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Avalanche offseason

Avalanche Evening Report: “Well, we’re waiting…”



Nazem Kadri

Where is Nazem Kadri going? When is he going to sign? If any of you think I don’t fervently wish for this contract situation to be resolved, so I can get on my with my life, my summer, my chair with my hands not glued to a computer or phone about all things Avalanche….well, you’re very much mistaken.

I still think Nazem Kadri will be back with the Avalanche. But it’s not done yet, and we’re entering into the evening of the second day of his being an unrestricted free agent. Usually, things don’t take so long. Free agents usually sign pretty quickly, the big names anyway.

But it hasn’t happened yet. All I can say is what I said this morning: I think he wants to come back to the Avalanche and I think the Avalanche would like to have him back. But the distance from a pen to paper is all relative. It might be close, but it might as well be an ocean apart too. Nothing is official until you sign on the line that is dotted (paraphrasing a line from the great movie “Glengarry, Glen Ross.”

I think the Calgary Flames have emerged as a strong suitor still for the services of Kadri, and why wouldn’t they? They just lost a top-line player in humiliating fashion, with Johnny Gaudreau going to Columbus. GM Brad Treliving is living under a lot of stress right now, having lost out on Johnny Hockey after painting an optimistic picture to the Flames’ faithful.

I don’t know what exactly will happen, as of 6:55 p.m. mountain time, on the 14th day of Our Lord, 2022.

Superstreak Bonus!

But I hope, whatever happens, happens soon.

I still think the odds are high Jack Johnson re-signs with the Avalanche. Why would you look elsewhere on the “depth defenseman” market after what he just did this past season?

And who knows, maybe Ryan Murray too?


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Mike Peardon

I’d take JJ but Murphy was a waste

Liam Sandborn

I agree. Hardly played and when he did, he didn’t seem very effective. Kind of melba toast.


Who is Murphy? The opinionated means Murray?

Thor's Hammer

Murphy? Wow!

peter martin

Murphy was rounding into form late season, but he is made of paper. JJ is “limited” but he’s made of iron. I’d roll with MacDonald as the flash/dash D and JJ the stone mtn.

Scott Groginsky

Murray, not Murphy


So many dummies! Hockey for Dummies!

Donald Victory

Some talk when they should be listinging. Talk about pie in the face. I bet they went out and bought a Murry bed too! LOL!

Donald Victory

Who is Murphy?


JJ is good as a 7th man. Compher or Girard has to be traded to fit in kadri. I’m sure the phones are buzzing.


Compher is going to be a free agent after next season and they are saying he wont be back with the extension for Nathan is done. That being the case, I would try to trade him now for nothing and sign Kadri. If I’m going to lose one, I would keep Kadri. That way you have one of the most impressive blue lines ever with Makar, Toews, Byram, Girard, Manson, and Johnson. It’s a no brainer to me.

Donald Victory

Trade Girard and Compher. Compher has made some key plays at times, cannot say the same for Girard. Girard needs to get a bigger stick, forget about his wrister, and always use the slapper. And practive accuracy, in case we are stuck with him!

Liam Sandborn

If It is Calgary, and I think it is, then the Avs have to trade Girard. if for nothing else to keep a player the caliber of Kadri from going to a western conference opponent. If they can sign Naz its a win/win for the Avs and a win/win for Kadri.

Donald Victory

Yep, Kadri is no dummy. He will not play in Canada, unless they adjust his pay to account for the insane taxation for the socialst spin-off of France.


I hope we keep Kadri for the simple reason that the pool of potential 2Cs is drying up fast. Both Stromes are now signed, with Dylan going to the Caps tonight…


Aces on the Judge Smails reference from Caddyshack. Kadri is overthinking here. Avs are two lines deep with him, Western teams are weaker. Cup window is open for 3 to 4 years. Easy choice – stay and cement a legacy.

allen lacy

Your honor your honor.

Scott Groginsky

Always be closing!

Yan Girard

Here are the games missed by Avalanche defenders over the past 3 years: Playoffs 2019-2020 : EJ – 6 missed games   Playoffs 2020-2021 : Byram – 10 missed games (the entire duration of the playoffs) EJ – 10 missed games (the entire duration of the playoffs)   Playoffs 2021-2022 : Girard – 13 missed games   Remember that Girard is no longer supposed to be part of the team for the next season and the higher a player’s playing time, the more he is exposed to injuries. Now, who will be the injured defensemen and how many games will… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Alexander A.

Here are the Stanley Cups won by the Avalanche over the last 3 years:

Playoffs 2019-2020:
EJ – 6 missed games No Cup

Playoffs 2020-2021:
Byram – 10 missed games {the entire duration of the playoffs)
EJ – 10 missed games (the entire duration of the playoffs) No Cup

Playoffs 2021-2022:
Girard – missed 13 games Won Cup

Yan Girard

The injured players are never chosen. Next year, it could be Makar’s turn to be injured. The Avalanche were able to make up for the loss of Girard because Makar, Toews and Byram are defensemen who are capable of playing 25 minutes per game. By removing Girard from the equation, add an injured player (among Makar, Toews and Byram) and your defense will not present the same performance. Several defenders will be exposed. You may like Manson and EJ when they play 17 minutes but you may like them much less if they have to play 20 minutes.   Besides,… Read more »

Glendon Gulliver

You make a fantastic case for having depth and why the team should have lots of players who can fill in when someone else gets injured or needs a break. That case extends to Compher, the signing of Johansson, the need for another depth forward and d-man. The issue is and has always been the cap. With the cap, sometimes you have to get rid of someone or not sign someone, to make the best team available. We just saw Vegas trade away Pacioretty for absolutely nothing! Philadelphia could not sign Gaudreau. All because of the cap. It is a… Read more »

Yan Girard

The GM’s job is to put the best team on the ice. If the GM signed Lekhonen or Manson and then lost Girard, it’s a failure in itself since Girard is a better player than Lekhonen/Manson and can bring much more to a team. In addition, Kadri is an excellent center player and represented your 2nd center player. Compher represented your 3rd center player. Usually, the 2nd center player of a team is better than your 3rd center player and I actually consider Kadri to be a better player than Compher. Therefore, the GM must do everything to keep Kadri… Read more »


I’m hearing Edmonton for a possible Sammy trade. Lehkonen is a far better player than Sam Girard is any day of the week. Praying Girard is traded soon so no more of your ridiculous posts and crazy player comparisons.

Yan Girard

Girard is a significantly superior player to Lekhonen and it’s not even close. Look at the statistics before you say anything. Oops! That’s right, I had forgotten that statistics were not your strength.

Donald Victory

Boy Yan you ticked off some flaming G fans. More than injury, G cannot get a puck through to save his life. MMoser is like a broken record when G shoots, “Girard shoots, puck did not get through!” Over and over and over again. I hope the little G works on his weaknesses regardless of where he lands!

Funny how a year changes everything. A year ago trading G would have been easy. After the sternum, and that albatross cap hit, G is no longer seen as elite.


A.D. – you call yourself a writer, you son of a bitch? ABC – Always Bout Colorado. Sorry for the GGGR references. One of the three must see sales movies of all time with the other two being Wall Street and Boiler Room.

I see no way to re-sign Kadri unless Joe makes a trade. Any other options like Dylan Strome or even Andrej Pilat are now off the table.


I don’t think you need to provide a foot note on where that line comes from. Either you are hip or you ain’t. You didn’t give one for the headline quote… If the Flames get Kads, I’m gonna be super PO’d about that.

Aaron Rud

Ummm, does anyone realize that they can’t overpay Kadri because they will need to pay Byram and/or Newhook after next season? I can’t believe that people can’t figure this out. My word.

Donald Victory

Sign Kadri to a one year deal with a back of the napkin promise to take care of him next year wink wink!

charles lovett

they need to sign him whatever the cap allows, then make commercials with him in them and pay him for that


The salary cap makes it near impossible to keep him, especially when McKinnon’s extension looms.

Ari Gould

The waiting’s the hardest part

Jeffrey Anderson

It’s only 3 days…

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