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How To Get That “Too Many Men” T-Shirt Worn By Nazem Kadri



Kadri shirt

Adrienne Ruth is a die-hard Avalanche fan, who also is a great local artist. She’s also a huge Nazem Kadri fan, and already knew him from some previous interactions. After the Avalanche won Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals on an OT goal by Kadri that Lightning coach Jon Cooper complained shouldn’t have counted, she got a message from Kadri asking if she could make him a personalized t-shirt with “Too Many Men” written on it.

Working at lightning speed, Ruth was able to do up a design, get it on a one-off t-shirt and get it to Kadri in time for him to wear at the parade in Denver yesterday.

Kadri shirt

Now you can get that same shirt – and 50% percent of the proceeds will go to the Nazem Kadri Foundation, to benefit charities. Click here to order.

Superstreak Bonus!

Ruth has a business called Murder on Ice Design Co. The shirts are already selling well. They’re cool. Now you can get yours.

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Glendon Gulliver

I’ve ordered two. Great cause and great shirt!

Adam Manter

Kadri should send one to Jon Cooper!


He should also add some cheese to the package to go with Cooper’s whine. His sniveling was pathetic.

Mark Helbig

Dont understand why this cheap shot Kadri keeps getting glorified. He has knocked our 2 best players out of the playoffs the last 2 seasons and he uses the race card to get people to feel sorry for him. Perhaps his tshirt should read, “#2 Cheap Shot in League” behind Tom Wilson.


Is that you Coop? Here’s some recommended cheese to go with that whine.

Last edited 4 months ago by dwestall

Worse. It’s Craig.


Race card? That comment says it all. Most hockey players that have a psychical aspect to their game have had questionable hits. Kadri has learned his lesson and is a great player and now a Stanley Cup Champion. Don’t be a snowflake and a whiny loser.

Peter Downe

Nice attempt at deflection. Nothing racist about calling a dirty player dirty.


You are correct. But accusing someone a different race of “playing the race card” is, in fact, a racist trope.

Peter Downe

Kadri shows us exactly who and what he is every time he comes near his favorite objects. Microphones and cameras.

“Me, me, me, me, me, . . .”


Question. You do kids parties perchance?


I still have my “It’s All About Lappy” shirt somewhere…

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