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Dater’s Daily: Avalanche Rookie Faceoff Starts, Darryl Sutter Still A Beauty



A good Friday to all. Looks like a fabulous weather day here in the great state of Colorado. That is almost what I have said most every day I’ve lived here since 1991. ‘Tis a privilege, indeed, to live in Colorado. Let’s do some NHL notes and links, starting with information on the Rookie Faceoff this weekend in San Jose and some on their former coach, Darryl Sutter:

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  • I’m not seeing any places to watch a stream of the game between the Avalanche and Los Angles Kings today, at 3 p.m. mountain time. That’s unlike the previous couple of years. Has anyone seen a place where it can be streamed?
  • If you missed it, my new part-time hire, Brennan Vogt, did a great job breaking down how Oskar Olausson and Ben Meyers looked yesterday at rookie camp.
  • One of my – and many others in the hockey biz – favorite people is Flames coach Darry Sutter. It’s weird: like Scotty Bowman, he’s one of those really old-school guys that I hit it off with whenever the opportunities came to cross paths. I’ve spent some quality time on the phone with him, talking about the game and life, just like I still do all the time with Scotty. Darryl Sutter has everything prioritized right in life. Family, faith, hard work. Take a look at this video of what his life is like away from hockey. Man, do I ENVY that life. (YouTube)
  • Sportsnet: More trouble for Hockey Canada is brewing. They were alerted to a possible third sexual assault¬†on their watch.
  • Brad Marchand won’t be back to the Boston Bruins until Thanksgiving (Boston Hockey Now)
  • Islanders star Mat Barzal had some thoughts on the Barry Trotz departure (NYI Hockey Now)
  • Trade rumors may be a season-long distraction for the Winnipeg Jets (Hockey News)
  • Jack Eichel is ready to silence the critics this year with the Vegas Golden Knights (Hockey News)
  • A story I wrote for Sports Illustrated on how smoking used to be prevalent among NHL players (
  • With the season ramping back up, I’m doing something of a subscription drive, a la National Public Radio – minus the peaceful, dulset tones. So, please, you fence-sitters, come on board with Colorado Hockey Now – where we cover the (bleep) out of the Colorado Avalanche. Get 20% off the regular, yearly price by using the promo code word 5off in the quick and easy subscription checkout box here. I already have the most affordable price in town for Avalanche fans. Now it’s even more affordable, with a drop from $29.99 to $24.99 (checkout box)
  • If I could encapsulate one song what it was like to live in the 1980s as a young, up-and-coming person, this would be it (YouTube)
  • My back hurts worse than ever. Imagine a dull knife in your lower back, That’s me.
  • Top rookies to watch in Vegas (Vegas Hockey Now)
  • The story behind the story of the new Sharks jerseys (San Jose Hockey Now)
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I’ve heard that the Rookie Faceoff games were to stream live on and the team sites. I have seen no evidence of it with my own eyes though…

Anyone else?

Glendon Gulliver

This is what I saw on twitter. Live streaming link –

Justin Houde

Monsieur Dater, please get an appointment to get your back through a MRI exam. You have to !!! If it feels really like a dull knife, please get a MRI exam by any way.
My dad had terrible back pain years ago and when he said it felt like razor blades, the doctor understood it was time for him to get that kind of exam. I stop here for the details. The last thing I want is for you to be too worried.


Glendon Gulliver

AD, I hope you feel better soon. I have had two back surgeries and a sore back sure does suck. Great song. I graduated college in 1981 and was part of the MTV “music” generation. It was Martha Quinn to Riki Rachtman. The Clash, Duran Duran, Prince, Metallica, to everything in between. I think right now everyone expects Ben Meyers to make the team. Do you see any of the rookies making the Opening Night 23 man roster? Have you heard of any possible PTO’s this year for the Avs? With Rodrigues and Meyers on the team, what do you… Read more »


Wow, to be able to talk to nine time Stanley Cup coach winner Scotty Bowman. That must be a real treat. I still remember a 1996 Conference Finals home game that I went to against Detroit where between the first and second period, I got as close to the ice as I could and snarled at Coach Bowman on his way to the dressing room. I’m sure I yelled a couple choice words as everyone else did where I was standing. I didn’t even look around me as I stared at Scotty, eyes ablaze with my anti-Wings venom. What a… Read more »

Glendon Gulliver

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