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Who Should Get The First Colorado Avalanche Statue?



It’s time that the Colorado Avalanche get some statues in front of Ball Arena to honor this city’s three-time Stanley Cup champion team – including the present-day champs.

Other arenas are unveiling statues every year, but still not the Avalanche. The L.A. Kings are planning a statue of, wait for it, Dustin Brown for pete’s sake. And we can’t get one yet for a team that’s won three Stanley Cups and had a bunch of Hall of Famers?

I hereby start a petition to put an end to this travesty. Chime in on the comments on who should get the first statue. But, hey, it’s tough to top Joe Sakic. I think it’s only reasonable that Super Joe gets the first, but I’d add a wrinkle to mine.

These, in fact, would be my top five Avalanche statues, presumably to stand sentry in front of the arena as part of a, well, let’s call it, a gallery of stars that, hopefully, will include more than just Sakic. I mean, I have a hunch we’ll see statues of guys like Cale Makar and Nathan MacKinnon some day. But this would be my list for now:

  1. Joe Sakic handing the Cup to Ray Bourque – Yeah, this involves a player other than Sakic standing with him, but his passing of the Cup to Bourque in 2001, in his final game of a 22-year career, remains an iconic Colorado Avalanche moment. I can see this being a real attention-getter.
  2. Joe Sakic ripping one of his trademark wrist shots – I see this as a great statue. Sakic, hunched down a bit, eyes fierce toward his target as he delivers that sick wrister. Let’s get sculpting!
  3. Peter Forsberg, skating on his edges, at one of his almost impossible angles – I always loved the pictures of Foppa cutting hard on his blades, a mini-blizzard of ice flying from the skates. This is a winner.
  4. Patrick Roy making a butterfly save – Roy didn’t invent the butterfly technique, but he perfected it. A statue of him doing this would be perfect.
  5. Adam Foote making a bone-crushing hit – It might have to involve a random other player, but Foote making life miserable for him would be the ideal statue to honor him.

What say you Avalanche fans?

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