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While some NHL teams getting vaccinated, Avalanche still aren’t one



Colorado Avalanche

There was some news today from the New York Rangers, who canceled practice today so that players and staff could all receive vaccines for Covid-19. I asked the Avalanche today if Avs players had received vaccines by now as well, especially given that the state of Colorado is now allowing anyone 16 and up to get the jab.

The answer: not yet.

I guess I’m pretty surprised by that answer. I don’t know much more on the why’s and wherefores of the situation. I would assume Avs players will soon be getting vaccinated, but I don’t know how/when. The team is on the road through Sunday, but home for a few days next week. Maybe during that time? We’ll see I guess. But I don’t see why they wouldn’t/won’t. Heck, I’m getting my second Pfizer jab on Saturday, and my wife and son have gotten their first jabs as well.

Superstreak Bonus!

North of the border, there are some real problems right now with Covid, most especially with the Vancouver Canucks. All of their hockey activities are shut down right now because of an outbreak of positive cases among the players.


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Luke Waggoner

There’s widespread instances of people having side effects after getting their vaccines (mostly malaise, low energy, etc). Maybe they’re not wanting to get the vaccine right now while they’re on their streak, especially with CO heading very much in the right direction in terms of cases. There’s also chances that over the summer a lot of the players already had covid, making the vaccine somewhat redundant.


All of their (Canucks) hockey activities are shut down right now because of an outbreak of positive cases among the players.”

That’s not true. Not only do you NOT have to be sick to get on the Covid/NHL protocol list, you don’t even have to test positive! The whole thing is a farce.

chippy play

I think you meant to be in a different obscure corner of the internet.

Max Stetson

Why would the most fit people on earth need to get an experimental vaccine for a virus with a survival rate of 99.7% for the majority of the population?

Hopefully some of these players and the health “experts” that are looking out for them take note of this!

Matt Briggle

I’m sure there a lot of factors going into the planning that especially if they want to try and get it to everyone on the team/staff/family who wants to take it in one go. First there is the schedule because you want to be at home for it. Then there is which vaccine can you get scheduled and which one works best for the second shot if needed. If they get the J&J vaccine which is just one dose, I could see them scheduling a team of nurses to come in for the ARI game on Monday. They could work… Read more »

Max Stetson

Matt, thanks for your comment and info. I don’t think it’s totally correct to say they’re proven to be safe and effective when there’s plenty of evidence to show how they’ve contributed to adverse health conditions and even death. Moreover, they’re not being unanimously endorsed by physicians, many of whom don’t even want to take them themselves at the moment. Most telling though, again, is virtually how unnecessary the vaccine is. The only reason this is being rolled out is to once again enrich the rich, and to grab more power over people. Let us not forget that people in… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Max Stetson
Matt Briggle

Max, I can appreciate your concerns and you are right to have questions. I don’t want to get into a full on vaccine debate on a hockey site, but I would just encourage you to keep your mind open and search out more and more information especially outside of your normal normal media sources whatever those are. There are many good non-partisan strictly science based articles out there that will address many of your safety concerns. I wish you good health and no Covid.

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