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Avalanche Evening Report: Still Waiting on Kadri




I’m sorry. I still don’t have a deal to announce between the Avalanche and Nazem Kadri. I’ll take the blame if that helps. I take the blame for everything else, lolololol.

There has been a pretty good cone of silence from both parties in the last day or so, at least on my end. Usually, I think that’s a good thing. My experience has always been that it’s the quietest right before a deal happens. But the Kadri situation has been different than normal.

Almost always, the top available UFAs go quick on the first day. It’s the middle-class guys who have to wait a while sometimes. Nazem Kadri obviously is part of the upper class of players.

Until I hear anything different, I still believe it’s the same situation as I’ve said. I think the Avalanche are in the driver’s seat on getting Kadri back. The Avalanche are the defending Stanley Cup champions and Denver is a great city to live. There’s your best selling point to the Kadri camp.

Superstreak Bonus!

What we don’t know, however: How serious are any other potential suitors? And how many of them are there? I don’t really buy into the idea that some other suitor is going to up their offer much. I highly doubt any other team is trying to clear cap room to make any signing official.

My sources continue to say the Avalanche is the only real team trying to clear cap room to make this thing happen. I don’t know why the Avalanche don’t just make the signing official, because any team can go 10% over the $82.5 million cap until the final day of training camp. But, maybe it would hurt trade negotiations if you sign Kadri and go over the cap. Why not just let the Avs stay over the cap, if you’re a competitor and have to make some forced decision they don’t want to make?

Beyond this, it’s been quiet in the last 48 hours. Maybe that’s a…good sign?

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Aw, screw it. Just say goodbye to Kadri and get someone like Niederreitter or Rodrigues.

A certain Tom Petty song comes to mind…

Last edited 4 months ago by dk
Adam Hunter

Well now that’s interesting. I’ll guess “Time to Move On”

And I agree


So two songs now. I was thinking “The Waiting.” How did Tom Petty know we’d be in this situation?

Yan Girard

It is obvious that if you exceed the salary cap of a few million following the signing of Kadri, the other teams will be waiting for you with a brick and a fanal afterwards.


I’m guessing it is not just Kadri they are talking to but Johnson, MacKinnon and Byram too. Colorado does not have a lot of cap space next year. 26 million with only 12 guys signed. You could easily use that entire cap space with those 4 guys. Plus Newhook to sign. Assuming Compher is gone, Newhook is one of the internal replacements. Kadri only makes sense if he and MacKinnon take the same level of discount as Landeskog did last year (around 2 million per season). How it all works and fits not only into this season but next is… Read more »


I think the Avs need Mac signed first to figure out the Kadri deal. Kind of like signing Makar before Landry. ???


I say enough is enough I believe the Avs should sign Niederreitter to a reasonable contract to fill their need at 2C or 3C and still keep Girard. If necessary Girard could always be traded at the deadline if there is a need at that point in the season.


If Kadri doesn’t resign I think the Avs should bring Stastny back. He could play on either the second or third line, depending on if Newhook is ready to make the jump up to 2C. I know Stastny isn’t the quickest but I think he could fill the void, he did have 40 something points this past year. He’s also good on faceoffs.
I would like to bring Kadri back, but anything more than say 6m/4yrs is too much in my opinion and I would’ve rather kept Burakovsky.

Spencer Bradshaw

Newhook is nowhere near ready to play second center. The quicker both the Avs and Newhook realize he’s going to end up a winger, the better.

Karl Keen

It’s interesting all I can say. Who knows all the complexities of Mac’s extension, asking EJ for a trade!?, trading Girard or Compher or what is wise for a 32 year old, to none of the above. Interesting which payers have had their day with the cup first though…im not sure what is best anymore not that I ever knew…

Matt Briggle

I am so torn about this. I’m not worried about it affecting the MacK extension or Byram or Newhook. MacK will get what he gets and they’ll work around that. Byram and Newhook will both likely be bridged at as low a number as possible just to get past the flat cap and then sign big extensions. My consternation lies in who is more valuable – Kadri or Girard? Yes, I know all you G haters will be out there screaming at me, but he is a top 4 D on any team in the league and perfectly capable of… Read more »

Yan Girard

If the team trades Girard to sign Kadri, it is a monumental mistake. I can’t imagine that the team would make such a mistake. Prior to this year, Kadri’s top 3 seasons were 50, 61 and 55 points in the 2013-2014, 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 seasons respectively. Kadri has only been with the Avalanche for 3 years. In 2019-2021, he was at a pace of 58 points in 82 games and posted a +7 differential. In 2020-201, he was at a pace of 57 points in 82 games and posted a -7 differential. This past year, Kadri was at a 100-point… Read more »

Liam Sandborn

Not trading Girard at the end season deadline before the playoffs was a monumental mistake. Because if they had, the little guy might have been playing golf instead of getting blown up on the boards by Barbeshev who out weighs him by 50 pounds.

Yan Girard

How many concussions for Bowen Byram in 69 games in the NHL? THREE? Eric Lindros, height 6.04 weight 230 lbs, was he also too small to play in the NHL? Thank you for teaching me that hockey is a contact sport.


Well, I was curious all season long about how this round of musical chairs would play out. The flat cap is not easy for the teams to manage but it also means limited options for players. Looking at capfriendly, it seems to me Dallas and Detroit might be the only real alternatives for Kadri at this point. Both teams have enough cap space to hire an expensive 1C/2C and also have teams that should compete for a playoffs spot next year. But Kadri will be competing against a bucket load of other high-earning UFAs on the market.


I believe the Avs are doing the moves necessary to sign Kadri, and after what Sakic and CMac did over the last few years gives me that confidence. The only minor detail I worry about is Kadri being paid by another team that is also offering the “C”. Are there any teams in that position? Idk


Maybe it’s a more complex three way deal. Dealing Girard for assets and not just picks to clear cap space – so then needing to trade off other assets to clear cap and adjust for who we receive?

Matt Briggle

What other assets would they be trading? I have asked myself that same question a few times and then looked at the roster and there is nothing that makes any sense other than Compher and Girard. Everyone else is either a key member of the core or just signed within the last week or two, and neither of those groups are getting traded at this stage. The only other couple of options are guys like LOC who is making only $1 mil against the cap and would cost just as much to replace or guys like Byram, Newhook, and Myers… Read more »

Yan Girard

Girard and Makar are defenders who have a lot in common. In order to allow these defenders to express themselves freely, we need defenders who are able to complement them. If you use Girard and Makar as a pair, the problem is that the team loses the opportunity to put a defender on another pair who excels in relaunch of the attack. In addition, the two defensemen on the ice cannot relaunch of the attack at the same time. There is only one defender at a time who can relaunch of the attack. If you have Girard watching Makar relaunch… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Alexander A.

I kind agree. Girard and his contract are the more valuable asset to the Avs. He’s not a player you want to lose just because you have to clear cap space.

Liam Sandborn

I take the opposite view of Girard and his 5 million contract. It’s like dead weight recently. The Avs have been fine without him.


Well the fact that the 24 yo Girard is on a $5mil/year vs $3.5mil/yr for the 27 yo Compher shows you that Girard’s contract is valued higher. If GM’s across the league agree with that valuation is certainly debatable, but I would venture to guess that all things considered even, I am very confident that Girard is going to yield you a bigger return than Compher even for his apparent deficiencies. I think you will easily get a mid to lower 1st round pick or maybe a high 2nd round pick for Girard vs probably at best a 2nd or… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by dp10

Please. First – it’s Gretzky and Girard. Now it’s Makar and Girard. Sammy doesn’t defend “dick.” His only hope is to beat attacking players to the puck. Otherwise, he gets unmercifully hammered along the side and end boards giving up puck possession. He’s worthless in front of the net and is swatted away like a pesky gnat at a picnic. Girard looks like a toddler hanging on to his mother’s leg as she walks down the aisle in a Wal-Mart. Zero shot with minimal velocity. Another “Yan Fantasy Special” when it comes to evaluating your Cuz Sammy.

Yan Girard

If the Avalanche had 5 Makar and 1 Girard, I agree, the weakness on the defensive would be Girard. However, the Avalanche have only one Makar and there is only one Makar in the NHL. Girard is among the best defenders in the NHL. If size was the only thing that mattered to play in the NHL, Girard would never have played in the NHL. And if Girard didn’t stand out outrageously from other NHL defensemen with other qualities, Girard might never have played in the NHL. Girard’s qualities are not 5% of NHL players who possess them. Ce sont… Read more »


My grandmother had a tryout with a minor league team. She was Italian with large forearms and could really pack a wallop. Girard is a below average defender, period. An absolute liability in the playoffs and not needed on this team. The march to the Stanley Cup proved that. Wasn’t missed a lick. You’re absolutely blind when it comes to evaluating players and especially Sammy Circles.

Yan Girard

Sorry but I see big unlike you. With Girard in the lineup in the playoffs, the journey would have been much easier. I’d rather have the players to win the game 5-0 than have the players win the game only 2-1. 


LMFAO. Thank God Girard did NOT play the last two rounds. Edmonton and especially Tampa Bay would have exploited his weak ass, puny game. Special kudos to St. Louis for getting JJ back in the lineup with the physical force that was needed to defeat the two time defending Stanley Cup Champions.

Yan Girard

What exactly do you not understand? A coach is paid to win games and does everything to win games. Thus, the coach puts on the ice the players who give him the best chance of winning games. If Girard is the 3rd defenseman in ice time during the season and the playoffs, it is because the coach thinks Girard deserves this ice time. If JJ would deserve more ice time than Girard, JJ would have more ice time than Girard, it’s as simple as that. I remind you that the Pittsburgh Penguins bought out JJ’s contract in 2020. His hit… Read more »


You really need to make cap space for next year anyway. If you can get Kadri to come back at the right price, move Girard. That frees up just over 5 million. You have MacKinnon and Byram you have to keep next year. This leaves no $$$ to sign Compher after next season. So you might as well trade both him and Girard. That could give you the $$$ to keep Kadri and sign Byram to an extension. Because you know they will give MacKinnon what he wants.

Last edited 4 months ago by Jamie


Marie Roberts

Love Girard but signing for that long of terms was a hugh mistake. The Avs won the cup without him. The problem I see is his playing style and height. He gets manhandled off the puck more times than I can count. He isn’t Makar, Byram or Toews. If moving Girard for Cap Space to sign Kadri or another UFA do it already. The UFA list is long, most teams have cap issues. Who also sets the Cap? The League has raised it $1 million dollars for this season but players costs have also increased. The leagues revenue has increased… Read more »

Yan Girard

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