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Patrick Kane To The Avalanche? Elliotte Friedman Says Maybe



patrick kane
Joshua Bessex/AP

There were some mild rumors at the last NHL trade deadline that Patrick Kane might become a member of the Colorado Avalanche. It never happened, but here come those rumors again. As Elliotte Friedman said on his “32 Thoughts” podcast yesterday:

“Last year Colorado was one of the teams that inquired about Patrick Kane before the trade deadline to see if he was available. If, and I stress this is an if, if Patrick Kane is available I can see Colorado making another try for him.”

Patrick Kane has one year left on a contract with Chicago that carries a $10.5 million cap hit. The Avalanche have just over a little more than $15 million of cap space right now, with pending UFAs such as Nazem Kadri, Josh Manson and Andre Burakovsky.

Burakovsky is almost sure to go, but the questions of possible returns by Kadri and Manson are hovering over the defending Stanley Cup champs, with 37 hours to go until the NHL free-agent market opens.

The Blackhawks are in a fierce sell-off mode, and some reports have said Kane will waive his no-trade clause to go to a contender. Some believe he most wants to go to the New York Rangers, to play again with old friend Artemi Panarin. But why not the Avalanche too? I would have a hard time believing Kane wouldn’t mind coming to a team like Colorado.

But what about clearing cap space for his big contract? I would expect Sam Girard and J.T. Compher to be candidates to go in such a trade. That would clear $8.5 million off the cap if they went. New GM Chris MacFarland is a whiz with math, so I’m sure he could figure out how to make the numbers work

Personally, I’d love to see Patrick Kane on this team. Can you imagine the dangles with him, Nathan MacKinnon and Cale Makar on the power play?

Superstreak Bonus!

Yet, old Avalanche fans will remember the Paul Kariya-Teemu Selanne situation in 2003-04, when the two stars took discounts to come play here, only to have the season become kind of a mini-disaster (they had the league’s best record in February and won a playoff round, but the season just didn’t go the way everybody thought it would, with all that star power).

It hasn’t even been a couple weeks since the Cup celebration, yet we almost be seeing an Avalanche team in two days that: Saw its starting goalie go, may see its No. 2 center go, might see a tough D-man (Manson) go, likely will lose a 61-point scorer (Burakovsky), might lose savvy veterans such as Jack Johnson and Darren Helm.

That’s what happens when you win it all. Everybody wants to get their share come contract time. It’s natural. It’s normal. But it doesn’t make it any easier for fans of those guys to see them just go away after all the joy they’ve just brought them.

Maybe a Patrick Kane would soothe some of that hurt though?

Gonna be an interesting couple of days around here.

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Matt Briggle

Honestly, I’m not totally sold on this. I know some of you will roast me for this, but I think this team is potentially set up to win over the next 8-10 years based on MacK’s assumed 8 year extension that will hopefully be signed within the next 72 hours. With a core of MacK, Landy, Mikko, Makar, and now Nichushkin locked up long term, is it worth it selling off two prime age players who are solid contributors for one year of a superstar? I am not doubting Kane’s skill, but Girard and Compher can realistically help this team… Read more »


Initially I thought a Kane trade for compher and Girard would be good, but it does heavily mortgage the future, We do need to keep some first rounders picks to keep the cup window open for as long as possible.

Grace Cooke

I don’t want to see JT traded & I wonder how much Patrick Kane has left in his legs?


Sign me up! Kane is a superstar and future HOF. And he is still insanely good

Demetris Gray

LOL! He’s like JB, a legend in his own mind!

Ryan Krueger

Where does the $$$ come from?


50% retained will be 5.25. Cheaper than Kadri or Burakovsky extension

Bob Neal

Remember that Joe like Pierre before him would call off any pending deal if the media found out about it beforehand. I hope this doesn’t jinx the deal. Still not sure it excites me as I well remember the Salanni experience and how well he played after he left the Avs. I do appreciate the update however.


Well here is one thing to consider…the chances the Avs will win another cup with the exact same squad as they had this year are probably pretty low anyway. So even if it weren’t for that pesky flat cap, you would think that Sakic and McFarland would want to do some minor re-engineering of the roster just to keep things fresh. But still I don’t see us going for the big names. We passed on the expensive Giroux rental for a reason; we were also never really in the Panarin sweepstakes either; so I don’t expect our front office to… Read more »

Yan Girard

Yes I want to!


It doesn’t make any sense to me. Role players and a stout defense are important in winning a Cup. Mortgaging the future and salary cap isn’t wise either. For those of you too young to remember – the Selanne and Kariya move was an absolute disaster. Selanne didn’t have much left in the tank and Kariya was pitiful. I’d rather resign Josh Manson and make a run at a player like Ondrej Palat. Burky and Kadri are probably gone. Leave salary room to see if Helm and JJ have one more year left in the tank.

Charlie Anderson

Well said Sir.

Karl Keen

I can remember dancing in an apartment in LA when we signed Selanne and Kariya although if I’m not mistaken Roy also said on that same date he was retiring. If Roy had come back and been that stone cold locker room presence and saved our butts in the first round against the Sharks I will always wonder, BUT Selanne went back to Anaheim if I’m not mistaken and played extremely well for another three years. He had the worst season of his life and Kariya was concussed the whole season. He played better the next year but it didn’t… Read more »

Scott Groginsky

Rico makes some good points overall on the Avs’ current situation, but Selanne clearly did have more “in the tank” – six more great seasons with Anaheim after that one awful year with the Avalanche, including 94, 90, and 80 point seasons, leading the Ducks to a four-game second round playoff sweep of the Avs the very next season, and led the team to a Stanley Cup title the following year. And as Karl noted, Kariya was injured for nearly half of his Avs season; 36 points in 51 games isn’t “pitiful.”

Karl Keen

Good recollection Scott! I hated (not really) Selanne so much after his bad season with the Avs because he was so darn good for Anaheim after that. Losing Roy that year and thinking Abeschier could get the job done was unrealistic. As good as those Avs teams were, they really did rely in some games on Roy making save after save. What is crazy is I remember thinking that San Jose was the team to beat and for many, many years, they were so talented. So hard to believe they could never lift the cup. Has to sting hard for… Read more »


It was a second round exit against the Sharks, but I also remind you that we had Tony Granato as our head coach who was clearly out of his league in that role! I think having Quenneville behind the bench would have also helped that team be successful!


So many other players available that I’d want. In fact, a player from Chicago I think would be good…Dylan Strome.

We need to address the 2C job. In addition to Strome, I seriously hope the front office is in Andrew Copp’s agent’s face as soon as is allowed.

Glendon Gulliver

Before the cap, the Avs would have jumped at acquiring someone like Kane, Malkin, or Giroux, who could give a great year or two to the team. Unless Chicago gave away Kane or Giroux and Malkin said they were willing to forgo million for a chance at the cup, I do not think it will happen. Not only are there still holes to fill on the team, especially on defense if Manson leaves, you would have to replace Girard and Compher. The Avs do not need to regress to the Edmonton Oilers, who have so much money concentrated on two… Read more »


Pretty much agree with all of this. One of the Stromes, Copp or Trochek would make good 2C’s for the Avs. Dylan Strome seems to be the best value candidate. I bet he could be had for $4m – $4.5m AAV. I think there will be others courting him though…

As far as Manson goes…I feel he won’t sign again. Brett Kulak would be an adequate option to replace him, and quite bit more affordable too.

Jeffrey Anderson

Copp is a better fit for Avs systems and style of play. Much faster and can backcheck.


Indeed. He comes in more expensive than Dylan Strome though. Copp would be great if we could get him at less than $4m AAV. I think he’ll get 5 from someone though.

Glendon Gulliver

Dylan Strome would probably be the least expensive of his brother, Copp, and Trocheck. Those three scored in the low 50 point range and will now point to Nichushkin’s contract to get the same or more. I agree having Copp or Trocheck would be a better player, but they may not be affordable to available. I think Dylan Strome would still be a step up from Compher and Newhook at this point.


Avoid all Kanes; Patrick, Evander, etc.

t smith

pretty much the dumbest thing I have heard, paying 10.5 M of cap space for kane ? clearly avananche won the cup without him.

Karl Keen

The 10.5 is just for one season though and then would be significantly less going forward.


Not that I want Kane, but salary retention is a thing…

Charlie Anderson

Hard pass on Kane. Manson #1 priority.

Michael Mills

Couldn’t agree more. Yes, the league is going more offensive/speed but we already have that. What we’ve been sorely lacking is a solid, reliable stay-at-home d-man like Manson who brings grit and size. Unlike Zadorov, Manson isn’t as prone to being a liability and taking as many stupid penalties. He can also bring the puck up the ice and initiate scoring chances. Manson is clearly thriving within the organization and Bednar’s system. It would be a mistake to let Manson walk. He’s the perfect compliment to what Makar and Toews bring to the table and what we haven’t had for… Read more »

Jeffrey Anderson

Manson and his wife are going back to SoCal to play v-ball and surf.


I hope Kane gets out of Chicago – no reason to be there anymore

Aaron Rud

Kane makes my skin crawl. His past is quite creepy.

Yan Girard

Excellent news! Patrice Bergeron would now be ready to play for a team other than the Boston Bruins and would like to give himself the chance to win another Stanley Cup. He would be the perfect center player on the 2nd line to replace Kadri at a much lower cost. For those wondering if Bergeron still has gasoline in the tank at the age of 37, the answer is YES! He told me…

Last edited 4 months ago by Alexander A.
Yan Girard

Finally, it seems that Bergeron would prefer to stay in Boston.

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