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NHL Finds No Evidence Supporting Allegations Against Former Avalanche Ian Cole



Ian Cole

Saying it found “no evidence to substantiate” anonymous Twitter allegations of sexual abuse, the NHL tonight concluded its investigation of former Avalanche defenseman Ian Cole and his team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, reinstated him as a player after suspending him pending the investigation.

In its statement, the NHL said “The investigation of the allegations, which were made anonymously in a social media post on Oct. 7, was conducted by the League’s Security and Legal departments.

The investigation included two separate interviews with Mr. Cole as well as interviews with NHL club personnel and other individuals with potentially relevant information. Further, the investigation included a detailed review of on-line and social media, public data, and court records and law enforcement checks. In addition, despite attempts by the League to make contact with the anonymous source of the social media post, those efforts were unsuccessful.

On the basis of the foregoing, the National Hockey League now considers this matter closed.”

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In its own strongly worded statement, the NHLPA said, in part, “Players should never be subject to suspension or discipline in response to unsubstantiated and anonymous accusations.”

Cole, 33, played for the Avalanche from 2018-21.

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Matt Briggle

I get why the NHLPA had to make that statement. They don’t want to see players suspended even if it’s for injuring another player. Cole was suspended WITH pay during this investigation, so he didn’t lose any money (and the Lightning probably gained a few grand in cap flexibility through some loophole or another), so their objection is pretty lame just on that basis. In this era, allegations like the ones made against him can not be brushed aside like they once used to be – and that is a GOOD thing. I think that up to this point things… Read more »

Glendon Gulliver

The NHL and the Lightning had to go through the process, even if they were unable to find any evidence. They could not put themselves in the position of ignoring a complaint, that later proved to be true. Law enforcement may eventually decide the same or may find evidence of a crime. Hockey does not have a great reputation in dealing with sexual issues. The woman may not trust anyone in the NHL. I am sure the union has read Cole the riot act and told him to do nothing that could be used against him, as it may get… Read more »

Wayne Dunlap

This take is the silliest thing I’ve read today. There were never any “real” allegations ever made. It was an “unsubstantiated” post from an “anonymous” twitter account. It was fake news and the NHL shouldn’t have given it the time of day. This wasn’t a real person coming forward with dates and times when something may have occurred. It was, in truth, less than nothing other than an attempt to smear a good man’s name (probably from some idiot who didn’t like the lick Ian put on his favorite player). Would you want an anonymous twitter account to determine your… Read more »

Bob Neal

Well stated Wayne!

Michael Connelly

Adrian hears “desk whispers”: “Send that stuff to City Desk!”

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