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Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup Parade Thursday



Nathan mackinnon
John Bazemore/AP

As reported by Ch. 7 and the Denver Gazette, the Colorado Avalanche Stanley Cup parade will be Thursday morning, starting at 10 a.m.

According to both sites, the parade will start at Union Station, then wind southeast on 17th St., then on to Broadway before its final stop, at Civic Center Park.

Superstreak Bonus!

That’s where the Avalanche have gathered the last two times they’ve won the Cup, so this will be no different. Mayor Hancock will be there, along with all the players and staff, with Stan and Josh Kroenke as well.

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Donald Victory

Awesome! I hope they fixed NAKs dent, or hell, just leave it! Haha!

Glendon Gulliver

The may want to wait until it gets returned to fix all the dents and scratches.

Donald Victory

That might work we shall see duing the parade it is clearly now squared off on one side! LOL!


That’s nothing compared to what Tampa did to it last year

Jared Moss

Dater, how come Justus, and megna and whoever else were in Tampa to celebrate the cup are there? They didn’t play in the playoffs and didnt play 41 games so they won’t be on the cup… just thought it was wierd and for that matter will macdermid and Murray be on the cup not sure if either played 41 games nor did they see any ice time in the playoffs.

Matt Briggle

Those were all the Black Aces, and they have always been included in Cup celebrations over the years. Aside from the guys who automatically qualify to get their names on the Cup, the team can petition for others to be included. MacDermid automatically qualifies as he played in 58 games this season. Murray came up a bit short at 37 games played, so I would be willing to bet that his name will end up on the Cup.

Dave North

And Justus was backup to Frankie for at least one game during the playoffs, so that would qualify him in any case, would it not? Or what are the rules for backup goalies?


No you have to actually play and you have to play at least one game in the finals not just playoffs if you don’t have enough games during the regular season.

Jared Moss

Side note still not sure why sakic paid 1 mill to extend dermy I get it he had some good moments but no ice time in the playoffs shows we didn’t need him… would be way better if it was league minimum, or spend that 1 mill elsewhere


The Avs need him during the regular season to keep guys healthy for the playoffs. He’s not making much over league minimum and they can send him down to the AHL for no cap hit if necessary. He makes the whole team tougher and that mindset carries over into the playoffs. Money well spent.

Donald Victory

Exactly, duh. First, he is a deterrant. Second, the player like him so he is a fit. His salary increase was performance related, so he earned and deserved it. Maybe you ought to ax him?

Joel Stefaniak

My guess is teams are going to start to target them now that they are champions/perennial contenders for years. Macdermid was terrific in that “bodyguard” role and I think he’s actually going to become more of a regular with the amount of turnover potential we have this summer.


No. Dermy was there to ensure that our premier players would be available for the playoffs. No shenanigans with MacDermid there to protect MacKinnon and others during the long, regular season. A wise $1M investment by Super Joe who nailed everything this hockey year.

Donald Victory

Agreed. Sakic and Forsberg and Hejduk had Simon (Chief), Parker (Sherrif), McLeod, Severyn, Odgers, and others to ensure no shennanigans.

Last edited 5 months ago by Donald Victory

He’s a regular season player. He plays because nobody wants to fight him so they don’t start shit with our skill players.

Bob Neal

Because he protects his players from getting hurt in the regular season by goons like Perry, Lucic and Kane so that they can play in the playoffs when it counts. He’s worth every bit of that salary.


He plays forward and D. So really he’s a 2 for 1 special.


I dont think its early, with BO window opening in the next few days, when do you think we find out if EJ is going to ride into the sunset?

Donald Victory

EJ and JJ should retire and ride off. That frees $6 + $1. The Havs proved they could win the Cup withour Girard, package him up for forward depth or future first round picks. Havs should have the cream pick of free agents. Maybe resign Manson or Chariot, but get tougher on defense. The list of free agents is impressive for 2022. Bring in Erik Gudbranson and another bid defensemen. Tons out there. With Burky $4.9 and Kadri $4.5, I would not overspend here. Need to resign Val and Mac. And for the depth players, would love to see Cogs… Read more »

Last edited 5 months ago by Donald Victory
Donald Victory

Andrew Copp is available…

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