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Avalanche playoffs

Jack Johnson to replace Sam Girard in Avs lineup for Game 4



Jack Johnson

ST. LOUIS – Jack Johnson will play in place of the injured Sam Girard in Game 4 Monday night in St. Louis, sources tell Colorado Hockey Now.

For more on why I think this is the right decision, I wrote about this earlier on Sunday.

The Avs will lose Girard’s speed out of the defensive zone on breakouts, but gain some toughness in the corners and in front of the net with JJ. He played 74 regular-season games with the Avs, so this won’t be a big culture shock either for JJ or Avs fans.

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How rusty will he be? We’ll find out. This is a tough thing, jumping into Round 2 of a playoff series after not having played since April 29. One unanswered question: will JJ play with Josh Manson? Or, will Bo Byram now play with Manson, and JJ goes back to playing with Erik Johnson, like he mostly did in the regular season?

We’ll find out.

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Dave North

I would like to see Manson and Byram as the second pairing. I like what I have seen from Byram in these playoffs and additional minutes for him can replace some of what is lost without Girard. Also, we already know that “The Johnsons” are a good pairing.

Peter North

I would pair speed and stay at home. So, Condor (slow) Byram (fast), Manson (average) Makar (fast), and Jack with Toews. Toews needs help in the corners and Jack can help.

Last edited 6 months ago by Peter North
Dave North

Bednar is not going to separate Makar and Toews (and I don’t think he should)

John Klingenstein

JJ’s ok and the Avs are probably good enough to win with anyone in that spot but really he’s just a filler. Adds nothing really. I guess he can block some shots knowing hes expendable, but honestly, I’d much rather see Macdonald in over any of the other guys. I thought he played awesome at the end of the year in Minnesota. I think the Avs lost 4-1 but Macdonald had 6 shot on goal and was a +1. His style suits the way the Avs play. I’d like to see pairs of Toews and Makar, Byram and Manson and… Read more »

Peter North

Ah, he will be fresh and without bumps and bruises. I could see him playing a very key role in the game(s).

Donald Victory

John Klingberg from the Stars, clearly. Sakic didn’t want…


Good move. I say it will be JJ and EJ – the bruise brothers together again.

Bob Neal

I hope so. It’s good to see JJ back in the lineup. He certainly deserves to be there.

Aaron Rud

I don’t care what analytics nerds say, Jack has been solid. Because of constant injuries, I think he was forced to play more minutes than they wanted, and he was wore out near the end of the season.


I’m surprised. I thought Murray would’ve been the better choice. He was playing his best hockey of the season right before he broke his hand. Johnson kinda sucked down the stretch. I guess I should hope that JJ plays like a contract is on the line, because it probably is…

Peter North

Sure he had a few turnovers that hurt but his experience he should be able to sort that out and he is bigger than Murray who has not played in forever and rust could have been a factor in the decision.

Glendon Gulliver

Good choice of JJ. If you are concerned about rust or physicality, then it is him over Murray. Byrum has shown he is capable of the extra minutes and move up. Murray now knows that he is next up if anyone else gets hurt, so he will be ready in the future. Neither guy is being asked to play the top line, but when inserted, to just play a steady defensive game and minimize mistakes.

Donald Victory

Have a great game Jack! No rust on the wiley veteran! The real question is will MacMia and Miakko show? If so, then we should be bringing the series back to Denver with control The other question is what will Badner do with LOC? He got a goal, which means he will not score again for another 20 games or so, which makes it 22-23 season.

Peter North

Time to reinsert Sturm for sure. Who will sit is the question. I would sit LOC as he has the least experience. Cogs is speedier but less physical. Helm is decent and probably his experience outweighs LOCs youth.

Sean Washington

Your posts are solid. I enjoy reading your dry humor, wit, and obvious high hockey iq.

Karl Keen

Let’s go JJ! I have faith he will get the job done. Let’s put this team away, not have to go back to St. Louis where I am starting to have concerns about our team’s safety, including some place food poisoning them. I’m done with their fans at this point.

Karl Keen

Dater, how is the team taking what occurred? Any feeling of being worn out on Kadri and the drama that is occurring? Not saying at all I think Kadri is to blame, but are the players getting his back or being mum on the situation?

Charlie Anderson

So nice to have Jack Johnson just waiting around, he’s going to do just fine imo, the rest probably did him well. I like his music too, buh doom chhh. Thanks for the updates Dater!

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