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Stanley Cup Final

DATER: Quick Thoughts and Observations From Game 1 Avalanche SCF Win



Colorado Avalanche

Easy, right? Man, I thought the Colorado Avalanche had won, and lost, that game about 50 times tonight. Does everything have to be so hard? Yeah, this is for the Stanley Cup. Everything is hard.

Quick thoughts and observations:

Superstreak Bonus!

  • Andre Burakovsky was always going to be kind of a wild-card player in a game like this: Remember, he won a Game 7 for Washington against Tampa Bay a few years ago in the Eastern Conference finals. Then, he won a Cup with the Caps. This guy knows pressure. Yet, a lot of people forgot about him after he was hurt in the last round.
  • Darcy Kuemper? Look, he just has to win three more games and he’s a Stanley Cup champion. Even if he has a goals-average average of 4.56, you just have to win four games.
  •  The average resale ticket for this game was more than $1,000. What is going on out there?
  • Andre Vasilevskiy is very beatable as a goalie. Just put some traffic in front of him, get him moving side-to-side and he’s human just like anyone else. Avs showed that tonight, and they probably should have had another couple of goals in the game.
  • Nathan MacKinnon was just way faster than anyone on the Tampa Bay side tonight.
  • I definitely expect Kuemper to start the next game. But the leash is short.
  • Can Nazem Kadri play the next game? I doubt it. I think we”re talking Game 3 at the earliest.
  • I think Andrew Cogliano has the same timetable.
  • The Colorado Avalanche need to make it 4-1 when it’s a 3-1 lead. Stop letting up still.
  • I thought Val Nichushkin was great tonight. Avs need to re-sign this man.
  • Colorado Avalanche will have an optional practice tomorrow at Ball Arena.
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Nicci Field

Totally agree with Nichuskin! He needs a multi year extension!


I thought Val was the best player on the ice. His impact was huge.


3 to go

Aaron Cali

$1000 isn’t really surprising. I paid $750 with fees from the presale on Ticketmaster. That’s for a 300 level seat.

Dave North

Nichushkin not one of the 3 stars of the game is a joke. Maybe first star defaults to Burky, but Nuke was the Avs’ best player tonight.

Jordan Leonard

I would argue Makar was the 2nd best player. May not have gotten on the score sheet with either goals or assists, but he definitely was a big part of a couple of our goals despite that


Tickets prices are absolutely ridiculous. Any reason why tickets in Denver are basically doubled than tickets in Tampa?


Because people will pay it?

Wayne Dunlap

*Bandwagon is large, lots of people seeing their first hockey game.
*Seats are expensive to start with, don’t let the secondary market fool you. KSE is milking this for all it’s worth. $1k is not bad for 300 level seat, $2k for Club, Lower Side.

Peter North


Tiny-Hands Tinpot

Oh, look. Another Donald Defeat sock puppet…

Richard Trujillo

Enjoying your 5 dollar gas yet? How much are they paying for gas in Moscow right now? Keep up your sanctions and your “climate change” executive orders.


What??? TF are you talking about?

Donald Victory

Ummm…this…and we are discussing outrageous SCF ticket prices going lock-step with the recent regimes bad policies…

Milk is north of $4 gallon, gasoline $5. Just 18-months ago $2 and $2, respectively. What changed? Midnight shenanigans


Last edited 5 months ago by Donald Victory

on cue, lol. Donald, you need to work on a new fake name.

Clay Forbes

This is a hockey page. Take your tired ass politics elsewhere please.

Colonel Covfefe

So the answer is posting FJB in the comments of a hockey site?

Donald Victory

Free Jared Bednar?

Donald Victory

Oh Yan…how’s the sternum?

Last edited 5 months ago by Donald Victory


Chase Coburn

Our 2nd period let-up needs to end. We crush it in the 1st and 3rd, but we zone out for ~20 minutes in the middle of games. Holy hell. It’s become almost predictable.

Jeffrey Zucker

Agree on Nichuskin!

Regarding Vasilevsky, you said:
“ Andre Vasilevskiy is very beatable as a goalie. Just put some traffic in front of him, get him moving side-to-side and he’s human just like anyone else. Avs showed that tonight, and they probably should have had another couple of goals in the game.”

I think the fact that they should have had more goals, I agree, shows that he is one of the absolute best and that’s why they didn’t get a couple they should have had. When you pepper him enough, something gets by, sure, but he was stellar.

David Zarrick

Exactly. Vasilevsky is not the best best goalie in the goalie in the world because he’s “very beatable”. And Darcy Kuemper’s 4.56 goals against average in these Stanley Cup Playoffs casts doubt on his ability to win ANY game he plays. Dater needs to take off his homer hat and try to write with some semblance of objectivity. Also, if he is an Avs “insider” with 104.3, an alum of SI and Bleacher Report, and, most importantly, an “author of seven books”, can’t he afford his own damn travel expenses? Makes me wonder if he might be using that money… Read more »

Jordan Leonard

1-3-2 all time against Avs, has allowed 3+ goals in all but his lone win, and going into this series his GAA was 3.41 and his save percentage .877. He also allows a shit ton of goals blocker side high (idk if it was goalies in these playoffs, or an all time thing, but they showed the stat in the game 1 against rangers, he was at the top of the list for high blocker side goals allowed). A lot of our shots were also directly into his chest when we had wide open net above both shoulders, and a… Read more »


Why would Kemps have a short leash? He was solid. A goalie coach would have something(S) to say about the first one. Maybe step out, maybe paddle down, more active stick, maybe a bigger push (depending on the coach) … but the second one is tap in, not on Kemps (he almost got a enough of it)… the 3rd is EXACTLY the same shot the beat Igor in game 7, double layer screen. SO…. are we saying that’s a soft goal? Kemps is the man and we NEED him in the net. He look squared away, tracked the puck better… Read more »

Peter North

Kuemper was pitiful. On the Paul goal, he was again way out of position combined with the Condor (boy his lack of speed, ouch). Even the mostly wrong Ray Ferraro was all over Kuemper’s positioning. He was about as square as a circle.

On the second goal, he was just pitiful. Seemed to have no puck awareness of the pass coming. If you noticed teams just dump pucks in front of Kuemper and take their chances. Down low, he sucks!

And the wrister from the blue line was just pitiful. I would start Franky, frankly.


Kemper was in a decent position on the first one, bad bounce and probably overplayed near post a little. Paul stuck that on the post one handed. Kemper makes a small mistake and EJ made big one. Could’ve Kemps dove out and tried to play the puck… maybe… So let’s blame the goalie. On second goal the problem wasn’t #7 getting dangled out of his jock while watching the puck, or #8 who gave up goal side positioning as he watched it unfold… we’re going to call out the goalie who HAD to square up to one of the best… Read more »


If Trent Dilfer can win a Super Bowl as a starting quarterback then Darcy Kuemper can win a Stanley Cup as a starter, he doesn’t necessarily have to steal any games just don’t lose any


Agreed, but I think he only get’s the hook if he gets chased. You could see the rust but he battled through the traffic pretty well. Based on Beds comments after the game… sounds like the he and boys are ride or die with Kemps unless his wheels fall off.

Jeremy Barton

Game 2 will be a huge test for him. TB is gonna be coming hard and he needs to stand on his head and steal that game!!


Something that will never happen with Kuemper. The only way we win games is we are hoping to score more goals than Kuemper would let in.


Or the D needs to not get caught flat footed puck watching? I would expect Kemps to get better as the series moves forward… unless he’s still having issues.

Donald Victory

If he is still having issuen then Franky is the obvious choice. Either way, no way Sakic will resign Kuemper.

I would like to see a true defensive shut down defenseman added, get rid of Girard, Manson, and Condork and replace with better free agent options.

David Zarrick

I’m just speculating here, but it might be because of his 4.56 goals against average. But maybe I’m just a guy who always sees the glass as half empty.


That was made up as a joke by Dater. Kuemper’s actual GAA for game 1 was 2.93. Considering the game was longer than 60 minutes and Kuemper allowed 3 goals, math will win this battle.

Donald Victory

Ummm Dater was referring to the entire set of playoff games.


Intelligent people who know how to use google will easily find out that Kuemper’s GAA for these playoffs is 2.68. Nice try though.

Matt Briggle

The players have said it before and it needs to be mantra in that locker room by now. Safe is death for the Avs. Shouldn’t matter what the score is, keep attacking and playing to their strengths. Yes, give Tampa Bay credit, they’re a very good team that is perfectly capable of imposing their will on another team at times. The Avs just need to be quicker to respond to the push backs and adjust on the fly instead of waiting until the next TV time out or period break. Otherwise, great game for the good guys tonight even if… Read more »

Peter North

Overall the defense was bad. The three best players were Val, Helm, and Mac. And Kuemper was bad. Soft goals allowed. And that impressive 4.65GAA!


Weak takes.

Ricky Hailpern

The AVS can only ‘beat’ themselves! Complacency has no ‘space’ in any Sport. Your Opponent can and will ruin your Ego!
60 minutes in a NHL Game. Go out and “Seek and Destroy” for 61 minutes. You don’t let your foot off the gas pedal. Make ’em’ stop breathing….simple

A V A L A N C H E!!!!


“Andre Vasilevskiy is very beatable as a goalie. Just put some traffic in front of him, get him moving side-to-side and he’s human just like anyone else. Avs showed that tonight, and they probably should have had another couple of goals in the game.” Actually, Vassy let in the exact amount of goals expected, his calculated expected goals against was 3.59…Being that Kuemper’s was 1.71, well…the math is easy. Really, the score should been 3-2 in regs. But a W is a W and I will take it every chance I get. I expect a bunch of red minuses for… Read more »


It’s only been one game and it appeared the Bolts are already gassed. They admitted they didnt play fast enough in the post game, that’s code for they couldnt keep up. All that spells an Avs win in this series.


The news you dropped on The Fan last night in regard to Val Nichuskin didn’t sound encouraging. I consider him part of the core of this engine. We’re less than a month from free agency (July 13th), so not too early to think about it.


Kudos to you, Dater, for the GAA joke.

I think there are a few who truly believed it…remember people, maths are not your enemy.

John Hansen

It’s not just the resale market, Ticketmaster shows Game 7 seats on the glass with a face value around $8,000.


Just for those who like facts.

Kemps for the playoffs: 2.68 GAA, .895 SV%. Facing an average 23 shots per game.

Frankie for the playoffs: 2.86 GAA, .906 SV%. Facing an average 26 shots per game.


Yup, this.

Good GAA + bad SV% = limited shots against

Another fact: Frankie’s stats were helped tremendously by the shutout in game 2 against the Coilers.


Best Team D effort of the year…

Donald Victory

Avs rise to the top!


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