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Avalanche games through April 20 postponed



Well, here we go again. Just when you thought stuff involving Covid-19 and the Colorado Avalanche was in the rearview mirror, the virus has had other ideas. There is no game tonight against the Los Angeles Kings, no game against the Kings on Sunday and no game between the Avs and St. Louis Blues on Tuesday.  All Avalanche games through April 20 have been postponed because of Covid, as a third Avs player received a positive test.

UPDATE: The player is Joonas Donskoi.

Here is from the official Avs release:

The National Hockey League announced today that, as a result of a third Colorado Avalanche Player entering the NHL’s COVID Protocols earlier today, the team’s games tonight and Sunday vs. Los Angeles as well as April 20 against St. Louis will be postponed. Pending test results in the coming days, it is expected that the Avalanche will be able to re-open their facilities for practice on Wednesday, April 21, with a return to game action on April 22 vs. St. Louis. The decision was made by the League’s, NHLPA’s and Club’s medical groups.

Superstreak Bonus!

The Avalanche organization has, and will continue to follow, all recommended guidelines aimed at protecting the health and safety of its Players, staff and community at large as set by the NHL, local, state and national agencies.

I don’t really know what to say about this, other than it kind of sucks. I mean, yeah, the Avs could use some rest as a team no doubt. But this isn’t really the way you want it to happen – having Avalanche games postponed.

We’ll know the identity of the latest Avs player to test positive later this afternoon.

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Honestly, they can use the rest after going full steam for 8 weeks! And with 13 games left on the schedule, the timing is fortuitous – they won’t be going into the playoffs cold!

Heavy Metal Avs Fan

Told you the vaccines were a bad idea. I don’t know where people have this idea they are a cure as they are not. This is just the beginning of the problems related to the vaccines. Mark my words: in about 6 months from now the vaccines will have done more harm than good. Just sayin…


I don’t think getting the vaccine gave any of the players Covid. That is not possible. Yes, the vaccines are a human biology experiment, but do you have a better solution than hiding in a hole and being locked down forever. Pretending covid doesn’t exist and will just go away on its on is not an option. I think someone tried that approach.


Exactly .. why are all those govt types still wearing a mask after being vaccinated? I personally haven’t had a flu shot in years, the last time I had the flu was in 1988. So I don’t plan on getting the China virus shot either

chippy play

We’ll be able to check your prediction, comparing it to the extra 500,000+ American that died during the pandemic. That’s a pretty high bar for the vaccine to clear.

John Mauss

From a rest standpoint–not bad news. The big worry is not games postponed, but how weakened some of the players may be if this ends up affecting many. One top player on the baseball team I follow had COVID in spring of 2020 and had the worst year in his career afterward. He was so tired in one game, he had to be taken out after running from first to third.


Good point, you don’t want any players to become long haulers. Hopefully just a two week thing.


From what I’ve read, some family members of players have gotten very ill from the China virus, but I have not heard of any NHL player getting really sick from it. Grubauer might be feeling under the weather, but I’d bet he isn’t really sick with fever. My son has been exposed at least 4 times in the military, most were early on, in March and April 2020, two coworkers got really sick. He never had any symptoms and always tested negative. His live in GF was an EMT at the beginning of the Chinese pandemic, with dozens of exposures… Read more »

Matt Briggle

Jim, I would like to personally thank you for expressing your racist political views here on a hockey page. I’m not going to get into a long winded scientific rebuttal of everything you said other than it is utter nonsense. Just a guess here, but I’m betting you’re one of those guys who gets red faced angry when a player kneels during the anthem in silent and peaceful protest. You’ve probably said the phrase “shut up and dribble” in response to an athlete expressing a political viewpoint. I can debate politics in and open and honest way for hours if… Read more »


Amen, Matt

Aaron Hinton

Should they cancel him, Matt? Should they ban him from posting on the site? I’m asking legitimately.


Yes, cancel. Cancel culture sucks, but putting targets on innocent peoples backs is FREAKING WORSE and unacceptable. Maybe we should start calling it the fat head virus.

Aaron Hinton

How about this GWood: if you don’t like his posts don’t read his posts anymore. Is that reasonable?



Aaron Hinton

Grab your torch and pitchfork.

Last edited 1 year ago by Aaron Hinton

The irony of your political rant on a hockey page is no doubt lost on you.


Matt, your post is far more politically charged than the post you object to. “Red face” much???

Last edited 1 year ago by SCOTT POPE

You should get a fucking mirror Mr door Matt. I don’t watch the No Fans Left league. But I also don’t get angry at other’s freedom of expression, as you apparently do here. I sacrificed flesh and bone as a result of my military service, so that Americans (like you) have the right to free expression, ESPECIALLY that which I may disagree with. Go throw your race card at Rev Al. Celebs and athletes ply their trade for our amusement, and are paid well in most cases. They can say whatever comes into their jaded little minds .. I proudly… Read more »


Stanford Study Results: Facemasks are Ineffective to Block Transmission of COVID-19 and Actually Can Cause Health Deterioration and Premature Death
A recent Stanford study released by the NCBI, which is under the National Institutes of Health, showed that masks do absolutely nothing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and their use is even harmful. 
NIH published a medical hypothesis by Dr. Baruch Vainshelboim (Cardiology Division, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System/Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, United States).
NOQ Report uncovered the study:

Matt Briggle

You’re absolutely right Jim, we all have the freedom of expression. You are free to spout your racist and ignorant views, and I’m free to call you out on them.

Nice try on that “study” you found, that is one person’s opinion published in a journal that says they will accept “radical, speculative and non-mainstream scientific ideas provided they are coherently expressed.” There is no peer review or real scientific basis to that paper you’re spreading around. Apparently, that journal also published an article about how masturbating can cure nasal congestion. Here you go,


AD, how much contact did Donskoi have with the team. Did he go to ST. Louis with the team for Wednesdays game? At least he didn’t play and I would assume they kept him away from the team if he was feeling sick. This could get worse for sure if he went to St. Louis.


Really hoping the best for Donskoi’s pregnant wife & child! This is a real-life virus that affects way more than just hockey games & this pandemic certainly isn’t over yet.

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