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Assessing The Odds Of Current Colorado Avalanche Players Who Might Be Next 2C (+)



Mikko Rantanen Avalanche center nhl

Some of you know I do quite a bit of work as a hockey gambling tout, writing regulary for I really enjoy it, and despite the DaterJinx, if one followed my daily game picks from last season, one would be about $8,000 richer. So, in that vein, let’s do some “futures odds” of who will start the season as the Colorado Avalanche second-line center. This assuming, as I now believe, the Avalanche won’t sign anyone on the free-agent market, as a de facto replacement for Nazem Kadri.

But first, a quick gambling lesson: What does it mean when a team is, say, +135 on the straight, win-or-lose odds? What does it mean when a team is, say, -170 on the same odds? Well, in betting parlance, everything about the odds is based on a “unit” of $100, or any divisible thereof. So, if a team is +135, that means they are the underdog and you would win a $135 profit on a $100 bet. A team at -170 is the favorite, so you have to bet $170 to win a profit of $100.

Get it? I never knew what any of the numbers meant, but it’s easy once you do a few bets. When it comes to “futures” bets (things that won’t be decided, either way, for a while) the payouts are usually bigger, because they involve more than just one win-or-lose scenario, on one game.

So, with that said, these are my futures odds as to who will be the next 2C on the Avalanche:

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