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Where Landeskog Is At One Year Removed From His Surgery



Landeskog Avalanche

May 10 is a pretty meaningless date on the calendar for pretty much everyone, but it’s a significant day when it comes to Avalanche Captain Gabriel Landeskog.

One year ago, the 31 year old winger had cartilage transplant surgery on his right knee. Earlier this year, Avalanche general manager Chris MacFarland confirmed that the timeline for his return is 12-16 months. The organization has made it pretty clear that he was never going to return early, as they weren’t going to risk re-injuring it as that would send everything back to square one and likely end his career. However, we’ve made it this far, and Landeskog has been skating consistently for months now.

Now that we’ve entered the early part of his return timeline, is he any closer to joining the Avalanche at practice?

“Yeah, I don’t think he’s there yet,” Jared Bednar said on Friday. “He is making progress, though. The work he’s doing both on and off the ice, the intensity is gradually getting greater and greater. So that’s a positive sign. More resistance, harder work. You know, as much as it will allow while still being cautious.”

Landeskog has been traveling with the team for a while now, and this postseason, has gone on the ice for every morning skate in a hoodie and track pants, essentially acting as another coach on the ice. I’m sure he’s skating away from prying eyes, but we did catch a glimpse of him working hard last week at Family Sports.

I’ve gone on the record multiple times that I think it’s highly unlikely he returns to play this postseason. There’s just too much working against him. Returning during the playoffs when you haven’t played in almost two years would be a lot to ask from him.

The next step for Landeskog would be joining the team for practice, but who knows how much longer it would take for him to get up to speed at that point.

“I can’t answer that,” Bednar said when asked how much practice time he would need before playing a game. “Yeah, I don’t know. It’s too much of an unknown.”

So yes, I do believe we will see the Avalanche Captain playing in the NHL again someday. I just don’t think it will be this season.

Other Updates

  • Bednar confirmed today that Devon Toews is still feeling fine after the hit he took from Jamie Benn.
  • I asked Brandon Duhaime his thoughts on the hit and if it’s something the Avalanche keep in the back of their mind this series. As expected, he kind of skirted around it. The Avalanche aren’t the type to retaliate on stuff like this, but I’m sure a guy like Duhaime isn’t going to forget about a hit like that.
    • “I didn’t see the replay on the hit. They didn’t call it and they reviewed it, so I guess it was a clean hit. But that just shows the physical side of playoff hockey and that environment. You know, you got to bring that physicality, for sure.”
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Gareth Sampson

Between Benn and Marchment, honestly worried we’re going to lose someone long term. Check out Marchment’s penalty against Mikko – he went for knee to knee on that one and almost connected. I’ve despised Benn ever since he purposely took the run at EJ’s bad knee (from about 20 feet away – sound familiar?) and knocked him out of the bubble.

Mark Messier

Why do fools user ‘honestly?’ Is everything else dishonest. Sorry, drives me nuts and a miliineal thing awful.

Benn’s behavior will hurt the Stars eventually. So, who from the Avs will stand up for Toews? Avs are cowards really. Avs need a young Ryan Reaves…

As far as Landesdog, I would cut him and sign Drouin. MacKinnon’s contract will hamstring Avs for years. Small game hunter, vanished in tighter playoffs!

John H

Cut Landy? Only a craven front office would do that. Or you.

Not too many people will criticize MacKinnon’s career playoffs 1.3 points per game and his plus 36 stats. It’s almost like you’re proud of not knowing anything about hockey.


Thank God your not calling the shots!


I’m always hesitant to label anyone a “dirty” player. Benn definitely hovers around that line at times. I still don’t have a problem with the hit on Toews. The puck was in the vicinity, he didn’t leave his feet & he led with his shoulder. It was a good hit, unfortunately he made contact with the head. That’s hockey though, at full speed high intensity things happen.

John H

Except he did leave his feet.


I get it. Landy is not just a beloved Avalanche, he’s right up there when you’re choosing the Mt Rushmore of favorite local sport figures. All of us eventually come to realize our mortality but there’s an irrational part of all fans that want our sports heros to be different. I’m not a doctor, but I think everyone needs to temper their expectations. The only other pro athlete who had a cartilage transplant is Lonzo Ball and he’s still rehabbing 13 months after surgery. I could be wrong but I don’t think there’s a magic timeline where he’ll be just… Read more »


Let Landy heal and come back next season. This team has been great outside of team defense all year. If they step it up there, they are as good as anyone and better than most. The toews/benn hit turning into a no call and a blown offsides on a dallas goal changed the game. If not for those two calls the game would be likely tied and who knows what happens from there? All that said Avs still stole home ice. Next game will be interesting. If they can play the full 60 consistently I’m not worried about this series.… Read more »

Daniel Greenberg

Not advocating to rush Landy back. Game 2 was a good example of how much they miss him. Not so much in response to Benn, but I find it hard to imagine Avs skaters showing so little effort with Landeskog in the lineup. There was an accountability when he was playing that has leaked out of the lineup.

Dave North

Yes, it is almost like Mikko and Nate are untouchables now, but I think Landy and EJ would have called them out mid-game if they were on the team.

Greg Hadden

Val is the player that needs to take this role. He has the size. He has the skill. He has the contract, and the team has had his back.


Avs will have to make some roster decisions over the summer, meaning there will come a time when they need to figure out how Landeskog fits into the Avs’ salary structure.

What I am not sure the Avs can afford is let Landeskog give it a shot when he is not 100% that he will return to his former self. Landy won’t be a third liner, certainly not at his cap hit. So as the Avs motto suggests, it’s “all in” or nothing at all.

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