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Are these the Avalanche’s Stadium Series Jerseys?



So there’s a photo that’s been making the rounds on Avs Fan Cyberspace today, supposedly of an early shipment of the Avalanche’s Stadium Series jersey, the outdoor game early next year at the Air Force Academy against the Los Angeles Kings.

Above is the picture, but I’ll put it again here, with more of the full uniform:

The jersey matches the look of another jersey that’s been out there.

So, what do you think, folks?

I think those are going to have to grow on me a little before I say I like them. But I know some other fans out there who think they look great.

The floor is yours.

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I hope that it is not the Jersey, if it is please burn it, and someone redesign it.


I think they could be better. Yet, I don’t dislike them.

Thought, as did many, that our first outdoor jerseys were awful, and they grew on many rapidly.

Many also said that about our current thirds and they’re a fan fav now.


It looks like he just tucked a napkin under his chin. Should be helpful.


Ohhh my gosh now that you have said it I can’t unsee the napkin tucked under his chin 😂

John Mauss

You hit it on the head. Overall, dumpy looking as well as the napkin thing. Could be worse, I guess.

Marc P

Definitely wouldn’t buy one. Huge fan of their last White stadium series jerseys though

Grzegorz Kociuba



Well … if the team name back in 1995 would have ended up being the Rocky Mountain Extreme, at least I have an idea what the uniforms would have looked like. Not good …

Andrzej Kubis

They looks awful. I don’t know who made this project but this should be last project of sport jersey for this person. I think awful is not the right word but right now I can’t find better one.

Dwayne Hall

Please no, these almost have the feel of the early 80s Canucks Flying V sweaters.


I’m sorry I laughed at the Preds jersey. Please don’t let this be karma.


Definitely not my style.


Horrid. I hate it.


They’re really ugly but I kind of like it anyway.


Never underestimate the Avs to come up with bad ideas.


Some throw back type jerseys can look pretty cool, not this one. Hideous.


Not a fan at the moment.

Kirk Robinson

Those are straight up ass




The idea is not bad. I like the Logo. The “A” doesn’t have to go all the way to the collar. It can be a lot better
Someone needs to refine it. They need to bring back the Nordiques jerseys at some point.


They’d actually be decent if they just dropped the A down. So you don’t have the napkin look and you decrease the amount of burgundy just floating at the bottom.

Daniel Sharpe

File this up there with “You had one job”

John Emanuel


Dillon Bliler

That is really bad. If it is supposed to be the jersey for the Stadium Series game, it is clearly a play on the USAFA chapel / Mountains. But a bad play on an already cliche landmark.

the geeze

DAMN UGLY. WTF??? (means where’s the fudge) Someone’s kid did it probably. I can suggest an actual professional logo designer, like Todd Radom for instance!

Luke Waggoner

Makes the unipron look like Armani.

Stephen Gordon Nealley

These are terrible. I have never been a big fan of their third jersey, but this one is far worse. I am going to the stadium series, but I would not take one of these if they were giving them away. Bring back the big Avalanche logo. Make jerseys for hockey fans, not for sale to Avant-garde clothing shoppers.

Matt Briggle

Personally, I would have used the dark blue of their thirds with a silhouette of the AFA Cathedral replacing the A on the primary jersey with the Thunderbirds replacing the puck avalanche swooping across. I don’t hate this one, but not sure I would buy one either.

Richard Trujillo

Worst thing I have ever seen.

Mitch Johnson

I like that they’re trying to do something different but this looks worse than any custom jersey I’ve ever made playing NHL and I once had a team whose colors were Pink and Baby Blue…

Manny Munoz

It actually reminds me of an ugly Christmas sweater. You know, festive.

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