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NHL Officially Allows Sports Gambling Sponsors: How it Changed the Fan Experience



Ted S. Warren/AP
The National Hockey League has changed its position on sports gambling, allowing the sport to be promoted by betting companies. The policy change will mean that fans watching games can expect advertising for online casinos like Bet365 and Unibet during NHL commercial breaks in play.
It is still not legal for sportsbooks to advertise during games in the US, but a loosening of
advertising rules in the UK means that the NHL will take advantage of this development.
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The NHL is the first major professional sports league to allow this type of advertising, which
has helped contribute to their growth in revenue over recent years. Since the first steps were
taken, there have been many developments, which is a move in the right direction.
Consequences of NHL in Sports Gambling and Betting Sponsorships
The NHL has taken a bold step forward by allowing the advertising of sportsbooks during
games. It will result in greater exposure for professional hockey while also bringing it closer
to fans. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said he has “changed his mind” about gambling
after seeing how effective this type of marketing is in other countries.
The NHL also believes that the new gambling ads will reach a whole new audience and help
make hockey more popular amongst younger fans. It is thought that as people become more
familiar with sportsbooks and wagering, they may be encouraged to try out other sports such
as football or basketball.
The NHL has not only changed its rules on gambling sponsorships, but it has also allowed
individual teams to set up their deals with sportsbooks. As such, the league will make more
money as each of these deals will be negotiated separately.
How the Game Will Change with NHL Betting and Gambling Sponsorship
The NHL has already begun to change how fans watch games, and the new gambling ads
will only add another dimension. These sportsbooks are looking at other ways to become
involved with teams, such as offering equipment deals for players.
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Fans will see more advertising for online casinos during TV broadcasts and even on rink boards inside the stadiums. It may soon become common to see player names displayed next to their betting odds, much like how baseball cards are marketed by companies such as Topps.
Will Fans Convert More Often to Gambling?
More NHL fans will likely be encouraged to try out sportsbooks after seeing ads during
games. Some of these players may already have accounts with Bet365 or Unibet, but they
will introduce many fans to these NHL betting sites for the first time.
As people become more familiar with online casinos, they may begin placing bets on other
sports not traditionally associated with gambling. It is expected that fans will be interested in
new sports such as horse racing or greyhound racing if they see betting companies
alongside their favorite NHL teams.
What Can Gambling Offer To NHL?
The expansion of the sportsbook market in the UK has been a significant factor behind
Bet365’s sponsorship deals with several hockey teams. The fact that the UK market is so
mature means more opportunities for sportsbooks, bringing in new customers.
NHL teams have been able to keep a larger share of the revenue from the sponsorship
deals that they have with gambling companies. Due to this, they will be able to invest back
into the franchise and help improve the fan experience at each ice rink. The teams
themselves will benefit from these sponsorships, but some fans may prefer to sign up at
online casinos rather than placing wagers on sports.
Gambling is now more popular amongst younger people than ever before, which means that
the demographic of hockey viewers has changed significantly over recent years. Younger
fans follow their favorite players on Instagram or Twitter and may be more familiar with
online casinos than traditional sportsbooks.
The NHL is now taking a leading role in professional sports when it comes to allowing
gambling sponsorship deals. It has been made possible by the success of sportsbooks in
other countries with a strong gaming industry, such as the UK or Canada.
Will There Be More Betting Ads?
The NHL has already placed a number of these advertisements at critical times during
games. Hence, there will be more of them in the future. As fans get more familiar with sportsbooks, they may see even more of these ads on TV and rink boards around the arena. Each team will earn some millions from gambling companies, which in turn will bring additional revenue. It will allow NHL franchises to invest back into the team and improve how fans can interact with players through social media.
It is expected that each team will be allowed to enter their sponsorship deals with
sportsbooks, but it will depend on the terms of any league-wide agreement that is made.
The bonus terms and conditions will vary between different bookmakers, but each will allow
players to receive free bets. Games such as slots – think free spins – and roulette are among
the most popular at online casinos, but fans can also enjoy sports betting thanks to these
NHL fans will now see more gambling ads during game broadcasts, leading to an increase in
the number of people that review and gamble on sports. Some players may already have
accounts with some sportsbooks, but newer ones will be visible if teams participate in these
sponsorship deals.

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