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Dater’s Daily: NHL trade freeze lifts, Hall stays with Bruins, NHL schedule out today



Good Thursday to you all. Just dropped my 17-year-old, 6-foot-7 son at the airport for a trip back east to visit his grandparents. The kid will see his first Red Sox game ever next week, and he’s pretty excited about that. For him, showing excitement is moving his upper lip a little. Let’s do that hockey, though, starting with some NHL trade freeze talk:

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  • The freeze lifts at 11 a.m. mountain today. Saddle up, kids, it could be a busy day. Hey, it could be for the Avs too, though I think the main focus of the team remains trying to sign their unsigned guys. I have NOT been told of any talks breaking off between the team and Landeskog or Grubauer. I don’t think much has gone on between the Avs and Brandon Saad, but maybe that will change now that the Avs have more money to spend after losing more than $7 million of payroll in the last few days, with the departures of Joonas Donskoi and Ryan Graves.
  • The Kraken seem pretty happy with their new roster (Seattle Times)
  • I thought the Kraken getting Jamie Oleksiak from Dallas was a great signing. He’s big and plays with a mean streak.
  • The Kraken’s first home and road sweaters look pretty cool (Seattle Times)
  • Did the Pittsburgh Penguins screw up over the expansion process? Dan Kingerski thinks so (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • Looks like Taylor Hall is staying put in Boston (Boston Hockey Now)
  • Jack Eichel continues to be the conversation starter of the offseason as the Wild and Avalanche are mentioned as possibilities for the Sabres superstar. (Hockey News)
  • Who would the Avs trade to the Sabres for a Jack Eichel? I would imagine it would have to start with a Bo Byram. Or, maybe Sam Girard.
  • With the loss of Donskoi, I expect Sampo Ranta to get quite a chance as a middle six right winger at training camp.
  • The Avalanche/NHL schedule will be out today.
  • The Red Wings were the only team that didn’t leak the name of their player picked by Seattle (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • Mark Giordano, former Norris Trophy winner, was claimed by the Kraken, but is he really headed to the New York Rangers now? (NY Post)
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Girard for Eichel – done

Yan Girard

On the cap hit, Eichel is 10M. Rantanen is 9.25. Mackinnon will is 10M? Makar will is 9M? That represents is near of 40M and near of the half of the total payroll. What players will play with these 4 superstars? Nice depth into perspective. Also, don’t forget that the salary cap won’t move during several years because the pandemic.

Last edited 1 year ago by Alexander A

Trading Girard for Eichel (or anyone, for that matter) would be a huge win for the Avs. No Donskoi, Saad and potentially Landeskog this season? An unmitigated disaster.

P.S. – Fenway Park is a gas. Nothing like it and lots of history there. I saw Roger Clemens pitch (in his prime) and the sound from the pop of the catcher’s mitt was incredible. Lots of great bars around that area.

Last edited 1 year ago by ricoflashback

No doubt that Girard got schooled (exposed?) by Vegas, but Donskoi and Saad did not do that well either. I think that Girard is still a quality D man and is an asset for the AVs. How much of what happened was the Avalanche not adjusting their systems to take advantage of Vegas? Time will tell.


Girard is a nice player in the regular season. Not so much in the playoffs when the ice shrinks and the checking and physicality increases. Saad generated scoring chances against Vegas and didn’t get knocked down on his kister like Burakovsky (who I like) and others. I also think the Avs got out coached in that series. The book on the Avs is to always pressure them down low and make them turnover the puck. In that regard, Girard was a sieve and after being pounded in the corners too many times, he just gave up competing for pucks.

Yan Girard

In first round, the Avs swept St-Louis and won the 2 first games against Vegas. So far, no problem. After that, the Avs lost the 4 following games. Girard didn’t play well in these 4 games? To be serious a bit more. Assume that Girard didn’t play well in 2 of 4 games, you want to trade a player for only 2 counter-performances? At this pace, in 2 years, all the players of the team will have been traded. That’s a joke I hope? Otherwise, we don’t know all. Maybe that Girard for X reasons (injury, illness, etc.) wasn’t at of… Read more »


Trading Girard means the Avs performance improves. More room for the young players to step up or acquire a cost effective veteran – – who is not a mini-me. Girard’s cap hit is $5M for the next five years! That’s an albatross across the Avs neck. Great cap relief if Joe can unload him on some other team that values Ice Capades, smaller defensemen.

Last edited 1 year ago by ricoflashback
Yan Girard

I wait always your list. Thank’s.


Your message was garbled in translation.

Yan Girard

What is your list of scapegoats (players explaining that the Avs doesn’t cross the second round of the playoffs) for the years 2002 at 2017? Thank’s.

Last edited 1 year ago by Alexander A
Chris DeMott

It is interesting how hard Avs fans have been on Girard who was playing 1st pair minutes at such a young age and yet are ready to excuse Landy for being a ghost in those same 4 games. Girard is on a very good contract when age and actual career stats are taken into account.


Heard Hall was getting 6mil a year with Boston, have to figure that kinda helps the Avs in regards to Landy. I think 8×7 or 7.5 would do it.


The more I think about it, the less I like the prospect of Landy leaving the Avs. You’ve got one of the best lines in hockey (MGM) and your captain, to boot. Joe has to get this done.

David Chavez

A major consideration for Joe is how many “MEGA” contracts are feasible? We’ve got Mikko, add Cale, add Nathan when his time comes. If you give a “MEGA” deal to Gabe, what percentage of the cap do those 4 contracts consume? Can you field a viable team with the remainder? How much is a quality goaltender going to consume? I think we will understand whether Joe is a genius or dealing with a problem having too many constraints this off-season. The course of the Avalanche will be determined in the next couple of weeks I think.

Chris DeMott

Great point, the fact is that when considering his offensive numbers, Landy is a beneficiary of the line he play’s on and we haven’t seen those numbers translate when he was moved down the line up. He’s not an elite play driver, he’s not an elite finisher with exception of his tip game. His defense is excellent but not elite. I think the real value to this team are his intangibles and those might be tough to put a dollar figure on.

Chris DeMott

Eichel would probably look like Kadri, Newhook, Barron and a 1st. I think you have to factor in the risk with the neck surgery.

Yan Girard

Players like Newhook and Barron are essential for that the Avs remains a strength in NHL for a long time.

Last edited 1 year ago by Alexander A

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