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Nazem Kadri: Avalanche Ownership “Made It Clear To Me They’d Like Me To Stay”




Nazem Kadri still has a lot of ties to media in Toronto, so it wasn’t a surprise that he hopped on the “Real Kyper and Bourne” Sportsnet show from there today. The Colorado Avalanche center had some interesting things to tell the two.

Asked if Colorado would be his No. 1 choice as a team to re-sign with, the potential unrestricted free agent told “Real Kyper and Bourne”:

“How could it not be?” The Kroenkes have been great supporters of mine and made it clear to me that they’d like me to stay also but we understand that there’s a business aspect involved. We’re going to try to work together,” Kadri said.

The fact that Stan and Josh Kroenke want him back is a pretty good sign that it might happen. It’s going to cost, though. Kadri is coming off a career year, with 87 points in 71 games. He became a playoff hero twice – with a hat trick in a clutch Game 4 win in St. Louis, despite dealing with some racist harassment, and again in Game 4 in Tampa Bay with an overtime goal. That Game 4 was his first game back after returning 18 days after breaking his right thumb.

The numbers say Kadri could easily be considered the best second-line center in the league. He had a $4.5 million cap hit. What would he be worth on the open market? I think the number would have to start with at least a 6, probably a 7 and you know Kadri is going to want to get the most term he can. He’ll be 32 in October. Kadri is one of several Colorado Avalanche players who could go UFA on July 13.

There will be plenty of teams interested in signing Nazem Kadri if he gets to market, trust me.

Superstreak Bonus!

Kadri also talked briefly about coming back from the thumb injury, telling “Real Kyper and Bourne”:

“It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. Soon as it happened I knew my hand was broken. Knew it was going to be a challenge. It was a race against time. Had a lot of great help, great staff and was able to get back in time.

Kadri said he learned that the thumb is responsible for “about 70 percent of the functionality in your hand.” He said the thumb was “frozen up” for games.”

Now, Kadri can just heal up by enjoying a summer with a Stanley Cup and some fatter paychecks:

I think I’ve shown what my worth is and just looking forward to things playing out,” he told “Real Kyper and Bourne.”

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The fact that he changed his agent recently speaks to him wanting the last big contract. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Some other team might pay him the likes of 5 x 8 and obviously the Avs can’t and shouldn’t do that. I seriously hope ownership wasn’t very serious either. We don’t want them meddling with Joe’s work now do we?


oh great, the owner telling Sakic how too his job. What could go wrong?

Gary Battman

Well Nazem I may have something to say about your next contract. I’ll ax Joe too!


Kadri has over $38M in career earnings and is going to hit the ripe old (NHL hockey) age of 33 as the season begins – maybe Naz would sign for a front-loaded, 4 year, $6M AAV deal? Maybe with some money in signing bonuses, the Avs front office can “find a way”?? Something like $7.5M/7M/5M/4.5M


It’s all about the cap hit, not the distribution, at least from the aspect of fitting him in. He might like more money to invest early on, but a lot of teams will be willing to hand him more than $6m per year if they have cap space. Seattle has said they’re going to spend this year. They’d probably give him $7.5m x 4 without blinking an eye and he’d get to be the #1 center and join Grubauer. “There’s a business aspect involved” that might make Kadri think he’s got his ring, so it’s time to get mo’ money.… Read more »

Karl Keen

I would think the Avs would want him back, but as he admitted it is a business matter in a salary cap era (why does it always seem that the salary cap hurts the Avs more than any other team since its inception?). I would like him back, but simply because he had a career year, the team has to be cautious on whether or not he can repeat such numbers for several more years. I know Rico gave a good FA signing in a different article I mostly agreed with, but for me, the following priority: Nichuskin (did he… Read more »


I agree, except I think Joe definitely needs to lock up Nate now. Too stressful with Landy last summer. I don’t see how they keep Girard without making huge sacrifices elsewhere. Girard to Ottawa for the #7 pick and offer Manson $3.5m x 4 to stay, sign Murray for $1m x 2 and draft Kevin Korchinski. He is tall, fast, and had 61 assists in 67 games as a rookie defenseman in a tough league.


girard salary to mackinnon =11.3m, burakovsky salary + a $1m player to nicushkin for $6.65m, replace others with depth from AHL ?? how do we keep lehkonnen? if nicushkin prices out then lehkonnen stays with this scenario. my hope is that nicushkin wants to stay with the team that had the culture to patiently brought him to his potential and helped him be comfortable in north america. teams that continue to win have to have players that make players want to stay and are willing to sacrifice a little to keep a wiining core. Maybe that will bee the case… Read more »


Love what Naz did here, and I’ll always be glad he got a cup here in CO but we need to sign KUSH and Lekohnen and there wont be much left over after that.

Glendon Gulliver

Right now the Avs do not have a great replacement for Kadri. Compher filled in adequately, but is really better suited to the 3rd line. Newhook has not progressed enough to take the role. If Kadri does leave, the team will need to look for a 2nd line center. They need someone who can also move up if MacKinnon is out hurt. If the Avs decide that Compher can move up, then you do have an easier time signing Nuchushkin . I agree that Girard may need to go. Byram has shown that he can be the 2nd pair offensive… Read more »

Jared Moss

Fiala just signed for 8m, Kadri is as good as gone, but Joe will make other stuff work out. Most intriguing is what he is gonna do in net

Richard Trujillo

Sakic has to figure out what to do with Rantanen. That contract is just crippling and he doesn’t come close to making the kind of impact someone making over 9 mil per year should be making. Trade him to Seattle for picks/prospects and Driedger. Now you have some room to extend Mackinnon and resign Kadri. Free up some more space by finding someone to take Girard off your hands and you are ready to reload.

Brian Levesque

That contract is far from crippling and he isn’t going anywhere

Dave North

That’s a joke, right? Rantanen was the team’s leading scorer among forwards in the playoffs and has been the team’s leading scorer in the past two regular seasons.

And Driedger? Why would Avs need another backup goalie?


I agree Girard is unfortunately the odd man out to clear more cap space. I read a proposed trade Girard to the NYI for a 1st (14th) and Beauvillier. Not sure if taking on Beauvillier contract would clear up enough cap space?


No way a 32-year-old Kadri approaches 87 points again. Say buh-bye to him, Burakovsky and Johnson, keep Nichuskin, Kuemper, Lehkonen, Manson, Aube-Kubel and Cogliano/Helm. Have trade pieces to acquire a second-line center. #InJoeWeTrust

Aaron Rud

Whatever happens, do not overpay ANYONE. There’s a reason only one (1) $10 million per player has played for a Cup(Carey Price in an anomaly year). TEAM wins a Cup. Look at Edmonton. How’d that work for them?

Glendon Gulliver

Kadri will demand a huge payday. If you look at UFA centers, he was the highest scoring one, by far. He will be hard to replace. The problem is that guys with half his productivity will demand what Kadri gets now or will want even more. Guys like Strome, Copp, and Trocheck scored approx 50 points and may demand $6-7 million. That is what the NHL is paying. Rantanen is the Avs top scorer during the year and second leading scorer in the playoffs and is only 25. His salary is well in line with what comparable players get. Nichushkin… Read more »

Glendon Gulliver

Lehkonen needs to be extended. There will be teams trying to get him as a RFA. Take a look at what some are saying would be a qualifying offer, over $4 million. It is the same with UFA’s. Expect Gaudreau to get over $10, maybe $11 million. Players who scored less than Nichushkin and Burakovsky will demand $5-7 million. Forsberg was already offered $8 and has not accepted yet. The money will be flowing!


If we lose Lehkonen and Nichushkin and end up struggling to find a starting tendy because Joe decided to give Kadri the fat paycheck…well, that would not make much sense to me.

I think we could still keep Kuemper (or find another) and extend Lehkonen, but if we keep Kadri we lose Nichushkin and vice versa. I feel the priorities should be: 1. securing goaltending, 2. extending Lehkonen, 3. Nichushkin, 4. 2 defensemen (resign Manson and Johnson? meh…), 5. filling out depth (more re-ups?), 6. Kadri.

I don’t even want to think about the 2023 offseason…alas, I already am.

Dave Jones

Kadri. Keep him? Spend the money then. Maybe a long term deal. Longer than 5 years – likely. Let him go to market? Loss for sure. Who replaces? Is anyone ready to produce even 80% of this season’s numbers? Don’t know. Temptation is to “Sign him while Cup victory is fresh”. Need to play out all the Who stays-Who goes scenarios on the big whiteboard in Joe’s office. I say, STRIKE A BALANCE that’s team-friendly…Let’s say: $6.5 million on a 4-year deal, or 5.75 mil for 5 years.

Cameron Clemente

Do i want Nazem stay with the Avs yes

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