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Bo Byram recalled, could play on road trip



I didn’t get back home until the wee hours of this morning, from Ontario, Calif., so I was snoozing when the news came down: Bo Byram was recalled by the Colorado Avalanche hockey club, and joined the club on its flight to Pittsburgh, for the start of a three-game road trip.

The question: Will Bo Byram play, starting with tomorrow’s game in Pittsburgh? Well, uh, we don’t know yet. The Avs did not have any media availability today, so we’ll have to wait until the morning skate tomorrow.

As most of you know, I was there in California over the weekend, covering Byram’s two games with the Colorado Eagles. Byram could have played one more game with the Eagles, but that wouldn’t have happened until this weekend. The Avs obviously thought it made more sense to call him back up now and, I would bet, see how he plays at the NHL level again.

I would bet that these games will be an audition of sorts to see if Byram can crack the top six on defense again and stay in it for the playoffs. That’s going to make for a tough choice for Jared Bednar as to who to sit, unless he wants to go with seven D for games.

Superstreak Bonus!

Sitting Jack Johnson would be a very tough thing for the veteran, as he’s played all year and played really well most of the time. He’s big and physical, and you probably want as many of those qualities as you can have in the playoffs.

As I wrote earlier, I think Byram is going to really have to up his game from how he played in Ontario for the Eagles. It’s possible, though, that he’ll have an easier time playing at the NHL level than the AHL level. That’s sometimes the case for a lot of guys. Not that AHL players don’t have a lot of skill too, but let’s face it, there’s not as much of it as in the NHL. It can be tougher for high-skill guys to play in the kinds of games you see in the A.

I do not believe that Nazem Kadri was on the flight to Pittsburgh. Again, though, we’ll have more of an update tomorrow.

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Spencer Bradshaw

There’s a lot of talk about scratching Jack when Erik has been way worse all season. I don’t get it.


Agreed…long before Girard joined, Erik was the Dman that was most frustrating to watch. Erik has been much improved this year, but I’d give the playoff edge to JJ……..

I’d take both and MacD over Girard for the playoffs.

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John Klingenstein

Thank God none of you fools have a say!


Actually, they’ve got this about 100% right John.

If you doubt that, watch a re-running of last years playoff series against Las Vegas.

Bob Neal

So some observers don’t seem to be able to figure out why the Av’s are winning all these tight checking low scoring games recently by playing good defense when they didn’t used to do that when another player was in the defensive lineup and they previously had significant problems winning games against solid opponents even when going into the third period with the lead when that player was in the lineup. Huh.

Matt Briggle

The choice to sit JJ over EJ would most likely be that JJ is a leftie and EJ is a righty. Bo shoots and plays left.


So where is A.D. getting his info on JJ being considered as the inactive “D” man for the Avs. Wouldn’t it be MacDermid with him being inactive or moved up to a forward spot if Byram played?


Repeat, it will be a colossal mistake if Girard is inserted in the lineup over anyone currently playing defense for the Avs. But if his injury had anything to do with a bad back, he won’t last long anyway. He is the number one target for any attacking team who will hammer Sammy physically every chance they get. Then, the turnovers and the timid play begins. Why people can’t see the inherent faults in Sammy’s game is beyond me. You cannot win with undersized defensemen in today’s NHL. Just look at Tampa Bay’s roster of “D” men and you’ll see… Read more »

John Klingenstein

Macdermid is a great guy to have on the the team, but no way is he is dressing in the playoffs if the Avs are healthy. Lots of options for 4th line and maybe sit a forward and dress a 7th dman at times(jj) circumstance depending but I see the playoff lineup as somthing like Mackinnon Landy Rantanen, kadri Nikushkin Burakhovsky, Newhook Lehkonen Compher, Sturm Cogliano LOC and d pairs…Toews Makar, Girard, Manson, Byram EJ. Absolutely JJ is sitting over Girard EJ BYram if they are all healthy. JJ has 1 goal (1st game) and 8 pts on the season.… Read more »


I see your point on Girard, but you’re simply wrong in the overall sentiment that he is simply not cut out for playoff hockey. It was glaringly obvious last playoffs especially in the Vegas series. Maybe this year he proves more worthy, but I doubt it. He coughs the puck up , and can’t handle crap in his own zone. Yeah he spins around like a smooth ballerina, but that does not fly in 4 rounds of playoff hockey. Byram can do it better then him when healthy of course. Girard is great for regular season stats and some flashy… Read more »


His metrics weren’t that bad in that series & he got a great deal of the blame when Nemeth was completely a pylon and coughed up the puck time after time, was Girard overused in that series? probably. Vegas out played them & there wasn’t timely goaltending either. it’s time to move on. Wait til everyone gets healthy and the playoffs actually unfold before pointing fingers and couch GMing the team, the fact they’re still #1 with this rash of injuries is a testament to the depth and different mindset this team has.

John Klingenstein

Blah blah..why don’t you talk to management and the coach who have run the best team in the world for at least the last couple of years.. Id say baring Injuries even the last 3. They without a doubt clearly and completly disagree with your assessment on Girard as do I. Girard has played the 3rd most minutes of anyone on the team this year and last year and he played the most minutes the year before that and for good reason so there is zero question Girard will be playing if he is healthy… maybe you should ask yourself… Read more »

Charlie Anderson

I, Sir, was not ranting or raving this offseason. I do question Girard’s effectiveness in the playoffs. I’d have a hard time sitting JJ for Girard when he comes back, but I probably would do it. But Girard getting hurt is alot of the issue. He has missed playoff games before, plenty. Like in every playoff series he’s been in, or seems like it. I’m also not so sure about Byram’s ability to be effective in a return this year and I question if it what is best for him, and the team. Again, due in part to injury issues,… Read more »

Last edited 7 months ago by Charlie Anderson

Playing not to get hurt vs. Playing to win.

Simple stuff, really John. 😀


You mad, bro? 😀

Last edited 7 months ago by gimmepuck

You’re misguided and delusional. Your hockey IQ is wanting. Manson has played better and better and as he learns the system and keeps things simple – – he is a physical force on the Avs “D.” Girard will NEVER have a great playoffs. With Girard out, the Avs have played their best hockey. Yan Klingenstein – – I’ve put your name in the hat for the autographed “Sammy Circles” jersey that you will proudly hang in your bedroom.

Karl Keen

Girard will suck when he comes back and we will see if you have the balls to admit you are wrong. Byrum already a better and more physical -layer than him despite his concussions


Is this Yan’s second account?

Bob Neal

Now I get it.


Seems every article here generates a ton of commentary about Sam Girard, even if he isn’t the subject of said article.


Any discussion on the defense and who is or isn’t coming back is going to involve Sammy. Right now – he’s hurt and can’t play, so therefore no “G” talk. When A.D. mentions sitting JJ over Girard, it triggers a “no, no, no” reaction, much like Bluto’s reaction when Flounder’s slide is shown for the pledgees in the movie Animal House.

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