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Landeskog, Avs indeed are “far apart”



The other day I started the ball rolling on the story of Gabe Landeskog and Avs not quite seeing eye to eye just yet on a new contract. Other media kept it going with stories that, no, they weren’t too close at all to a deal yet.

In doubling back with my sources last night, I’m told the sides are indeed “far apart.” The clock is ticking, too, with just 13 days until NHL free agency opens. I don’t know what the gulf is between the sides is as far as money or term. But when I hear “far apart” I’ve got to think…well, who knows? I was going to say a million or more per year apart, but who knows.

The only thistle of optimism I see is that the talks apparently have not broken off, that there is, from what I could gather, more dialogue planned.

Also, as some astute readers have pointed out, Mikko Rantanen and the Avs were said to be “far apart” right before training camp a couple years ago, only for the sides to agree on a six-year deal with a $9.25 cap hit.

Superstreak Bonus!

The difference there, though? Rantanen was a restricted free agent. He wasn’t going to any new team, no matter what, for free. Landeskog is UFA and can start taking any offer from any team in 13 days.

The clock is ticking…

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People are saying it’s the term thats the problem.. who knows!! Joe needs to figure it out with the Captain.. He is far too important to this team.. They will take a huge step back if he is lost in free agency.. How some fans in this town don’t see that, is beyond me.. This guy is the glue.. A great leader and player…

Last edited 1 year ago by Enzo
Ryan Wolf

The glue for a team that’s gotten bounced in the 2nd round of the playoffs, 3-years strait. I love Landy, but I think this team needs to be shaken up a bit to make a deep postseason run.

Dick Rigor

Losing your 2nd line center for a playoff series will pretty much put you up a creek without a paddle. There’s multiple reasons why your top 2 pivots are critical for a team’s success. You can’t put the series loss on Gabe. Kadri’s lack of discipline was a problem in Toronto and it’s continued in Colorado. Couple that with how the organization doesn’t see what liability Girard is on D in the playoffs and you’ll continue to have problems going on deep runs. For what SG gives you offensively and in transition, he more than gives up in defensive zone… Read more »

Aaron Hinton

It’s too bad. Landy stuck with the Avs through thick and thin…and has given his heart and soul to this team and the fans. However; what has he won with the Avs? With all his grit and toughness, 10 years of nothing past the second round and doesn’t hate losing more than he likes winning. I’m a little torn on this because I love the guy but he’s now joined a list of players who are disappointed with this organization. And…if he doesn’t want to play here then he should get his 8×8 somewhere else and continue to be okay… Read more »

Brian W OConnor

Please shoot me your address, so I can mail you a tube of Bengay. All that patting of your own back must be hell on your shoulder

Yan Girard

The responsibility of Joe Sakic is to put the best team on the ice for the fans and for the players. Joe Sakic should always spend the money close to salary cap with a little latitude for the trade during the season like the last season. It’s important for Joe Sakic to spot the players that want to win to establish a winning culture. The players that want to win will be ready to sacrifice themselves for the team. To have a competitive team, the management of the payroll is very important. For example, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Edmonton… Read more »


You’re right and I would have thought Mack’s talk about taking less in his next contract would have had an effect on others. That’s how you do it to succeed in salary cap era.

Especially Landy, if he wants to remain the captain he should take a hefty hometown discount. If not then let him walk. Completely serious about that.

I thought they overpaid Rants, do not overpay Landy too.

Yan Girard

You’re right and I thought also that Rantanen was overpaid for his age. I said that Rantanen is now among the 10 best forwards of the NHL but his actual salary doesn’t help the Avs actually. We must not forget that the salary cap doesn’t move for many years because COVID pandemic. The players that are in search of a new contract must keep this in mind. I very much like Landeskog as player. The way that he plays and what it can contribute at the outside of the ice. However, I believe that no one player must not be… Read more »


I feel Landy may come off looking greedy at the end of this thing. I personally have a hard time believing any player at his age would be worth a $60m+ investment over the next 6-8 years.

Since this whole saga began I felt that Landy could walk, then Saad gets a couple more years and the ‘C’ ends up on Mack’s sweater. That seems pretty sweet to me.


> Carey Price has been the first player of the history NHL with a salary of more 10 millions per year to cross the first round in the playoffs

I think you meant “cap hit” rather than salary. Crosby made $12m and $10.9m his last two Cup years, and Kucherov made $12m the year of TB’s first Cup.

But you are right that big bucks doesn’t often translate to Cup wins.

Yan Girard

No doubt, it’s the cap hit.

Last edited 1 year ago by Alexander A.

He’s as good as gone. There is no way the Avs can compete, financially, with other clubs and especially the Seattle Kraken. Home town discount? Forget it. What a great move for Seattle to sign Landy and make him their captain. Stone cold brilliant – a great marketing “face of the franchise” and an incredible start to your team. And if the Kraken don’t make this obvious move, there are many other teams that believe Landy can get them over the top and compete for a Cup. If they could have dumped Girard and his $5 million wasted salary, they… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by ricoflashback

Been an Avs lifer but moved to Tampa 9 years ago and begrudgingly watched Steve Yzerman build the Lightning to a championship team before leaving. If joe thinks the Avs are deep right now, he is mistaken. Too many pretty boys who don’t play defense and until Mac does like Stamkos and start playing an all around game and risk dropping some chicklets, he isn’t a “captain.” Joe should know this better than anyone; he didn’t win those cups with pretty hockey. It was with grit like Lemieux, Ricci, Yelle, Podein, Foote and Forsberg.

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