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Dater’s Daily Links: Nathan MacKinnon Watch Begins



Nathan MacKinnon

LOS ANGELES – Some jottings as I sit here at the gate of Frontier flight 404, LA to Denver. Let’s hope that 404 number isn’t some kind of jinx eh?

Lightest I’ve seen it at LAX like, maybe, ever. Lots of masks, lots of Purell stations. Thing is, people here don’t seem the slightest bit “worried” about the coronavirus. Kind of amazing to me that we’re all allowed to congregate here at an international AIRPORT, but major pro sports teams – including the Avalanche – won’t let me within 6-8 feet of a player right now.

It’s a massive overreaction IN MY OPINION, but I’m also not a doctor.

So, Jared Bednar on his radio show this morning – taped in Los Angeles, because the team stayed overnight, something it rarely does – said nothing new about Nathan MacKinnon. Said he’ll be “re-evaluated” back in Denver.

Superstreak Bonus!

We probably won’t get any state-sponsored media update until tomorrow, but if I hear anything I’ll pass it along…

Some other news around the league:

  • The San Jose Sharks will need to figure out how to play either outside of San Jose or in front of no fans for their remaining three home games in March (
  • I think we’ll see at least one or two of the previously injured guys return by this weekend, or by early next week at the latest. I would put Nazem Kadri and Cale Makar at the head of that list.
  • The German pro league has canceled the rest of its season because of, you guessed it (The Hockey News)
  • Interesting debate about whether the NHL is overreacting to the coronavirus, by two media guys (Hockey News)
  • Could Bo Byram realistically make the Avs next season? (Hockey News)
  • Should the NHL playoffs be changed because of, you know what? (ESPN)


  1. I think ordering a Domino’s pizza at 12:30 a.m. last night was a mistake.
  2. I think Napa Valley is the most breathtaking place I’ve pretty much ever seen (saw some of it the other day when we were in San Jose)
  3. I think that final game of the regular season between the Avs and Blues is going to be real meaningful.
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Luke Waggoner

Getting Kadri and Makar back would be a huge boost. If Mac isn’t out for a meaningful amount of time, they’d have their top 2 centers and their #1 D-man back. That makes a huge difference.

What’s the injury to Grub? The play didn’t even look like much. The guy just backed into him a little hard. Something internal?

Matt Briggle

It looked to me (same as AD, no doctor) like when Cole backed into him he caught his skate in the ice and something twisted there.


AD – what are your thoughts on Big Z play since his jaw was broken. He has appeared less physical and in some cases less interested when he has been on the ice? Thoughts? When is the Kamenev experiment going to end?

Adrian Dater

I think the less physical play might have more to do with him not wanting to spend lots of time in the penalty box


To my point the coaching staff has turned him into a mediocre D-man at best because he is not being physical and playing with the intimidating his nasty edge he once had. How can the coaching expect much out of him with the less than average overall skill set?


Slight correction, the German DEL just finished the regular season, but decided to cancel the playoffs because they figured that empty arenas (only events with an attendance up to 1000 persons are still permitted) would have actually created a financial burden on the teams. The DEL does not have big TV contract and therefore still relies heavily on the income from ticketing. I generally agree that the reaction seems overblown. Then again, I chatted with my friend in Italy last night, where people kind a had the same opinion only for things to escalate quite rapidly. I get the sense… Read more »


The whole corona virus thing is a HUGE unknown and developing daily, so I do not blame the NHL and teams for limiting exposure to the players while the true extent of CV plays out. I think they are smart to be cautious there. Playing games in empty arena, that would be weird! The delay in test kit availability in the U.S. has made the situation worse as we do not know the extent of CV and are now behind the eight ball because of it.


Agree overblown

Glen Burns

Yeah, and all the “sheeple” fall right in line with the overblown panic! The media is creating this mass hysteria and we allow it because we can not think for ourselves!


Hoping Mack is OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Briggle

I don’t buy into the conspiracy theories that the pandemic is media or politically driven. For the best info for my life on that, I call my doctor’s office or go to the CDC website. Doesn’t matter to me what the talking heads say about things like this. As for the NHL, I would I would leave the attendance question up to local authorities who have the best info about things in that area deal with that. I can’t blame NHL teams for limiting access to the players tho, they’re big investments and you tend to protect those as much… Read more »

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