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Altitude And Comcast Food Fight Continues



It’s the story that will never end. Altitude vs. Comcast, with no end to the impasse in sight. Just press releases condemning the other. The latest:

Altitude put out a release today, urging Comcast to give it the same kind of deal it supposedly gives other customers. Comcast responded with a statement that said most Comcast customers have “no interest” in Altitude content. I’m not taking any editorial stance on this, other than to say I hope it ends one of these centuries.

The Altitude release:

A response from Comcast, via the Twitter feed of Kyle Keefe:

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OK, screw that, I’ll say one thing: A lot of people have interest in some Altitude content. To suggest otherwise is tone deaf and dumb.

What a mess.

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Cody Danko

We moved past the point of this being absurd a long time ago.

Comcast might not be negotiating in good faith, but at the end of the day this is Kroenke’s problem to solve. The fact that this is threatening to go into a 4th season is ridiculous.

KSE is losing money from no deal with Comcast or Dish and the fans are getting punished.

This should have been resolved a long time ago.

Effem Ahl

I don’t understand why Altitude can’t come up with a direct-stream subscription service? If it’s a League rights issue, then the damn league should figure it out. Figure out how to effectively do and say F*** Comcast. IMHO.


Agree on the direct streaming platform. I have many bones to pick with the PAC12 (dead soon though) for similar reasons.


We moved to DirecTV Feb of 2020 from Comcast when this all started and have been happy ever since. DirecTV has a decent iphone app for streaming and on the desktop too. With the dish, we’ve had less disruptions (even during snow storms) as compared to when we had Comcast. I like NFL Sunday Ticket too

Joel Stefaniak

Ho hum, I guess I’ll just continue not paying to watch the Avs. The free streams are fantastic quality honestly.


It’s obvious that Comcast has no intention of working with Altitude. So, a direct streaming channel/subscription is the only option for Stan and Josh. That Comcast is willing to deny the greater Denver market access to the Nuggets and Avalanche speaks volumes about their interest in the community. It’s all dollars and sense. Of which, Comcast doesn’t care about the latter.


Then partner with Hulu or some other popular streaming TV services provider. New York is having the same issue with the “YES” Network and Dish. If you can’t run a separate streaming service then find a way to reach your audience. If Comcast continues to take its ball home and not negotiate, then absent any judicial relief, the fans in Denver and New York (Dish customers) are the ones who are short changed.


It almost sounds like Altitude is requiring it be a part of all subscription options. If it is something similar to that then I think what Comcast said makes sense. If it is something that Comcast could just have on a sports package for the area then I would think that most of those subscribers would be interested in Altitude. Hard to say either way without knowing those details, but it does not seem like either party is without blame.

Demetris Gray

Maybe Joe Biden and Gary Battman should step in? Inflate the prices like petrol, then Comcast would be happy!


I live in Pueblo. Many of our friends and family have been cheated out of watching the Nuggets and avalanche for years. I am sick of Comcast.

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