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Colorado Hockey Now 48-Hour Sale: ‘back2back’ for $20.22, And Some Heart-To-Heart Talk



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A sale here, something I do on occasion (though not as much as I used to). With the Avalanche season about 48 hours away as I type this, I’m offering a full-year subscription for $20.22. It is tailored toward another Cup coming to Denver, for a fourth time.

Just use the promo code back2back in the checkout box here.

Yes, this is for new subscribers. This draws on my lifelong guilt complex about everything, so let me say this to everybody here who has paid the full freight of the regular price of $29.99, many of you since I started this site in June of 2019 (read my introduction letter from that day here. I still mean every word of it):

I don’t want you, the full-freighters, to get upset over others getting a discount. I know it’s not a ton of money either way, but I’m very, very sensitive to price/money issues and I never, ever want to feel like I’m short-shrifting loyal customers like you.

How the sausage is made in this, and pretty much every business is: newcomers often get a nice rate to start out. Then, the price goes up after the first year. My full, yearly price for all the content on this site has never risen beyond the $29.99 per year since June, 2019. Inflation has taken hold of just about everything in the last couple of years, but not Colorado Hockey Now.

I have a complicated relationship with money. I like to have money, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t really need a lot of it to feel OK. I think a lot of this attitude does, in fact, stem from my upbringing. Technically speaking, I grew up pretty poor. My mom and stepdad didn’t have a lot of money, didn’t really make a real middle-class living until I was 19 or so. My biological father was a hippie who lived for many years on real, honest-to-god communes in Vermont. You can read about one of them here and here.

So, anything beyond a big bottle of ice-cold coca-cola and a newspaper always felt like a luxury to me growing up. If we’re speaking honestly here, I don’t like big, fancy, expensive things. I’ve stayed in many of the best hotels in the world, and, yeah, they’re nice. But I’m really, honestly, just fine with a dive room at a Motel 6 or something.

My relatives – my dad’s grandfather and a generation or two earlier – were seriously rich. One of my distant relatives pretty much owned all of the electricity in the city of Hartford, Conn., way back in the day. They had chauffeurs and great big houses and everything money could buy in the early 1900s. Apparently, a lot of it was lost in the Great Depression.

I wound up growing up in teepees in the winter of Vermont, and with 15 other people in farm communes and tiny apartments in New Hampshire. As long as I had a bottle of soda, a newspaper and maybe a slice of pizza, I was just fine.

This is me as an 8-year-old, living in Keene, N.H. in the Year of Our Lord, 1973. Do I look like a fancylad to you? I should have added “as long as I can pitch a rubber ball against a wall, for 10 hours in a row”, I was fine.

colorado hockey now

And, I’m pretty much the same way. I still eat tons of Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee cans of food. Like, all the time. It’s my favorite snack, and sometimes a meal. Still. I get uncomfortable around real, serious luxury and wealth. But, yeah, I like money just like everyone else. I have worked hard in my adult life, and have a nice house in the burbs and some stuff.  I like money, like I said. But as long as I’m not broke, I’m fine.

Being truly broke sucks. I’ve been there and don’t want to go back.

But, I never want to be known as someone who put the hard sell on customers. I want you to have as little amount of financial pain as possible when reading my scribbling. As it should be.

So, what I’m trying to say is: if anybody is mad about others getting a deal on their subscription when you paid/are-paying more, just email me at and I’ll put you on a list to get a discount the next time.

Look, it takes money to keep the lights on with this business, so I can’t just give away the store all the time, every time. But if any of you want to talk turkey on the next price, just reach out.

Either way, as long as I have a few bucks for a slice of pizza and maybe a nice cup of coffee from a gas station, I’m just fine.

I just want to thank everybody here, who has supported this site. I have my fastball back I think, and I’m going to bring it this year to any Avalanche fan interested in still reading here. Thanks to the new customers who got back2back discount. Remember, you might have to pay a few bucks more in the future. But it will never be much more than that. That much I’ll promise.

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