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Stanley Cup Finals

Stanley Cup Final Schedule Is Here



Stanley Cup Finals schedule

OK, so remember when I told you a few days ago the Stanley Cup Finals would start on either June 15 or 18? Well, yeah, I was right on that (what’s that saying about a blind squirrel and acorns again?). Here is the official schedule for the Stanley Cup Finals between the Avalanche and…ahh, we don’t know still. So there are two different schedules, one if the Lightning close out their series with the Rangers and one if the Rangers come back and win.

A lot of people have kept telling me, “But Dater, there’s a concert scheduled for the 18th at Ball Arena. It can’t be that day!” And I kept saying “Well they’re gonna have to reschedule that concert because I’m told it’s a lead pipe cinch there will be a game that night.” So, here you go:

Superstreak Bonus!

Stanley Cup Finals schedule

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Joel Stefaniak

I’m probably not the only one hoping Tampa wraps things up. Let’s get this party started!

Thor's Hammer

Rust is bad. I am with you! And I think TBL will close out on Saturday. They are a hard and grizzed team. It will be a big test for the Avalanche.

TBL beat Leafs 4-3
TBL swept the President’s Trophy winner
And could beat NYR 4-2.

Avs two sweeps and 4-2 series against a grizzled Blues.

Dater, since you are such a tremendous predictor, give us the Finals result now, with scores.

Christopher Nearing

Actually, I would like to see the TB – NYR series go to 7 games. Gives the Avs players that are dinged up a chance to get healthy, and it would mean more wear and tear on whomever we play.

I know it’s a stretch, but would be fantastic if Kadri can make it back at some point in the series.

My guess is TB closes it out tomorrow night at home.

Julie E

There isn’t a concert on Ball’s website schedule for the 18th but there is a concert (that has already been rescheduled twice) on Friday June 24th and Saturday June 25th.

Julie E

Edit my previous comment, seems they’ve already rescheduled the June 18th concert and taken it off the events calendar.

Thor's Hammer


“OK, so remember when I told you a few days ago the Stanley Cup Finals would start on either June 15 or 18?”

Yeah, dozens of other publications had the exact same predictions…

Donald Victory

Inside information is different and stock tips?

Matt Briggle

There aren’t that many concerts that can compete with a nationally televised event let alone the ticket sales for a SCF. Not sure what the original prices for tickets were that the team sold, but even at average ticket price of $500 times 18000 seats would be 9 mil in revenue.

Luke Stanley

Dater wouldn’t you be bummed if it was a Barry Manilow concert?

Joseph sakic

What about the concert 6/24 at Ball Arena

Dwayne Hall

I would think it would tentatively stay on the schedule pending on what happens tonight since that will determine if they play Game 5 at home, or are on the road for game 4.

Ted Grycel

All I know is that I am ready !!!! Wow, still hard to believe, the AV’s are playing for the cup !!

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