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Ex-Av, Colorado Eagles coach Brett Clark leaves team over Covid protocols



Brett Clark
Jay Kopinski/Icon Sportswire

Earlier today, a former Avalanche defenseman, Sylvain Lefebvre, lost his job as an assistant with the Columbus Blue Jackets for refusing the Covid-19 vaccine. Tonight, the same thing appears to have happened with another ex-Avs defenseman – Brett Clark.

Clark, who was slated to serve as an assistant with the Eagles this coming season, has departed the team over what is believed to be the same situation. It is believed that Clark has chosen not to receive the vaccine, and he will be replaced on the bench by Tim Branham, currently the head coach of the Avalanche’s ECHL affiliate, the Utah Grizzlies. Again, like the Sylvain Lefebvre story, I’m surprised Clark did this. Some might say he’s gambling with his future, like at, but to each their own.

Clark, who played with the Avs from 2003-10, issued a statement, saying, “Under the league protocols, I am not permitted to fulfill my duties on the Eagles coaching staff at this time. I appreciate the opportunity and look forward to resuming my coaching career at some point soon.”

In August, the NHL sent a memo to teams that also applies to the AHL, which reads, “Any person whose job, role, position or access entails or entitles them to have personal interactions (within 12 feet) with club hockey operations personnel, including players, are required to be fully vaccinated.”

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Brett = hero


I believe you meant ZERO

Jared Williss

He’s an idiot and people like him are the reason we’re still seeing so much sickness and death. Seeing him as a hero is just plain pathetic.

Bonnie Boswell

As Jared Williss said, 25% of this nation is holding the rest of us hostage. I’m beyond caring if they live or die!


You are the idiot!


It’s not about being an idiot. There’s hasn’t been enough data on these un proven vaccines. In fact new info has been coming out that the vaccine doesn’t protect as much as they first mentioned. That’s why they are rolling out booster shots.


More like self-righteous dumbass. He’s a real hero for putting others at risk and losing his job because of it


Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals have similar viral loads.


Yes, he is.

Joel Stefaniak

The only exception here would be medical but like Sylvain yesterday it seems these guys may have just taken one too many hits to the head.


That’s fascism. Plain and simple.


The Corona-fascism is getting uglier. Unbelievable…


Vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals have similar viral load! Coronavirus vaccine mandates are unconstitutional!

Nathan Edwards

No kidding. Amazing how so many will jump off of a cliff because the gov’t told them to to do it. Pandemics last 18 months. let’s get on with life. If you’re scared to live stay home. Let the rest of us do our thing or move to the Middle East for Petes Sakes. Just look at Cuba okay, there is a reason they are waving USA Flags in the streets. Yet we have USA citizens burning their own flag. DAH

chippy play

Clark is scared, so he’s staying home.


I had no idea so many Virologists read this website.


Brett who? Yeah, the only thing I know about this guy now is that he is willing to sacrifice his job for whatever messed up ism to which he adheres.

[…] — Former Avs player and current AHL Colorado Eagles assistant coach Brent Clark quit after he refused to be vaccinated as well.(ColoradoHockeyNow) […]

chippy play

Man, the power of conspiracy theories.


Good riddance!

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