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Sunday Notes: NHL Draft Might Be Boring For Avalanche Fans



Colorado Avalanche

A good Sunday to all. Sunny here in Thornton this morning, not a cloud in the sky. Let’s do some NHL notes, with some Avalanche ones mixed in:

Superstreak Bonus!
  • The NHL Draft is always a must-watch, especially on the first night. But it figures to be boring for Avalanche fans. Colorado does not own a first-round pick this season – or a second. The only pick they have in the first three rounds, in fact, is the No. 97 overall pick. The 2023 first-round pick went to Arizona in the Darcy Kuemper trade. The second-round pick, one of two, went to the Islanders in the Devon Toews trade. Do we think those trades were worth it now, Avalanche fans?
  • Avalanche has only three other picks in the draft after No. 97. They are at Nos. 161, 193 and 225.
  • Of course, maybe there will be a trade or two by the Avalanche on the night or Round 1, or Rounds 2-7 the next day?
  • Who might the Avalanche trade? Well, I would have to think Sam Girard’s name might come up. With Bo Byram edging out his role somewhat, and with a $5 million cap hit for La Tornade, he might be expendable. That’s especially true if they re-sign UFA Josh Manson. Manson is likely to cost in the $5 million range on his next deal, maybe more.
  • I know this might tick some fans off saying this now, but a lot of business decisions need to be made by the Avalanche in the next 10 days. I think another guy who might – might – be potential trade bait is J.T. Compher. With Alex Newhook probably getting a bigger role moving forward, a $3.5 million cap hit and UFA status after next season, the Avalanche has to at least consider what to do with Compher. His salary coming off the books might – might – help re-sign another guy on the Avalanche UFA list – which is a long one.
  • There’s a lot of debate right now in Pittsburgh as to whether the Penguins should keep potential UFAs Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang. (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • The view in Boston on former DU coach Jim Montgomery getting the Bruins coaching job (Boston Hockey Now)
  • Lots of debate in Washington about what they should go about their goaltending situation. Could Darcy Kuemper be an answer? (Washington Hockey Now)
  • Could J.T. Miller be a good replacement for Nazem Kadri, if he walks? The latest on his situation in Vancouver (Vancouver Hockey Now)
  • Larry Brooks thinks the Islanders should make a big pitch for potential UFA Johnny Gaudreau (NY Post)
  • Fantasy hockey: 10 forwards to avoid in 2022-23 (Hockey News)
  • Russian Flyers goalie prospect detained for alleged skirting of military draft (Hockey News)
  • Book recommendation: “My Brave Boys: To War with Colonel Cross and the Fighting Fifth”, a great read about a New Hampshire regiment in the Civil War. (Amazon)
  • Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.
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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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I would be hesitant to trade Girard right now. Wait until next year if you’re going to do it. I think then the Avs will have a better outlook once EJ comes off the books. Also, I’m not saying it…but Byram’s history… I think the Avs need a full season to see what he can do. I think the only reason the Avs should part with him this off season is if all the UFA forwards leave. As for Compher, who I’ve been saying needs to go for the last two years (not because I don’t like him, but because… Read more »


Trading Girard is not a Byram issue, it would be about resigning Manson. I’ve been saying for awhile that Ottawa is willing to give up their #7 pick for a top-4 d-man. Perfect.

Ari G

I love Sammy G. and would hate to see him go, but if we can get the #7 pick in the draft for him, I think that’sa good move. We have 3 excellent finesse-type D men. We don’t need to keep a 4th; we need a Manson-Footer type to compliment the others; look how it worked out in the Cup run. Use Sammy G.’s salary to re-sign Manson. Of course, this is all speculation, based on your info re possible trade

Ari Gould

I love Sammy G., and would hate to see him go. However, if we can actually free up his salary and get a first rounder, I think that’d be a smart move. We already have 3 highly skilled finesse-type D-men and don’t need another. We need a Footer-Manson type to compliment them and bring that physical aspect. Look what that brought us for the Cup run. Re-sign Manson, if possible.

Glendon Gulliver

AD, I think you rightly bring up options the Avs have to look at, such as trading Compher. I think that if the Avs thought that he could replace Kadri as 2C, then trading him would not be an option. Newhook, as much as he improved on his hustle and forechecking during the playoffs, still has not shown a good scoring touch. Both guys are still 3rd liners. Trading Compher, Girard, and letting Burakovsky go is about 13 million. Some of that can be used to resign players like Kadri, Nichushkin, Kemper, and Manson, and get a couple of lower… Read more »

John Mauss

Hit it on the head. Trade Girard and Comper and let Burky go.

Bob Neal

Better course of action suggestion than hanging on to Sammie because Joe couldn’t possibly find a comparable quality defenseman. I don’t think JJ gets enough credit for smushing people in the finals while playing very solid D. I hope they bring him back.

Glendon Gulliver

Tampa just traded Ryan McDonagh to free up cap space. Hard choices will be made by every team because of the cap.

Matt Briggle

I have been a huge Sammy G fan since he got here, and I think he has cemented his place in Avs lore with that goal and fist pump celebration in the infamous Game 82. that being said, I always had a sinking feeling that he was eventually going to be the odd man out after they drafted Byram. Even his most ardent detractors in Avs country would have to admit that he is a top pairing D on at least half the teams in the league, and top 3 on most of the others. I think this might be… Read more »


Wow – – I hope other teams think Sam Girard has as high a trade value as you believe. Sammy wasn’t missed at all for the last two series while winning the Stanley Cup. As I’ve said all along – – the Avs are a much better team without him – – defensively. They’ve proved that. If JJ can go another year, then re-sign Manson and make another run at the Cup. EJ will play out his contract. The Avs will need to restock their “D” line but stay away from small defensemen like Girard. Joe finally got it right… Read more »


To say he wasn’t missed at all when JJ was playing *extremely* sheltered minutes and the Avs struggled with the breakout against Tampa in FL is the definition of “seeing what you want to see.”

I doubt the final goes 6 games if Sammy is healthy and in the lineup.

Ari Gould

Re-sign Darcy. Fifth best save percentage during the regular season. Have to think his eye continued to adversely affect him till the Cup was hoisted. No better options in FA.

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