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Can't Hear What Jeremy Says

New “Can’t Hear What Jeremy Says”: Is there still hope for a playoff?



Can't Hear What Jeremy Says

In the latest “Can’t Hear What Jeremy Says”, Adrian Dater and Reagan Smith talk about the latest murmurs going around in NHL circles, of possible regional playoffs/regular season resuming in the NHL some time this summer.

Does it really matter anymore? Or, does it matter a lot? Dater and Smith give their takes, as it relates to the Avalanche.

Also up for discussion: remembering some of the more obscure players in Avs history.

As always, the podcast is sponsored by Total Beverage and Bender’s at the Westminster Ice Centre.

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Adrian Dater - Kiss and Larry Bird fan. Writer with @Gambling and @Bookies, Avs Insider with 104.3 The Fan. Denver Post, SI, Bleacher Report alum, author of seven books.

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Man… the two of you really talked yourself into a rabbit hole regarding the prospects of a play-offs. As I commented somewhere else, you are never going to get to 0% risk, especially in hockey. So it will come down to risk management. I think a limited playoff tournament without spectators is absolutely realistic. It might suck in terms of the atmosphere, but it might also be interesting for the aficionados and one could argue that you will get a more pure display of technical and tactical skills.

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