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Who Should Get The First Colorado Avalanche Statue?



It’s time that the Colorado Avalanche get some statues in front of Ball Arena to honor this city’s three-time Stanley Cup champion team – including the present-day champs.

Other arenas are unveiling statues every year, but still not the Avalanche. The L.A. Kings are planning a statue of, wait for it, Dustin Brown for pete’s sake. And we can’t get one yet for a team that’s won three Stanley Cups and had a bunch of Hall of Famers?

I hereby start a petition to put an end to this travesty. Chime in on the comments on who should get the first statue. But, hey, it’s tough to top Joe Sakic. I think it’s only reasonable that Super Joe gets the first, but I’d add a wrinkle to mine.

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These, in fact, would be my top five Avalanche statues, presumably to stand sentry in front of the arena as part of a, well, let’s call it, a gallery of stars that, hopefully, will include more than just Sakic. I mean, I have a hunch we’ll see statues of guys like Cale Makar and Nathan MacKinnon some day. But this would be my list for now:

  1. Joe Sakic handing the Cup to Ray Bourque – Yeah, this involves a player other than Sakic standing with him, but his passing of the Cup to Bourque in 2001, in his final game of a 22-year career, remains an iconic Colorado Avalanche moment. I can see this being a real attention-getter.
  2. Joe Sakic ripping one of his trademark wrist shots – I see this as a great statue. Sakic, hunched down a bit, eyes fierce toward his target as he delivers that sick wrister. Let’s get sculpting!
  3. Peter Forsberg, skating on his edges, at one of his almost impossible angles – I always loved the pictures of Foppa cutting hard on his blades, a mini-blizzard of ice flying from the skates. This is a winner.
  4. Patrick Roy making a butterfly save – Roy didn’t invent the butterfly technique, but he perfected it. A statue of him doing this would be perfect.
  5. Adam Foote making a bone-crushing hit – It might have to involve a random other player, but Foote making life miserable for him would be the ideal statue to honor him.

What say you Avalanche fans?

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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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How about Milan Hedjuk’s ice swimming goal celebration?


Pierre LaCroix


AD – I think you nailed it with your 1st option – the cup pass to Bourque will always be one of the greatest moments in all of sports.

Glendon Gulliver

I agree with Sakic handing the cup to Bourque. Joe is the face of Colorado hockey and has had a hand in all three cups, but Joe is also humble and knows what the cup means. That is why the Bourque moment is so befitting Joe, the Cup, and the Avs.


Sakic Sakic Sakic.. He hoisted the Cup here in 1996 bringing the first professional sports championship to the city of Denver..

Last edited 1 month ago by Enzo269

Sakic for sure. I like the handing the cup to Bourque (cue goosebumps).
I think a bust of Pierre Lacroix would be nice. He was the architect after all. The Avs might not have had the first two without him. On the pillar (or whatever the bust would rest on) you could inscribe the moves he made, all or the definitive ones.


Super Joe. Period.

He spent his whole career with the Avs. The others all played for a different team sometime during their careers (as much as we’d like to forget Foote in Columbus or Peter in Nashville) I wouldn’t mind adding them later, say if there was a sculpture garden or something similar in that Kroenke expansion plan. But the first choice should be Joe.


Or Peter in Philly…


All of the above. We have the best Audio Video in all of Hockey, make the best Statue with technology. Groups of statues, and led style panels that project images of our favorite players. Make a step button for whom the person standing in front of wants to see. This can be updated as needed with adding new players.
Love the sakic/bourque idea, but would love to be able to see ALL our favorites for years and years to come, and it would be different than anywhere else. If done right, could be a spectacle!


Always room for a little technology.


I agree with Roy, but I’d prefer it was the Statue of Liberty save pose…that was epic!


Patrick Roy will always be my favorite and gets my vote. But Roy, Forsberg, Sakic and Bourque all getting statues would be cool.


I think you do it almost as a montage. Four statues set up in a way that you’re showcasing an era. Roy in his stance is great but I’d like to see his glove save against Koslov immortalized. Then off to the left is a statue of Foppa on his breakaway goal with Larianov essentially hanging on him. I said it was an era and screw the wings. Lol. Then centered between those two statues and just behind them is Sakic handing the Cup to Bourque. Then behind them all raised up just a bit for effect is Pierre LaCroix… Read more »

Aaron Saraceno

Roy fighting Vernon. The end.
Also, Super Joe and Bourque

Last edited 1 month ago by Aaron Saraceno
James Iverson

Happy and relieved you included Foote, the heart of those teams.


Joe Sakic for sure

Drew John

All 5

Forever Avs fan

I’ve been an Avalanche fan since the beginning.Joe should be the face of the team. He did a lot when he was a player for the team and he has done a lot now for the team. Bring in the personnel that has brought back the greatness to this organization. So yeah Joe it is period!!!


Joe Sakic is the only one I’d consider really. What he has done for the club and the city is truly exceptional! His galvanizing words in the aftermath of the Lindros draft while still in Quebec. His 18 goals in the 96 Stanley Cup playoffs and with it Denver’s first pro-sports trophy – and don’t underestimate how much that motivated a certain John Elway! His Hart trophy season in 2001 and him passing the cup to Ray Bourque – an instant classic in NHL history. Playing his entire career for the franchise and then engineering the rebuild that lead to… Read more »


It has to be Joe Sakic. He is the one piece in all 3 Cups. Legend of the game. Sakic is the Avalanche. I think Sakic handing the Cup to Landeskog would be fitting. One great Captain to another. Ties both past and present. I don’t see anyway possible Landeskog doesn’t get his jersey retired by the Avs and retire an Avalanche.


Bourque got a gift number retirement so don’t think he should get a statue too. Sakic, Forsberg and Foote were all original and long-time Avs so a trio would be great. If just one, Sakic does have 3 Colorado Cups…

Dwayne Hall

I’ve also thought it would be cool if they did something similar to the Broncos with their Ring of Famers. Maybe do something similar but with retired numbers.


Peter The Great…no contest


And August is only half through…

Anthony DeAngelis

My first reaction to the headline, before I read the article, was Sakic handing the cup to Bourque. That moment transcends hockey itself.

Christian Dufour

What about Pierre Lacoix over looking them all!


One big Group Statue. Sakic, Forsberg, Roy, Foote, Deadmarsh,
Start it with Forsberg, Roy, Foote and Deadmarsh, Sakic in the Middle With the Cup. and if we want to include some people from this current cup team, Landeskog, EJ, MacKinnon. Be like a passing of the torch kinda statue with the Cup going down the line.

Joshua R

I agree with your first idea, but we could always troll the red wings with Lemieux’s hit on Draper (and they’d probably respond with McCarty turtling Lemieux).

Also Adrian

The Triplets. Sakic, Forsberg, and Roy. Each in their iconic poses. I also like Footer, so maybe include him too.


Sakic, but not with Ray Bourque; he was only here a short time! Go with the Sakic wrist shot!


Love that moment with Bourke, I still watch it once in a while. I think just sakic or just roy would be the most appropriate. Love Bourke I just think if they’re going to sculpt two people I’d rather it was sakic and Roy.

Neil Bergin

It has to be Joe Sakic. I’d go with option two you suggested. But handing the Cup to Bourque would also be great.


Any votes for Tyler Arnason yet? He played like a statue.


Claudes hit on draper

Erik Andrews

Well if Foote checking someone is an option, then that one!

John Larson

gotta be Sakic

Shane Anderson

It’s gotta be Sakic!! I became an avs fan because of Roy but Sakic is the face of the past and present organizations rise and return to greatness

Michael Heimple

“Dustin Brown for Petes sake?” He played 19 seasons for one team, Captaining both Kings Stanley Cup Championships. He deserves a statue. Not a good contrary example.

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