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Important NHL, Avalanche Offseason Calendar Dates



Colorado Avalanche

Is it too early to start thinking about next season yet? This is the NHL, so not really. This sport is basically a 10-month season for teams that win the Stanley Cup, and the latest rights holder to that Cup is the Colorado Avalanche.

The NHL draft is July 7 and 8 in Montreal, so that’s one critical offseason thing fans can get ready for. Remember, the Avs do not own a first-round pick this year, having traded it to Arizona for Darcy Kuemper (are we OK with not having that pick now?).

Thanks to our friends at PuckPedia, here are some other key NHL offseason dates, starting with the NHL buyout window:

Superstreak Bonus!

Do I think the Colorado Avalanche will buy out any existing player’s contract? No, I don’t.

NHL free agency starts July 13 at 10 a.m. mountain time. The Avs have the following players who could become UFA: Nazem Kadri, Josh Manson, Andre Burakovsky, Darcy Kuemper, Valeri Nichushkin, Darren Helm, Andrew Cogliano, Nico Sturm and Ryan Murray,

Gulp. That’s a lot of key guys. The Avalanche currently has $26.45 million of cap space, according to PuckPedia.

So, as much as Joe Sakic probably would love to get some r’n’r out of town for a while, he’s still going to be a busy man the next three weeks or so.

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I like the wine and dine window. Hopefully, some of our FA’s might looks at the more money vs more cups dilemma and want more cups if the money is close. Next years team will be interesting to see after FA.


First of all, trade Sam Girard and his $5M salary a year. That’s an absolute must if the Avs want to clear some cap room. Sammy lovers won’t like it (where did Yan go?) but the Avs have proven that they are a stronger team and can win without him. JJ was superb this year and really good in the playoffs. Very physical that last game with Tampa. Let’s address these UFA’s separately: Nazem Kadri – Breakout year that will be hard to duplicate. Clutch player in the playoffs and he brings some nastiness to the roster. I’m not sure… Read more »

Donald Victory

Plenty of good UFA substitute products out there. Ben Chariot lost in the Final last year, then moved to Florida who go swept by Tampa. He is excellent and not that expensive. I do not have to flip a coin to say he is better and younger than Manson. Same cost as Girard and huge upgrade (sorry Yan). With EJ to retire, room for Manson and Chariot to take some pressure and minutes off Cale. Philip Forsberg would be a great second line center if Nazem does not provide a hometown discount. Wingers available A. Palat and A. Copp would… Read more »

Andrzej Kubis

Forsberg is winger, not center, so he is not Kadri replacement.

Gary Battman

Um…what does it say for Forsberg? Multiple sources incorrect? Maybe he is both?


Chiarot is older than Manson. Filip Forsberg will make as much or more than Kadri, and he’s been a winger until now, so why do you think he’d be a great center? I’d rather plug in Newhook for about $6m or $7m per year less money. We can’t afford Forsberg (even though he was drafted with the Avs’ pick). I agree that Palat or Copp would be nice additions, but I doubt they’ll be available.

Charlie Anderson

What in hell is Donald Defeat still doing on here? Shouldn’t he be off licking John Coopers feet somewhere? #FDV

Dave North

What about JJ? Did he not sign for just 1 year?

I would love to see Nuke and Manson with the Avs again next year, if they’re not asking silly money. Kadri too, of course, but that will be difficult.

I wouldn’t mind Kuemper either, to be honest, at least at an affordable salary.

Aaron Rud

Yup, JJ had a one year deal. Good pickup.


Isn’t the draft where Joe will be given his GM of the Year award?

I know it hasn’t been awarded to him yet…but if it isn’t his, may they all rot. Even Chris Drury.

Donald Victory

Some incredible UFAs out there…P. Forsberg, get him! B. Chariot get him. Keep Val, same age as Forsberg. Maybe keep Manson. EJ will retire so we need some size and some ability to lower Makar’s minutes. Girard is expendable now, yeeeeeah! Some equal goaltenders out there too for less money same averageness. Jack Campbell might be nice with Frankie.

Nino is available, Perron (Avs killer but older), Copp, Nick Paul is available for cheap and a beast. Imagine him centering the third or fourth line?


Ondřej Palát is the player I’d try to pry away from the Lightening. Copp is a fine player with an injury history. Perron is a great, physical player, but at age 34, he might be looking at his last big contract.

Peter North

Yes indeed I think he would want to get out of the sun and come to a state with seasons plus he was drafted by TBL so maybe a change of scenery would be good.

Ryan Krueger

I thought EJ has another year at $6M? If so, why would he retire?

Aaron Rud

I think we are speculating because Erik was just skating around the rink as if it was his last hurrah.

Charlie Anderson

go away troll

Nick Chapman

I think Charlie is just salty about your screen name because he watched #2000Mules and he now knows along with everyone else what actually happened. 🤣


Hoping for Nichushkin, Manson, and Cogliano, in that order. Too much?

Burky and Sturm: I’m okay saying goodbye.

Kadri: I’d LOVE to keep him, but it’s probably unrealistic to pay his salary.

Kueumper: he may make the most sense for the money and alternatives on the market, but he’s not mission-critical to another cup run, IMO.

Last edited 5 months ago by slowpokeczech
Bob Neal

I like your modifications to Rico’s comments. I also was a big Chariot fan but thought Manson played awfully well in the playoffs and is also a decent offensive threat. I’d certainly try to keep Manson.

Aaron Rud

You and I agree 100%, Slowpoke.

Joel Stefaniak

Any insight Adrian on EJ and his plans? One year left with a 6 mil cap hit and he was almost out of the game for good last year. Any indication he is done? Does he want to go out on top like Bourque did or make one last run on a B2B? Would the Avs “LTIR” him next season so he doesn’t forfeit his salary or hit the cap? I say EJ earns the right to suit up if he truly wants to next year, but knowing his plan can really give Joe some extra flexibility heading into the… Read more »

Ryan Krueger

You answered my question above

Glendon Gulliver

I think a lot will depend on what EJ does and his salary. After he decides, Sakic will know how much money he has to keep people and get people. Next will be what he does with Kemper and Kadri. Good goalies and defensemen are at a premium, so people will be offering Kemper and Manson money. Kemper, Kadri, Nichushkin, Burakovsky, and Manson will demand top to leave, but may be willing to take less to stay. Forsberg has already been offered 8 million to stay in Nashville. Chiarot will demand close to the same salary as Manson, and is… Read more »


I am sure Nichushkin and Manson will be renewed. Burakovsky will most certainly sign somewhere else. And Kadri will probably go back east somewhere, probably Montreal.

That leaves question marks about Kuemper. It’s quite possible he will pull a Grubauer and go to some second rate team.

Matt Briggle

Question for you AD. Since getting the MacKinnon extension done is the biggest priority so they know what the cap situation looks like going forward, what is the earliest they can start negotiations? I know he can’t sign the extension until the 13th, but can they utilize that wine and dine window to hammer out at least the top line number or do they have to wait until the 13th to start negotiations? Sure would seem like a bonus if they could at least have that top line number agreed on so they can figure out what to offer to… Read more »

Ryan Krueger

Everybody is all over the place on the UFAs with the exception of signing Nichushkin which I also agree with. Might he also find a bigger payday somewhere else?

Glendon Gulliver

I would love to see Kadri, Nichushkin, and Manson remain on the team. I think all three will get huge offers to leave. I would also talk to Helm, Cogliano, Sturm, and Murray about staying. They are not that expensive for the depth they would bring. To keep Kadri, Nichushkin, and Manson, the team may have to part with Burakovsky and Girard.

Glendon Gulliver

I left out Kemper. I would keep him too. Too many people are in search of the greener grass on the other side of the hill, thinking they can get better for less.

Glendon Gulliver

It is interesting to see guys being so happy to be traded to Colorado, while at the same time, willing to go back to a shitty team for the bucks. That is pro sports these days.

Peter North

Ben Chariot would be good replacement for Sammy Yan Girard. EJ needs to hang them up. He has made millions for a long time how much does one need?


Chiarot was unimpressive in Florida after the deadline, and by unimpressive, I mean absolute dogshit. I was cheerleader for him pre-deadline. I regret that now. Now I don’t want him anywhere near us

Nick Chapman

Got nothing to do with “need.”


This is the NHL, so not really. This sport is basically a 10-month season for teams that win the Stanley Cup, and the latest rights holder to that Cup is the Colorado Avalanche. 

Glendon Gulliver

Another thing to discuss and I can’t wait to CHN staff’s input, is who on the Eagles may be ready for prime time! There may be lots of spots to fill on the 3rd and 4th lines.


Let me give you the list – 1. Oskar Olausson, 2. Oskar Olausson, 3. Oskar Olausson.

Gary Battman

Send LOC down. See if Sampo is ready, as well as and makybe Mikhail, Shane, and Alex could be good fourth…

Dwayne Hall

The first priority for the Avalanche this offseason will be MacKinnon’s extension. I believe that was stated on the 32 Thoughts pod. And for good reason. If you intend to extend MacKinnon you want to know what potential cap availability you’ll have beyond next year when that extension kicks in. MacKinnon’s contract was brought up because they may have already talked to Nichushkin about him being next in line once that gets done. So, we’ll see where that goes. As far as MacKinnon’s extension, if he is truly looking at trying to get a contract that both pays him and… Read more »

Adam Manter

I think out of the ufa’s Avs sign Manson and possibly Kadri. I thought I heard or read somewhere that Big Val is looking for a big deal somewhere and will be out of the Avs price range. I think the Avs let Darcy walk and only sign Burky if they strike out on Kadri and Big Val.


I wonder if we’ll see some offer sheets this year. They’re always pretty exciting. But please none for Lehky…


Let’s be honest here… We love Mikko but his contact is going to make this tough. Val, Lecky, and Kemp’s (ol’ one eye) are the priorities, Kads is the brass ring. Second tier is Manson, a Burky replacement, and big tough veteran D. Maybe JJ, but he really slowed down the last 2 series, do not sign Murray. Demri might deserve a full time look in the 6, he got SO much better as the year went on. Plus Cale and Bo need a body guard, it would’ve been nice to have a thumper to keep Perry and the Bolts… Read more »

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