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Stanley Cup Final

‘They’ve Gotten Better’ – Bednar On Chances For Kadri/Cogliano Return



Avalanche Kadri

On his Altitude radio show this morning, Jared Bednar gave a more upbeat assessment on the possibility that injured Avalanche forwards Nazem Kadri and Andrew Cogliano could still return to play in the Stanley Cup Final.

Asked if the chances of Kadri and/or Cogliano have gotten better, less or stayed the same, Bednar said, “I think they’ve gotten better. I think there’s a possibility that we see one or both of those guys. Time will tell. It’s still a day-to-day process. They’re putting in a bunch of work in the training room to get ready and we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to see them at some point.”

The Avalanche main guys did not practice today, with Game 2 of the Final not until Saturday at Ball Arena. But here is some video from TSN’s Ryan Rishaug of Kadri:

Superstreak Bonus!

The town is still buzzing from the Avs’ overtime victory in Game 1 last night. Avalanche Mania is now definitely a thing again, and Bednar said, on his show, that the crowd was a factor in the game.

“It’s certainly an energy-booster for our team. There’s a buzz. It’s a big difference-maker,” he said.

Asked if it was a difficult decision to start Darcy Kuemper in Game 1, Bednar also said on his show: “It was pretty easy. He was healthy, had a great week of practice. To me, it’s his net, and (let’s) see what he can do. That’s what we brought him in for.”

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Detroit and Chicago won cups with very average goaltending with Osgood and Crawford. AVS can do it too!

Peter North

Well Kuemper is below average. I watched Vasiy hard last night and reruns and he is so calm in net versus Kuemper who is a spaz!


It’s not impossible, but I still think this is a huge Achilles heel for this team. Honestly, I think Tampa is in the driver’s seat if they get game 2. That puts it at a best of 5 with them having home ice. And here’s the problem with DK, he is not “average”. He is literally dead last in the entire playoffs in nearly every stat category. The Avs winning so much shows how great the team is in front of him, especially the defense. I guess our hope should be that maybe this team in front of him is… Read more »

Eileen Strain

Sorry. Darcy is the reason we lost game 5 to the Blues.
That game never should have gone to OT last night. That’s on Kuemper.
Put Frankie in!

Peter North

Agreed. I gave yoyu a + vote! 🙂


onthefly—-as a Hawks fan rooting for the Avs, you must be corrected on the impact of Corey Crawford’s playoff goaltending for two of the Hawks cups—-Crow should’ve easily been given the conn smythe in 2013 and Kane admitted as much—-in 2015 he was once again outstanding throughout the playoffs—-assessing Crawford’s overall career shows he was a good goaltender that played at elite level in the playoffs—-he was never average


It should be Frankie’s net, he did more than enough to earn it. We win with either though

Donald Victory

Frankie is playing better than Kamper at the moment. Either way, Kamper will not be back next year unless he proves he is a playoff performer, not a regualr season part-time performer.

Peter North

Once again from here to The Athletic to NBCSports, poor reporting on Kadri and Cogliano injuries. No way with a broken bone they could play. Kadri had full grip on his stick when he way boarded, so a strained thumb that may have required minor surgey to reattach. And Cogliano had a broken bone or deep bruise.

If people are allegedly chatting with doctors, but no one knows for sure, provide all the possibilities and the prognosis. Geez…

Charlie Anderson

Hockey players at all levels have been playing with ruined body parts since the Beginning of Time.

Donald Victory



Not with broken thumbs requiring a surgical repair they haven’t. There are some body parts that even the toughest players simply can’t go without. Especially elite skill players. The thumb seems silly in that it’s just a thumb….but if you can’t hold your stick with any kind of pressure on the thumb and or joint. You simply can’t play. It’s that simple. Hopefully he heals up enough to play eventually, but many fans don’t seem to understand why this is such a difficult injury to play through.

Peter North

Un Jack Eichel for one…

Donald Victory

Says Jack Eichel that faux expert on the matter?

Matt Briggle

I have personally seen players at lower levels play with broken fingers and thumbs before. In fact, I have been the one who had to modify their gloves to accommodate their casts and whatever extra padding was deemed necessary. At this point in time if they can get medical clearance, tolerate the pain, and be somewhat effective when playing, they will be out there even at the risk of another surgery after the season.

Peter North

Some Avs fans are clueless


Broken bones do not rule a player out. Bob Baun scored a Stanley Cup Game 6 winning goal in OT with a fractured ankle. Jack Eichel played the last six weeks of this season with a broken thumb.


His didn’t require a surgical repair. That’s the big difference. And btw, Eichel played like garbage. It isn’t necessarily worth it to force him out there if you have another healthy body that can fully use their stick. Don’t get me wrong, I hope Kadri plays. But I can see why it’s unlikely given the details.

Donald Victory

What details? The team keeps that stuff from the media. No one really knows and will not until the SCF is over. Good grief!

Peter North

Fingers and thumbs and top of hands crossed!

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