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AVALANCHE NOTEBOOK: Andrew Cogliano Injured; Bednar Will “rethink” Goalie Situation



Andrew Cogliano Avalanche
David Zalubowski/AP

Just got back in the door at home, after a four-hour bus ride from Edmonton to Calgary, then a two-hour flight to Denver. Thanks, by the way, to all who read our content this weekend. To say the traffic was huge would be an understatement. Some bad news, though, which was revealed by Avalanche coach Jared Bednar today while I was en route back (with bad wifi): Andrew Cogliano is hurt, and it seems iffy whether he’ll be back for the start of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Yeah, I guess we can safely guess that the injury is to the right hand. The social media crew at Denver International Airport are the ones who posted this, not me. So, it’s public information now I guess.

Cogliano blocked a shot last night and the hand took the brunt of it, obviously. If he can’t play in Finals, it’s another loss for the Avs. Bednar, in fact, said the Cogliano injury is similar to the one Nazem Kadri suffered. If anyone can play through it, it’s Cogs – who was the NHL’s longtime ironman for years until a bogus suspension by the NHL Department of Player Safety, when he was with Anaheim, ended that.

But, I mean, if it’s a broken hand? He’s not Superman.

“He’s out for now,” Jared Bednar said. “Similar situation to Kadri. We’ll see how things go. We’re not really sure yet on either of those guys, what the timeline’s gonna be.”

We still don’t know when Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals will be. It’ll either be June 15 or June 18, a league source told Colorado Hockey Now yesterday. Tampa Bay tied up their series with the Rangers tonight, so that series will go at least through June 11. The latest that series can go is June 14. Game 6, which is now a certainty, will be on June 11, and if it goes the distance, there’s a three-day break there between 6 and 7.

Superstreak Bonus!

Sooo…. A bit of waiting around again for the Avalanche. But in this case, with Kadri and Cogs hurt and some other guys probably banged up too, the extra time off might prove very handy. No pun intended.

“We have one step left. I don’t feel like any of our guys are satisfied,” Bednar said. “Advancing has been great, but it hasn’t been our goal from the start. Winning the whole thing has been. Our guys are focused on that. Seems like they’ve been determined, and now we’ll get some much-needed rest. Hopefully we can get more healthy than we are now and get ready to go whenever this starts.”

Asked about the job Pavel Francouz did last night and assessing the goaltending situation moving forward, Bednar said this:

“I think we were just taking it game by game. If he had a good game and was able to get the job done, then we go back to him, regardless of where Darcy’s at. It’s just kind of the circumstances you’re put into. And, you might as well ride it out and see how it goes,” Bednar said. “If, at any point, Frankie stumbled, then we had the option to go back to Kemps. Now, we’ll rethink that and try to come up with our best possible plan for starting the Finals.”

This will be a hot Avalanche topic until Game 1, no doubt. Who should be the starter in goal? We’ll get into that more tomorrow and beyond. For now, it’s lights out. Long day.

Ryan Boulding contributed to this report

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I think Frankie has earned the start. For at least game one. Yeah he let in five, but two were nice goals on a breakaway and one nobody was saving (even making an adjustment mid stretch and almost getting his head on it). He’s played well and made some big stops. If he struggles in game one and Kuemper is in fact 100% the maybe that’s when you go to him. I think it’s “harder” to go back to Kuemper for game one, and if he struggles going to Frankie in game two. Doing that seems, to me at least,… Read more »

Dave North

I don’t think going with Kuemper raises more questions. Rather the opposite. Kuemper has been the #1 goalie throughout the season, so would you not go back to him if he is fully healed? I also think Kuemper on top of his game is better than Frankie. They have both been up and down in the playoffs, but Kuemper finding his A-game is the Avs’ best chance of closing the gap to whichever Russian goalie they will face at the other end. Based on what we’ve seen so far in the playoffs, no matter which of their goalies they put… Read more »


I don’t think questions was the right word to use. Maybe questioning. Say Kuemper goes in game one and does okay. Maybe the Avs win maybe they don’t but it wasn’t the goalie that won the game. Where do you go from there. Back to Francouz. Also you never know how a goalie is going to react to if I don’t make this save am I going to be there next game. That’s already part of Frankies game. But Kuemper. Especially after he struggled against St Louis. And I like Kumper. I’ve been one of the few all season long… Read more »

Peter North

Kuemper is the prime goalender. Frankie the backup. Whichever one gives the best chance to win. I would use hard practices as a gauge, in consideration of the offensive players shooting at either.

Easy call. Majority vote. And maybe think a bit more long term too.

Matt Briggle

If in fact it was the eye that was giving Kuemper issues, then I expect them to do a lot of things over the next week that will test his ability to track the puck in traffic and all of that stuff. I think that with the length of this break you give the net back to Kuemper as long as he’s fully 100% and tracking the puck well. Frankie is the perfect backup and knows what his role on the team is. He’ll be ready to go at a moment’s notice if necessary.

Glendon Gulliver

The goalie situation is just one of the lineup concerns. The Avs have to plan for Kadri and Cogliano being unavailable. If they can make it back great. Who will center the 2nd line? Rantanen or Compher? If it is Compher, who centers the 3rd line and who are the line mate? Who replaces Cogliano on the 4th line? Luckily the Avs have some time to practice and decide what lines they think will work best in the finals. If I can remember properly to way back when, did not Landeskog play center? Could he be an option on the… Read more »


It has to be Kuemper, but only if he’s feeling good. All things being equal, Darcy is just better than Francouz, and the Avs deserve the very best play in goal during the Cup final.
Also, Bednar’s rule is that once you’ve earned a position, you don’t get replaced permanently until you play your way out of it. I think this respect for the players has been repaid with player buy-in to his message. I don’t see any reason that Bednar would change this rule now.

Joel Stefaniak

Kuemper is the number 1. If he’s ready, he goes. Frankie isn’t going to steal this series if it becomes a goaltending battle. I think the Avs hold a slight advantage here. How many games has Igor started for the Rangers and when will the two years of late summer hockey catch up to Vasy? I’ll take the rested and recharged duo.


Isnt there a concert at Ball arena already scheduled on June 18th?


Maybe we should just push the Cup Finals to July!

Zach Heiman

There sure is…no idea who Carin Leon is, but the show starts at 8. So SCF will not be starting on the 18th

Zach Heiman

Really!? Earlier in the day or just postpone the concert? Probably wouldn’t be enough time to convert from hockey to concert, especially if it goes OT…I guess the NHL is probably bigger money than Carin Leon


New Kids on the Block concert was post-poned during Dallas Mavericks second round match-up with the Suns this year. I think a New Orleans concert was post-poned due to the Pelican’s first round game. I think sports takes priority – must be in the concert promoter contract.

Zach Heiman

Interesting, I did not realize that was a common thing. I guess a SCF game will bring in a lot more money than most/all concerts

Doug Sawyer

New Kids on The Block are wimpy and terrible


Matinee game I suppose?

Peter North

Sounds like worse scheduling than TNT and ESPN. Can you beleive these clowns schedule 5:00p and 7:30p start times. No consideration for overtime or longer games.

Against the Preds, joined twice the Avs game in progress. Twice versus Blues. How dumb are these people?

Most games are three hours or so.


My biggest beef with American broadcasters is that when the Avs are on the National broadcast in the regular season it will say it’s a 6:00 start but the game will start somewhere between 15-25 minutes later. Doesn’t happen on Canadian national broadcasts. Somehow the game manages to start on time.

Donald Victory

June 16, 2020. Game 1, Stanley Cup Finals!

Go Havs!

Donald Victory

Per Gary Battman!

Peter North

Is this the signal calling Commissioner Battman?

Charlie Anderson

Just looking at some stats. Landy is currently a +14 (!!!) in these playoffs. Rants is +2 but they have the same amount of points – 17. It looks like if the Avs win it’s Nate or Cale for Con Smythe, though I could see Landy or Rants as a possible dark horse depending on what happens in the Final.

Glendon Gulliver

I am going to assume that Kadri and Cogliano will miss the rest of the playoffs. Hopefully they can return, but looking at possible lines without them. I think you need to keep the top line together. Trying to keep as much continuity as possible, I see the following lines: Landeskog-MacKinnon-Nichushkin/Lehkonen-Rantanen-Burakovsky/Newhook-Compher-Aube-Kubel/Helm-Sturm-O’Conner. That leaves Megna as the healthy scratch. It will be interesting to see who Bednar may bring up to practice and be healthy scratches in case someone gets hurt in the future.

Donald Victory

Avalanche rise to the top…

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