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Jack Eichel thought he might be going to the Colorado Avalanche



Jack Eichel Vegas

In a just-posted interview by Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman with just-traded center Jack Eichel, the newest member of the Vegas Golden Knights talked about how, over the summer, he thought he might be going to the Colorado Avalanche.

Check it out:

Back in May, I speculated about the Avs making an Eichel deal. I just don’t think the Avs were willing to give as much as the Sabres might have wanted, and a deal just didn’t happen.

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But it’s interesting that Eichel said that he thought it might happen. My thoughts on the deal: Hey, it sucks that Eichel is now in the Western Conference, from an Avs perspective. But at least he’s not in the same division. The earliest the Avs could ever play the Golden Knights in the playoffs, under the current format, would be in the conference finals.

And, Vegas gave up quite a bit too, I think. I really like Alex Tuch as a player, and Peyton Krebs is a real good prospect. Plus, Vegas gave up two high draft picks. Eichel is an elite talent when he’s healthy. But he’s having a fairly serious neck surgery (the one he wants now, with an artificial disc). Plus, you don’t think some team/guy isn’t going to target that neck at some point?

Yes, they will. That’s hockey.

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Would be nice if Joe ever swung such deals, but never happens…Vegas always seems to be able to come up with what is necessary (as have other franchises). Know there is caponomics, but…

Yan Girard

Joe cann’t add a player at 10M at a group as Rantanen, Landeskog, Mackinnon, Makar and EJ. This would be stupid. Don’Mackinnon and Byram must resign in 2 years. Many fans are angry the departure of Donskoi, Saad, Graves and Grubauer. More the players cost money, less is the depth of the team. The Stanley Cup is gained with the depth. You know that in the sport of the hockey there are a lot injuries 🙂


Think you’re missing my point (I agree with your’s in general and frequently have stated so, in terms of depth – but Joe’s moves worsened the roster depth, rather than strengthening it). And I noted that cap management is a factor – but other franchises seem to be able to add quality players mid-season, Joe never, never has, and the team has suffered at the end of the season repeatedly. This year will be no different, except the pain started at the beginning of the season. He mismanaged the roster moves in the off-season, save for jettisoning Grubauer.

Yan Girard

The hockey has changed significantly since the arrival of salary cap. When a team is close of salary cap at the trade deadline for example, it’s very difficult to add important pieces at the team. Often, these are rental players (free agent without restriction). In these circumstances, to get a interesting rental player, you must give very often a first round pick. If you lose your first round picks year after year, this isn’t interesting for a team especially in the world of salary cap. A team needs its choices of first round pick to remain competitive and to respect… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Alexander A.
Karl Keen

That is a good analysis and obviously Joe does not want to shrink a 10 year window of contending for a cup to 5 or 6 by making short-sighted moves or trading away all drafts picks mortgaging the entire future of the club, BUT we have blown real good opportunities the last two years to win a cup. What is Kaut, Bower, Newhook doing so far to help us win a cup this year. NOTHING. I am not taking that for granted and will not take it for granted that “it is just a matter of time before we push… Read more »

Yan Girard

I agree that 2 Stanley Cups in 6 years aren’t great when you have in your alignment Forsberg, Sakic, Roy and Foote among other. That demonstrates the difficulty to win Stanley Cup. To have the best team on paper doesn’t garantee the Stanley Cup. There are a lot intangibles that can influence the result. Tampa Bay Lightning traded 3 FIRST ROUND PICKS at deadline to get Barclay Goodrow and Blake Coleman in february 2020. Before that the Tampa Bay Lightning welcome these players, did you know these players? These players played mainly on a third line with Tampa Bay. When… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Alexander A.
Karl Keen

Well they are back to back Champions and were co favorites with the Avs going into the playoffs.


This was not the deal to make. And Vegas gave up a very good player and even better performer in the playoffs (Tuch). Who knows IF Eichel’s back surgery will be successful and when he’ll come back. What happens to him after that first big hit? A golfer can have back surgery but I’m skeptical of any heavy contact sport like hockey with back issues. I think Vegas has really weakened themselves and they will still have to go through salary cap gymnastics ($10M over the cap) before Eichel can even step onto the ice for the Knights.

Last edited 1 year ago by ricoflashback
Karl Keen

I agree losing Tuch hurts them. I felt when they played the Avs he always stood out and a player I wish the Avs had more of

Bob Neal

Well stated as usual.

Yan Girard

Excellent new for the Avs that has Vegas in his conference. I would like that Theodore is a part of the deal anyway. But Alex Tuch is a power forward. It’s a great loss for Vegas. Tuch is a player very difficult to play against. Less sand paper for Vegas. Tuch was an important part of the identity of Vegas. Eichel is a high risk for Vegas. If Eichel comes back in february or march, you assure you knock him to verify the quality surgery 🙂 In this trade, Vegas mortgaged his future. In fact, since many years, Vegas mortgages… Read more »


Thank the Hockey Gods he didn’t end up with us. Now the goofs in Vegas can struggle late in the season when they suit up a 17 or 16 skater roster to stay below cap.

Nick Chapman

I am glad the Avs didn’t pay a similar price that Vegas paid. I agree with Rico that this was not the deal to make. That said, I also somewhat agree with the sentiment of James, that for whatever reason, it always seems like other teams find a way to land the big fish that the Avs always swing & miss on. Dating back the past few years, the Avs have aggressively hunted Tavares, Panarin, Eichel and supposedly Nylander, yet somehow are never able to pull the trigger. Sakic is definitely a longer term, more calculated and cautious GM, which… Read more »

Yan Girard

Pierre Lacroix had no constraint of salary cap.

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