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Sunday Notes: Kadri Still Reportedly Wants 9M, Kuemper Parties With Cup




A good Sunday to all. We got some rain last night, which felt nice. What doesn’t feel nice: A probable pinched nerve in my neck that is leading to numbness and tingling in my right arm and hand. Getting old sucks. But I can type just fine still, so let’s do some NHL notes, starting with a report in the New York Post today that said the asking price of Nazem Kadri for his services is 9 million per.

  • The item was in Larry Brooks’ weekly hockey column, a must-read always. Brooks opines that “it is no mystery why he remains unsigned” with that salary demand. (NY Post)
  • Of course, this presupposes that Kadri doesn’t already have a deal signed with Howard Hughes-style paranoid New York Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello, as some believe.
  • Jack Johnson remains hopeful of re-signing with the Avalanche, but as of yet has not received an official offer. There are a couple of other teams interested if he doesn’t come back here.
  • Looks like Darcy Kuemper had a good time on his day with the Stanley Cup, as Keeper of the Cup Phil Pritchard tweeted:

Superstreak Bonus!

  • Letting sick kids visit with the Cup: now that’s what it’s all about.
  • Cale Makar gets his day with the Cup on Thursday in Calgary.
  • Hard to believe Sidney Crosby is now 35 (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • Nick Suzuki is still glad the Toronto Maple Leafs lost in Round One. Again. Yeah, there’s no love lost between the Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens.
  • Is Jumbo Joe Thornton headed for a new career in management in the Swiss League if he doesn’t find another NHL gig? (San Jose Hockey Now)
  • If Kadri goes to the Islanders, Mat Barzal could move to the wing. But does that make sense? (NYI Hockey Now)
  • How about Phil Kessel to the Golden Knights? (Vegas Hockey Now)
  •  Former NHL goalie Corey Hirsch is leaving his gig on the Vancouver Canucks radio broadcasts to devote more time to being a mental health advocate.
  • Joe Haggerty believes the eight-year, $84 million deal Jonathan Huberdeau got in Calgary sets the template for David Pastrnak in Boston (Boston Hockey Now)
  • A good response to a recent 20% off subscription sale. So, I’ll offer it here again: Want a $24.99 full-year price on a Colorado Hockey Now subscription, instead of $29.99? Use the promo code word 5off in the checkout box here to get the deal (checkout box)

Have a pleasant day.

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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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Ryan Krueger

AD, what do you think the Avs have offered Kadri? Hope the nerve pressure goes away.


Via Sportsnet a few years back “Marner’s Agent Darren Ferris ‘99% Of The Information That Was Out There Was Fabricated’ “

Justin Houde

Neck pain, especially the nerves definitely sucks ! It’s the kind of thing that goes away but slowly, takes always at least a few days. I was looking at the Avs’ depth chart on Puckmedia and saw that the only unsigned player left on the complete roster is Shane Bowers (RFA, chose not to file for arbitration). Could it be possible that the Avs management prefers to wait to see how he will perform at the training camp before diciding whether they keep him for at least one more year or they waive/release him ? Ad a former 1st round… Read more »

Bob Neal

I hope you are feeling better. I find the best way to address aging is to stay as active as you can tolerate. I wonder what Kadri is looking for term? That’s a lot of money for a 32 year old especially if the duration is long. I’m wondering why Joe hasn’t invoked Plan B whatever that is? I just hope Plan B isn’t let’s wait until the trade deadline and see how we do in the interim.


The VGK salary cap problems and losing key players is why Nathan MacKinnon will not be demanding Jack Eichel money (IMO), though he could certainly get it, with the Avs or elsewhere. Hopefully, no other team ruins it with a massive Offer Sheet. I truly believe Nate is a team player and will sign a Mikko level deal, long-term, with the Avalanche. Nathan thrives with the chemistry on the line with Landy, who could’ve demanded more money, and Mikko, and he is very happy that the difference-maker, Cale Makar is on his team. I think $9M AAV, distributed maybe in… Read more »


No team can offer MacK anything unless he reaches free agency. The Avs are NOT going to let it come to that. I think 10.5 would be perfect. I’d like less (obviously) but I think taking a bit more than Mikko would “cap” what Mikko would make one his next contract.

Ryan Krueger

Nate deserves and I believe the team will pay him $12M for 7 or 8 years

Trenton Dunn

Toews or Stastny seem like nice additions to compliment Newhook to develop into 2C. Gives us options, depth and responsible cap management. No need to dish out $9+ million for someone not named rantanen, mackinnon or Makar.

Ryan Krueger

Personally I don’t see Newhook becoming a 2 C for the Avs ever

Trenton Dunn

You’re probably right. Personally, I think Meyers is going to step up in a big way.


Kadri at 9 million just seems unlikely from Sakic’s perspective. Even if we had the cap space, would such a contract even make sense for any longer than 2 or 3 years?


$9M a year for Kadri? Hard, hard pass. I’d still like to see the Avs sign a 2nd center like Rodrigues. I’m not sure Newhook can handle that job right now. Sorry to hear about the nerve pain. But here’s a great quote for you from that famous Rocker, Joe Walsh – “It was a lot easier to be twenty in the 70’s as opposed to being 70 in the 20’s.”

Joshua Grigg

I think Mac will sign a contract below McDavid’s, but it won’t be a lot lower. Mac doesn’t have McDavid’s stats and has also said he admires what Crosby has done with Pittsburgh. I think Mac will come in around Huberdeau’s contract of 84 million for 8 years. Landeskog gave up a likely 9 million dollar offer to stay in Colorado. As for 9 million for Kadri, thank the Lord Colorado can look at their team and say no thank you. You have Newhook needing a new deal soon, Byram, MacKinnon. If Meyers is as good as he could be,… Read more »


The longer Kadri waits the less leverage he has. At this point if I was a GM I’d wait him out. There’s not much time (yay) until training camp starts.

Ari Gould

I wouldn’t pay Kadri $9mill on a one-year deal.


I picture Ol’ Lou at some desk in a dusty basement office with like 4 old telephones, the kind you actually have to crank a dial on to operate.

I question if he even owns a mobile phone at all, or is aware of the internet? If he is playing this game, what does he think he has to gain? It all seems so silly…

Bob Neal

It is a very weird game. Not sure Lou is serious about signing Kadri but maybe just messing with Joe because of the Toews debacle. I think Joe is just waiting to see what offers Kadri gets before he pulls the trigger on Plan B, whatever that is. If Joe decides to keep Kadri, I’m pretty sure he will need to clear some cap space meaning he is going to have to move some players. A very high stakes poker game moving at a snails pace is what we are watching. I don’t have the patience to wait living in… Read more »


Well, we’d be talking about Chris in stead of Joe…

I agree though, in a world where news has an extremely short shelf-life, it’s easy to get used to the instantaneity of it all. I certainly have become a much less patient person in the last 20 years.

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