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Kelsey’s Korner Playoff Journal: Headed Up North To Cover Avalanche



Life has a funny way of playing out. I started this side gig in November of 2021 with the expectations of gaining experience, meeting some new hockey people and putting my journalism degree to use. That was really about it. I love talking hockey with people and I especially love talking Avs hockey. This season was everything and more. I built up the courage to ask more questions, I figured out all the coffee/snack tricks, heck, some people even know my name now! Look at your introvert-girl go!

To be a part of the Avs incredible season was something I will cherish for the rest of my life. From my first game November 19th against the San Jose Sharks (Avs smacked them around 6-2) to Nathan MacKinnon’s unbelievable, and I mean unbelievable goal against the St. Louis Blues in Game 5 last round. This season has been an entertaining one, to say the least. Games 1 and 2 at Ball Arena this week are something I have never witnessed in my life. The energy, the excitement was just something I have experienced as an Avs fan. I barely remember the 2000 – 2001 Championship so this is a whole new world!

I love seeing the Broncos take the back burner right now while the Avs continue their chase for the Stanley Cup.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a Bronco fan too but here we are in June and we are still talking about the Colorado Avalanche. Can’t beat it. Several players including Russell Wilson, John Elway, Dalton Risner and Nathaniel Hackett have been in attendance for the games throughout the playoffs. Sorry Broncos, it’s Avalanche Country right now. All joking aside, it is great to see the support of all the local sports teams and their fans come together right now. 

I already knew Avs Faithful were top in the league. I’ve met plenty of them throughout Colorado. They are some of the most passionate fans I have ever encountered. I almost had my head bitten off for blaming Jack Johnson for a goal that wasn’t his fault. But hey! That’s what I love. Hold me accountable! That’s how you grow and learn. I wouldn’t change it for the world. 

Time for the fun stuff. I am headed up North to assist Adrian in covering Games 3 and 4 of the Western Conference Finals. I heard it gets crazy up there so he’s bringing in the strong arm. Me. I’m the strong arm. Kidding. 

Hopefully, CHN readers are ready for content overload. We’re talking videos, podcasts, photos, tweets and my personal favorite. Kelsey’s Korner Journal series. Each night whether it’s game night or not, I’ll recap the adventures for the day which will include morning skates, pregame conferences, postgame conferences and breaking news updates.

That concludes Day 1 – ish. I’m delayed at the airport till this evening. Can’t complain though, I’ve got the Lighting vs. Rangers game on, a cold drink and a full belly. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s chaos after Game 3 in Edmonton.

Side note – if you have a favorite brewery, restaurant or tips in Edmonton, let me know! Would love to hear them. 

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thanks for the Avs Travel Tip Jar donations to help fund all this. The Tip Jar is always open (link here). 95 cents of every dollar to Avs travel expenses. 5 cents to the Thornton Food Bank in your names.

Superstreak Bonus!

Thank you to the following awesome people who donated today: Matthew Burns, Grace Cooke, Chris Cook, Francis Meagher-Lange, Christoper Nondorf, Matthew Benedetti, Kevin McDonald.

Kelsey departed for Edmonton tonight. Dater will go on Saturday morning and, hopefully, arrive with a couple hours to spare until game time.

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Glendon Gulliver

The two places I used to go when there were Sherlock Holmes and CRAFT Beer Market. They are across from each other. Enjoy!

Ray Bussard

You’re wonderful to read.

Matt Briggle

Safe travels Kelsey, I can’t wait to see what all you and AD roll out over the next few days. I’ve only ever driven through Edmonton, but I did spend a night in Red Deer. I made a point of asking a few residents there if they were Oilers or Flames fans, and my extremely small and informal poll resulted in 100% of them saying that they were Rebels fans.


Great read. Enjoy the time there and have so much fun. Joining CHN was one of my bst decisions I have ever made.

Adrian Dater

Thank you Jensen!

John Mauss

Kelsey, Consider a story on Jake Schneider retiring. Should be in your wheelhouse. Maybe after the playoffs when relevant stories are hard to come by.

Aaron Rud

That’s a good idea.


Kelsey, I love reading your features with as many juicy details as we can get. It’s great to see more women actively engaged in the reporting of hockey as we love and play the game too. Go Avs in Edmonton for Game 3!

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