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Dater’s Daily: Jack Johnson Gets Day With Cup, Kadri Non-Update



David Zalubowski/AP

A good Monday to all. 102 degrees here in Denver today. No, I don’t have anything new on Nazem Kadri. I remain an optimist he’ll be back, but right now there is a pretty impressive cone of silence over the whole thing by all parties. Let’s do some other news, links and observations, starting with the day with the Stanley Cup Jack Johnson just had:

Superstreak Bonus!
  • JJ had his day with the Cup on Saturday, where he lives in Columbus, Ohio. I still think he’ll be back with the Avalanche, but it probably hinges on the Kadri/cap situation. The Avalanche are down to about $3.1 million in available cap space.
  • JJ’s kids ate ice cream out of the Cup.
  • According to PuckPedia, the Avalanche have 22 of a max 23 players with contracts on the active roster. Who might that preferred last player be?
  • The Boston Bruins would like to get David Pastrnak’s name on a new contract. But negotiations are not going well, apparently. An NHL source tells our boys in Boston, “This is going to drag on.” Boston Bruins coverage.
  • The Capitals may need to shed some centers this season. Lars Eller could be the odd man out. Capitals trade talk.
  • Stefen Rosner, who covers the Islanders in the Hockey Now network, analyzes the chances of Sam Girard coming to them in trade (NYI Hockey Now)
  • What four teams improved the most this offseason? The Hockey News has a list (Hockey News)
  • I finally saw “Sunset Boulevard” the other day. It was made in 1950, won a bunch of Oscars. Wow, was it good. What took me so long?
  • What’s going on in Calgary with Matthew Tkachuk? Steve MacFarlane has some answers (Calgary Hockey Now)
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G to the Islanders for 2 second round picks would be comical. Put I’s say the Avs still won the trade getting Toews

Liam Sandborn

Will the Islanders even trade with the Avs anymore? That Teows trade must still be stinging.

Dwayne Hall

Thinking about it today in regards to Kadri and the fact the Avs could sign him now and go above the cap, then make a move. I think if he has his sights on another team that must clear space it would make more sense to go that route for another team. But with the Avalanche I think there’s a level of respect Kadri has for his teammates where instead of signing and making the Avs make a move, he’s allowing the Avs the opportunity to make that trade first if they can instead of it looking like he’s forcing… Read more »


I think the issue is that the market value of player you are offloading due to cap compliance will take an automatic hit once you are forced to make that trade.

Liam Sandborn

I think Kadri would really rather be back with the Avs because he knows everyone from the front office, throughout his team mates, even down to the fans would have his back if any BS got started about any incident. They wouldn’t allow anyone to taint an issue by bringing up his past.

Thor's Hammer


sarasota curt

Are you ready for your closeup?

Bob Neal

Thank you JJ. I think you were a big part of the Avs winning the Cup. All the best and I hope they bring you back.

Also Adrian

David Lynch loved Sunset Blvd so much, he named the character he played himself on Twin Peaks, “Gordon Cole”. Also amazing, deep, meditative entertainment. If you ever go to Seattle, Adrian, you must go eat at Twede’s in North Bend. Half of the show Twin Peaks was shot there! Greasy spoon, but great hometown atmosphere. Damn fine coffee and cherry pie that’ll kill ya!

Last edited 4 months ago by Also Adrian
Marie Roberts

Why can’t the Avs sign Kadri now and workout the trade later. The Avs have to be Cap compliance by training camp.
If Sakic is doing this intentional so Kadri signs elsewhere it’s going to make Avs Nation unhappy that the Avs dragged this out.


Then teams would know they need to dump salary and it may devalue a trade. Either Girard or Compher+ need to be traded if Kadri is going to stay.

I’d hate to see a good D-lineman go after the Avs spent years building this defense from nothing but EJ. But if Avs are in win now mode then they’ll need Kadri’s offense.

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