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12 Ice Hockey Betting Tips You Must Implement Now



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Betting on ice hockey is one of the most popular activities for punters. The sport provides a lot of possibilities. We will tell you about the essential tips that you need to consider while placing bets. But remember, tip number zero is to always wager money you can afford to lose.

1. Check a Team’s Recent Performances

Normally, there is always a period in a season when a particular team has a lengthy losing or winning streak. Before placing the bets, it is advisable to check recent performances. It will give you a general thought on whether it is worthy to choose any given team or not. Usually, refraining from betting on losing teams for a specific amount of time would be better. 

The performance could also be affected by the situation and climate in and around the team. Read the news and discover what is going on.

2. Bet on Totals

Rather than placing bets directly on the final result, you can choose to bet on totals. It could either be over or under. To make accurate predictions, you can check the total number of goals a team has scored or conceded in the whole season.

Totals normally start from 3.5. Between high-scoring teams, you can choose TO 6.5 even. Because of the fact that ice hockey is a dynamic game that takes place for 60 minutes, expect that a lot of goals will be scored. 

3. Check the Odds

The concept of betting line shopping is common in sportsbooks. Basically, a user checks different platforms to discover the best odds and thus maximize the winnings. It is one of the best tips that you can implement in betting. Even the smallest difference matters eventually, if you are playing with a big amount of money. To find the largest odds you can check legal US online sportsbooks available on the web and make sure you do not gamble on unlicensed rogue websites. In addition, you will also find a wide selection of lines and sidemarkets. 

4. Do Not Forget About Live Betting

Placing bets during the course of a match is something that you need to consider as it’s a great way of finding value bets as lines and odds move very quickly. Almost every hockey betting website offers live betting. The odds in the live mode fluctuate frequently, but you can bet between the breaks. In this way, you will also get the opportunity to ensure your initial bet. If you see that your prediction is likely to fail, you can always change your mind and come up with something new. In live betting there are no limitations – you can choose one match and follow it till the end. 

5. Do Not Forget Bonuses

Bonuses play an important part in any bookmaker’s website. With bonuses, you can certainly increase your winnings. Prior to betting on ice hockey games, check the available bonuses. Generally, you will see 2 main types: deposit bonus and no deposit bonus. Also, bookmakers also offer odds boost on specific events. For example, if you are betting on a match between the Washington Capitals and the Edmonton Oilers, a bookmaker might offer increased odds. This will help you to get more profits. 

6. Check Injuries and Suspensions

Injuries are an integral part of any sport and ice hockey is no exception. Frequently, the leaders of the teams might be absent due to an injury that can cause massive problems. In this case, it would be reasonable to bet on the opposing team. If Connor McDavid is not playing for the Oilers, then it is a massive blow for the team.

Also, you should check the suspensions. In numerous online hockey betting guides these 2 factors are clearly emphasized because they can impact the overall result. 

7. Specialize in One Team

Following several teams in ice hockey could be difficult and in the end, you might end up with a disappointing result. It is preferable to choose one team – strong or weak and follow it throughout the whole season. When you check the latest results, pay attention to players and performance, it is highly likely that the eventual result will be beneficial. 

Do not forget to check the arrival of new players. They can significantly change the flow and the course of a season instantly.

8. Choose One Strategy and Stick to It

There are many betting strategies in ice hockey that you can apply. However, despite what you may read at times, there is no one strategy that can guarantee you to win all the time. A particular strategy can be useful for a player and vice versa. Select the one that you deem the most convenient one for you. Check how it is implemented in practice and follow it while placing bets. Do not ignore a strategy if it fails initially, because you might need several attempts to effectively adopt it.

9. Focus on NHL

NHL is currently the most popular ice hockey league in the world. It features the world’s best players and teams. In addition to the NHL, you will also discover the matches in Europe. In terms of popularity, European hockey leagues come nowhere close to the NHL. Unexpected results are also frequent, so it is better to focus fully on NHL betting. It is covered broadly around the world and all the latest information is published instantly. 

10. Pay Attention to Head-To-Head Matches

When you decide to make moneyline bets, it is a good idea to check the H2H matches. Usually, a lot of teams have negative records against the other ones and this is something you can use to your advantage. In fact, if you see that a team has a 5-game losing streak against the opponent then it makes no sense to include it in your betslip. 

On the other hand, historically, there are encounters, when one team has a clear advantage and you can use it for your benefit.

11. Check the Referee 

Refereeing is vital in ice hockey games. Some referees are more inclined to react to the violations than other ones who are more lenient and let actions unfold. It can result in the ejection of a player. Carefully check who is going to be a referee for the match, and study their track record

The status of an event can also play an important role. For the Stanley Cup, referees are usually more loyal and do not react harshly to violations.

12. Stop Betting After a Losing Streak

Of course, when it comes to betting you cannot be a winner all the time. There are moments when you should deal with the loss. In such cases the psychology of a player is important. If you see that there is a long losing streak in your bets, take a break and do not immerse yourself deeply in betting. After some time, return to ice hockey once again and resume playing. Betting is only entertainment and you should control yourself by not losing everything.

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