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Dater’s Daily: Gaudreau Columbus Signing Shocker, Chaos in Vegas



NHL trade Johnny Gaudreau Calgary Flames

A good Thursday to all. Another scorcher in Denver on the way. Let’s do some NHL notes and links, starting with the continued aftershocks from the seismic blast that was yesterday’s Johnny Gaudreau signing in Columbus:

Superstreak Bonus!
  • All day long, we heard from “insiders” that it was down to the Islanders or the Devils to land Gaudreau’s services. Because, he wanted to “go home”, etc., etc., etc. Then, out of nowhere, came the news that Johnny Hockey was taking his talents to C-Bus. Here’s some of the shock and anger in his old city, Calgary, over that news. Flames fans are MAD.  (Calgary Hockey Now)
  • “Family reasons”, it turns out, can mean different things. The fact is, Columbus, Ohio, is a very nice place to live. Yeah, a lot of players have wanted out from there too, but guys who live a long time there come away loving it.
  • The Flyers are getting ripped by fans and media for not even making an offer for Gaudreau (Philly Hockey Now)
  • The view from Washington on the Darcy Kuemper signing (Washington Hockey Now)
  • The view from Seattle on the Andre Burakovsky signing (Seattle Times)
  • The view from San Jose on Nico Sturm signing a three-year, $6 million deal with the Sharks (San Jose Hockey Now)
  • In Pittsburgh, there is some grumbling among fans and media that the Penguins are trying to live in the past too much with some of their recent, long-term signings. But there may be some other deals in the works for Ron Hextall (Pittsburgh Hockey Now)
  • I think this is the situation with Jack Johnson: He has an offer on the table from the Avalanche, a one-year deal. But he’s mulling it over. He doesn’t want to be just a seventh or eighth guy on D. If he comes back, he wants to play. We’ll see where it goes.
  • I hope JJ comes back. I think he had a really good season.
  • What a purge yesterday by the Golden Knights. Talk about a team that mismanaged the salary cap. That team took a big step backward yesterday (Vegas Hockey Now)
  • The new grilled cheese with tomato and pesto on Dunkin’? Mmmmm good.
  • I thought the Detroit Red Wings had a very good free-agent frenzy day yesterday. Here’s the view from Motown (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • Interesting, isn’t it, that Patrice Bergeron hasn’t re-signed yet with the Bruins? Maybe it’s just a formality, but some wonder (Boston Hockey Now)
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Glendon Gulliver

Detroit is one the teams that improved greatly yesterday. They will be a much better team. Several teams in the East also scored big. The Avs did a fantastic job trying to keep the cup team together, but the loss of Burakovsky’s scoring an possibly Kadri, leaves a huge hole in the offense. Hopefully whatever happens, the Avs can get another scorer into the lineup. Niederreiter, Strome, Rodrigues, Heinen, and Milano are still available to add, if possible If Compher goes to 2C, the 3rd line will need added scoring. Any word on Murray possibly staying? I have not heard… Read more »


Of the remaining UFA’s I was surprised the Ducks let Milano go? He is young. I saw him play in several game’s for the Ducks I thought he was solid contributor, if not the best player on the ice for them. But I think Niederreiter would be the best option for the Avs. He has some offensive upside but plays a sandpaper style which helps makes the Avs difficult to play against.

Glendon Gulliver

The Avs could get two of either Milano, Rodrigues, Donato, or Heinen for $2-3 million and add 60-70 points to the third line, as wingers for Newhook.

Peter North

Seems no Girard takers to free cap to sign Kadri, and Milano!


Take back salary if you have to. $1M or so. It’s worth it.

John Klingenstein

Are you joking?

Ryan Krueger

Have despised Vegas ever since those gold helmets made me go blind.

Charlie Anderson

Sad to see Sturm go. Can’t believe the Kraken got Bura so cheap. I’m still a little miffed to see Kemps go to the Caps for so cheap while we take a GAMBLE. Kemps has the highest save % in the league since 17-18 and just helped us win a Cup. SMH. Prove me wrong again please Joe/Chris. I’m still a little confused, a goalie that just won a Cup with a .921 sv% over the last 4 years is only worth 5.25/mil? WTF??? Dater is this weird or is it just me? I’da thought he would get 8-10mil. This… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Charlie Anderson
Peter North

Wow, emotion much? Kuemper was one of the worst goalies when the puck was near the blue paint. Or the worst! Kuemper let in some very weak goals too. Kuemper is average at best. Do not forget Frankie went 6-0 during the playoffs and save the day. Chants of Frankie occured chants of Kuemper never did.
Get a grip. Kuemper is gone.

Charlie Anderson

No I’m talking about numbers Peter. You are referring to emotion here. Kuemper is not average, he has the highest save % of anyone that has started over 150 games since 17-18. Numbers bruh. Goalies with that kind of stat that just won a Cup get 8-10mil on the open market.

Jeffrey Anderson

Avs won DK a Cup. He can add that to his resume. Two questions, what was his save % in playoffs – .902, and GA = 2.57. Lowest on a Cup winning team in forever. Also, check out his goals saved above expected during the entire season, and it fell through the floor during the playoffs.


You make a good point. But I think, for whatever reason, Sakic doesn’t believe in Kuemper as the long term solution. I don’t think a couple mil a year is that significant. Maybe age as Kemps plays out his five year contract? Or something else we didn’t see? An organization decision? Burky has a wonderful shot but can be real streaky and disappear for weeks on end with his play. Still – he’ll be missed unless he can be replaced and that will be difficult unless a trade is made for salary cap relief.

Last edited 4 months ago by ricoflashback

Ottawa did a great job. They are poised to do well this year. The Avs did a fantastic job, IMHO, in signing (long term) key, core players. But Kadri will be lost and no suitable replacement if Girard isn’t traded away with his $5M cap hit. I’d take JJ over Girard any day but hey, you all know that here. So – outside of adding one or two lesser paid players and absent any trades – – this is your Avs team for 2022-2023. Is it good enough to win the Cup again? Time will tell. And, perhaps some more… Read more »

Yan Girard

You don’t want JJ in the team you support?


Yes – JJ on the Colorado Avalanche for one more year. And playing.

Yan Girard

Yes, JJ on the Colorado Avalanche and not in the team you support.


Get real, Yan. The Avalanche is the only team I support, period. Since you can’t make any coherent cases to keep Sammy, you resort to these childish posts. If/when(?) Girard is traded – – will you move on to the “Hockey News” city where Sammy is playing?

Karl Keen

I’m not a 100% convinced this is really Yan. Both he and I had someone posing as both of us. I could see Yan just quitting posting after that.

But I also am not a 100% convinced that Sam Girard is not actually Yan Girard….

Last edited 4 months ago by Karl Keen
Yan Girard

I think rather it’s you who will move on to the Hockey news city where Girard is playing if it’s for the team you support.

Last edited 4 months ago by Alexander A.
Peter North

Who would be the Avs greatest competition in the West come 22-23? Blues? They weakened. Stars got a bit better but still they are committed to a yound and unproven goalie. Preds? Nah. Wild? Signing Le Flower is their best move haha Avs have handled him no problem. And no team from the East scares me. TBL lost Palat, and signed an average dman in Serg to a long-term deal. Meanwhile Stamkos and Hedman got a year older and have some serious miles on them. Florida got weaker losing Giroux and Marchment. Never an easy road but it can seen… Read more »

Charlie Anderson

Otteninger in Dallas is like 1000x more proven than Georgiev.

John Klingenstein


Jeffrey Anderson

JJ needs to retire. He got his Cup.


Is it safe to say that when the decision on whether JJ stays or leaves becomes known, that it will be a barometer on Girard’s future with the Avs?
FTR I hope JJ stays, lol!


I’m also confused by the Blue Jackets / Gaudreau thing. One thing can be said though, once they sign Patrick Laine that team is going to be really improved over last season. They also added that ogre Gudbranson on D. That dude is scary. I hope they don’t sweep us in Finland…

I’m delighting in watching the Golden Goofs implode right now. Hockey karma is a powerful thing.

Adam Manter

VGK getting what they deserve if you ask me. The organization got too arrogant for its own good. It is time for them to be taken down a peg or two!

Aaron Rud

My word, even when we disagree on this site, it’s so much more intelligent than the drivel on Twitter and Facebook fan sites.

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