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Dater’s Daily: Nathan MacKinnon Contract Speculation, Expanded Hockey Now Coverage On Way



Nathan MacKinnon

A fine Thursday to all of my merry band of Colorado Hockey Now subscribers and you drive-by folks too. About 85 degrees already here in Thornton at 10:20 a.m, but the forecast calls for some merciful cooling the next few days. Let’s do some hockey notes and links, starting with one on how Avalanche fans are buying everything in sight commemorating the Stanley Cup, some exciting news for Colorado Hockey Now subscribers and some Nathan MacKinnon contract speculation, among other things:

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  • I was looking at the “minimalist” design by S. Preston of the Avalanche Cup win, and like it a lot. Even thought about buying one for young Thomas Dater, a huge Avalanche fan. But they’re all sold out – the only one of his other minimalist championship posters of teams from other sports. How much does that say about how rabid Avalanche fans are right now? Click here to see them at least (S. Preston Designs)
  • It’s tough to find other Avalanche Cup stuff too. The Altitude Authentics store does have some good stuff, though (Altitude Authentics)
  • Good news for CHN subscribers, and those of the other Hockey Now sites too: I’m going to cut and paste what my partner in crime, Dan Kingerski, wrote on the flagship Hockey Now site, Pittsburgh Hockey Now, this morning: the new platform is almost here! We began training and transferring a few sites yesterday. “The new platform means your ad-free PHN+ subscription (and CHN+ subscription will give you access to ALL of the Hockey Now sites and their subscription content.. BUT WAIT, there’s more! Our app is on the way. You’ll be able to configure it for the teams, sports, and breaking news you want. Our national homepage will be updated with the top stories in real time, and you’ll have a daily newsletter instead of many emails per day.”
  • I’ve got even more good news, for those fence-sitters who want to join the thousands of other Colorado Hockey Now subscribers: I’ll give you 20% off on a yearly subscription right now, from the normal $29.99  to $24.99, if you use the promo code word 5off in the quick and easy subscription checkout box here: (checkout box).
  • Hey, you know I don’t forget about you too, my existing subscribers who might have paid a fiver more. You can often get that price too (I run sales a fair bit) on the next go-around. I’m easy to find if you want to find me on that.
  • Lots of trade rumors involving Les Habitants lately (Montreal Hockey Now)
  • It’s been quiet lately on the Nathan MacKinnon contract front, at least to me anyway. A cone of silence appears to be under construction on it. That could be a very GOOD thing, that something might be getting done. We’ll see. I had a sourced story last month saying MacKinnon and his camp fully expect, when he signs his next deal, that he’ll be the current highest-paid player in the NHL, and I stand by that 1,000%. Other outlets picked up on the story (without crediting Colorado Hockey Now, how petty) and so I guess it’s “official” now lol.
  • I originally predicted a new AAV of $14.5 million per on the next deal. I might lower that a bit, to $13.5 or $14. The current highest salary in the NHL right now is $12.5 million.
  • Some people who know Nathan MacKinnon have told me he’s hungrier than ever for another Cup, that winning one has only made him more famished for another.
  • Sportsnet 32 Thoughts Podcast: Elliotte Friedman has the scoop on Evan Rodrigues and his choices.
  • Spoiler alert: Avalanche not in the mix apparently.
  • The Red Wings (boo) haven’t been in the playoffs for several years, but national hockey outlets still want to put them on TV a lot this season (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • Saw a pretty good documentary last night on the late Morton Downey Jr. He pretty much is the godfather of trashy TV, which Jerry Springer and many others later co-opted. (Amazon)
  • Don’t forget, it’s Avalanche Alumni weekend up in Vail this weekend. Plenty of ex-Avs to see, and Trista Sutter, of the original Bachelorette fame, is organizing it. More info. here
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Matt Zmuda

Full access to all HockeyNow content will be fantastic.
I’m especially looking forward to the app!

Glendon Gulliver

I think the issue with Evan Rodrigues is that he wants to maximize his salary at this point. I thought what Elliotte Friedman said made sense. A team like Anaheim giving him a short term deal, but with money, so that they can use him as trade bait at the trading deadline. Anaheim wants prospects and draft choices and the best way to get them is from a contender overpaying for someone at the deadline. He may yet be an Av, but not until March.

John Klingenstein

The guy has done almost nothing his whole career. He had a good 1st half of last year and thats including a a coupke game stretch where he had a hat trick in one game and 5 goals over 3 games. Thats it. Check his stats for the 2nd half. Had 4 goals and 9 assists in the last 48 games of the year. Hes ok but the avs have a bunch of cheaper guys that that Id much rather see play. Sure he wants to cash in on a good 34 game run to start the year, and I… Read more »

Glendon Gulliver

That is why he has not been offered the money he wants. For a million a year, he does seem to be worth it, especially when he can play both RW and C. Over his career Rodrigues has scored at a 33 point pace. On today’s market we have seen many guys getting 3-4 million a year for that production. Of course that seems high, but that is the market these days.

John Klingenstein

He’s not signing for a million.


Don’t understand why the Avalanche have not got involved with Rodrigues? They lost a lot of goals with the departure of Kadri & Burakovsky! Don’t understand why he wouldn’t be interested in the Avalanche either? GO AVS!!!!

Mark Bansbach

Great to hear about CHN app and access to other teams HN pages. I have been with you for a couple years and love it. The Athletic and Peter Baugh also do a great job for Avs coverage and it is perfect having both of you for sources to catch up with Av news all the way out here in western New York. In the 90’s it was waiting for The Hockey News to come in the mail for Nordiques/Avs coverage lol.


I would consider subscribing but your site is so lame, all the pop up make it virtually impossible to actually read anything and it keeps scrolling a few lines so you cannot read….and it does it now just trying to type in this box….totally lame Dater!

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