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Dater’s Daily Links: Landeskog speaks out




Avalanche captain Gabe Landeskog lent his voice today to the conversation about racial justice that has obviously become more urgent and necessary in the wake of the heinous death of George Floyd in Minnesota.

Landeskog has always been one of the more socially conscious players on the Avalanche. Landeskog has always been someone who genuinely cares about others, and it’s not a PR stunt with him. Landeskog is a great dude.

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Some hockey stuff:

  • Max Kellerman today on ESPN: “In the United States of America, no one really cares about hockey.” I like Kellerman actually, think he’s articulate and fun to watch at times. But, yeah, that’s a dumb statement. Hockey is definitely growing in popularity in the United States, and I could cite a million different statistics showing that, but I don’t need to do that here, now do I? Here’s the clip:
  • Sidney Crosby spoke out as well (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • The LA Times weighs in on the pluses and minuses of every potential playoff hub site (LA Times).
  • ESPN weighs in on potential finalists for the big trophies (ESPN)
  • The more I have talked to other potential voters around the league’s media corps, the more I think Cale Makar will win the Calder. I think Nathan MacKinnon will get screwed again in the Hart, though. I think Draisaitl is going to win.
  • Personally, I think it’s between Vegas and Edmonton for the Western Conference hub site. That’s just my hunch. Vegas has that “all in one” package that no doubt appeals to Gary Bettman. Plus, you know the players are going to want to be in Vegas. Edmonton is a great hockey city and is really pretty in the summer. I think Vegas has the edge, but we’ll see.
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Dater did the Avs fail to sign anyone still unsigned from the 2016 draft?


Thx! Keep up the great work.


Really frustrating when entertainers feel the need to speak out when they clearly demonstrate with their words that they have ZERO clue what they’re talking about. We need to stop with this “America is racist” lie that further perpetuates racism. White on black crime is a statistical anomaly, like a unicorn on a blue moon, yet it’s all that’s ever mentioned. Stick to entertaining Gabe.


So, I understand your stat, but its really about the difficulty of living a life under suspicion because of one’s race. If you had a chance to talk to your successful African American colleagues like I have you would be surprised to see how they have found themselves treated by law enforcement, security guards, etc. just in the normal course of events. Its not unique to this country, (ask PE Bellemare about the NE Paris suburbs) but we are trying to move beyond it. Walk a bit in someone else’s shoes.

Carter Janicki

It’s only racism if it’s a crime? Not sure I understand your point, but I am also not sure I want to understand your logic.

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