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Nazem Kadri Signs With Calgary Flames



Nazem Kadri Stanley Cup

Just like all the Insiders (TM) said, Nazem Kadri is going to the…Calgary Flames.

Despite plenty of hockey media saying it was a done deal that Kadri would sign with the New York Islanders, the now former Colorado Avalanche center signed a new seven-year, $49 million contract with the Flames not too long ago. It is the same Calgary Flames team that Kadri nixed a trade to three years ago when the Toronto Maple Leafs wanted to send him there. Instead, he came to the Avalanche and was a Stanley Cup hero.

But those are just memories now for Avalanche fans. Calgary traded center Sean Monahan to Montreal to gain some cap space for Kadri. The Flames lost top forwards Johnny Gaudreau and Matthew Tkachuk recently, but have now replaced them with Kadri and Jonathan Huberdeau.

The Avalanche, meanwhile, now have a gaping hole at the No. 2 center spot in their lineup. A potential replacement is former center Paul Stastny, still unsigned. Or, the Avalanche might try to convert Mikko Rantanen to a full-time center, though that is seen as unlikely.

The Avalanche, my sources maintain, could only give Kadri a short-term offer – maybe only a one-year offer. Kadri, an unrestricted free agent for the first time, coming off a career year, took the higher offer – and nobody can begrudge him that.

Kadri was a huge part of the Avalanche’s Cup success, posting 87 points in 71 games, and scoring more clutch goals in the playoffs – including the OT winner in Game 4 against the Tampa Bay Lightning despite playing with a broken thumb.

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The Avalanche, according to PuckPedia, have only $2.4 million in open cap space right now. Why it took so long for Kadri to sign a new deal? We’ll have to wait for his introductory press conference – as a Flame.

Hey, I do have a tweet from July 14 saying I’d heard the Flames were heavily in on Kadri:

Wish I’d stuck with that line of thinking more…

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Dave Moreno

Very interesting to see where the Avs go w/ the 2C????

Bob Neal

Congratulations to Nazem and true to hockey form he cut a deal no one seemed to even know about or at least discuss. That’s why you always wait for the deal to be completed and quit listening to speculation from the “pundits”. So by waiting we lost JJ and the two replacement options you mention for the new 2C seem less than palatable to me.


Hate to see Kadri leave curious to see what the Avs do now?


Hopefully Rodrigues or Milano.

Ryan Krueger

A one year offer by the Avs seems kind of insulting. Is that the best we could do?


Locking the vault for the Mack mega deal.


Good for Naz. Big payday. He’s already won a Cup so maximizing his financial return was a priority for him – especially with this probably being his last contract. Moving Mikko to center is a foolhardy attempt at addressing a 2nd line void and messing with his game. Doubtful that Sakic will go with that strategy. So, barring a trade, a very small cap number to go after Rodrigues (I still do not know why he isn’t signed) or Stastny on a short term deal. The Naz watch is over. Time to move on.


I was really hoping he would be going to the Eastern Conference if he wasn’t going to sign with Colorado.

Ted Grycel

Funny how this works, watching Avs-Blues game 4 as I read this. Certainly will be missed, dude had some grit and skill


Calgary will regret this in 2 or 3 years. Kadri had a magic season and will not repeat it.


Now this pisses me right off. I think 7×7 was a do-able contract for Sak-n-Mac. I know the 7 year term was the sticking point. But whatever…

I still feel that on paper the Avs are icing a better roster than at the beginning of the last season, given the players’ records for both moments in time.

Last edited 1 month ago by dk

Cant sign him past one year and still be able to pay for MacK……Mac gets AT LEAST 10 million starting next year….probably more.


Nothing bad to say about Naz and his time here. Best of luck to him. Watching him go up against Evander Kane for the next few years will be fun.


Sources say Lou Lamoriello is planning on announcing that he did not sign Kadri on the first day of training camp. He likes to keep such things “close to the vest.”

Joshua Abeyta



Nothing but respect for Nazem. He earned himself a special place in the hearts of Avs fans. But those contract terms never much made sense for the Avalanche even in a world without a salary cap I would argue. For the Avs, this marks the beginning of a mini-retool. We have lost some depth on offense and it will be up to our prospects to fill the void left behind by Kadri and Burky. With Newhook, Meyers, Ranta, Olausson, Kaut and even Bowers we still have some interesting prospects to move into the line up next year, even if other… Read more »


I wish Kadri the best. He worked hard, changed his “bad boy” reputation and was a key player for the Avs. Seven year contract–he will be 39. Let’s see if the Avs work any surprise magic to fill the 2C spot.


Congrats to Naz! Truely wish him well. It won’t take long for the reunion, game #2 of the season in Calgary! I also hope the new leaf he seemed to turn over here in Colorado will continue. It would be a shame if he were to revert back to his former reputation and take a run at an Av’s player like Makar or Mac in the future. With 3 regular season games and possible playoff match up, there is a good chance for a bit of a rivalry to flare up.

Yan Girard

The Avalanche’s decision to lose Kadri was made as soon as Lekhonen and Manson were signed. Even the Avalanche were already preparing for the possibility of losing Kadri with the acquisitions of Lekhonen and Manson to the extent that they performed well. The team paid the big price (Helleson, Barron) to acquire these players. It is a great victory for the team to have managed to sign these players (younger than Kadri) at a reasonable price while they are at the peak of their career and they were becoming UFA. In the same vein, we must not forget the acquisitions… Read more »


Seven years is a lot. Kudos to him though. Hope he plays to it’s price the whole contract. The guy has a permanent target on his back when I comes to things people can pick at him for. That’s why I was VERY weary when 9m was being tossed around. Wish the Avs could’ve kept him (or that he was a couple years younger) but it would’ve blown up in their faces within 2-3 seasons.

Joshua Abeyta

Always trust your gut, Dater. Belly brain thinks before head brain 🧠

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