” it. Awful production.

Bob Mehoff

Sounds like you need to upgrade your wifi…


My wifi is top notch and my internet connection ticks along at 40 megs. Should be able to handle multiple devices streaming HD video at the same time.

Also, I don’t have the same issue when I’m watching on the ESPN app or streaming a movie on Netflix or HBO, etc.

Bob Mehoff

Live straming is different from file streaming. Compression algorithms. Anyway, 40 Mbps is barely adequate for live. I just updraded to Nighthawk CAX80 which is cable modem and Wifi 6 (ax) router. I pay for 600Mbps from Comcast, and get around 700 through Nighthawk. To the router 720Mbps from Comcast. So my wireless throughput is around 95 percent passed. Next up my Lenovo X270. Running Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265, which is AC but AX if the next generatior. So once I insert that card (ordered) then it will be very interesing. Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX201 – network adapter –… Read more »


If 40 is barely adequate for live… Why does it work fine when I’m streaming live feeds from ESPN, Amazon, Peacock, or F1tv but shits the bed for the TNT and TBS apps on the same device?

Jared Moss

Guessing you said screw the family?! Lmao or whoever was coming into town I already forget

Bob Mehoff

Dater get me a press pass and I will fund your ticket and hotel. I have 2.1M United miles and 2.5 million Bonvoy points. Quid pro quo…

Bob Mehoff

NP broheim. You might bump into Stastny, tell him we are glad he sold his Denver pad!

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