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Gabe Landeskog To Miss 12 Weeks Following Knee Surgery



Gabriel Landeskog, Colorado Avlanche

Some tough news this morning from Colorado Avalanche coach Jared Bednar: his team’s captain, Gabe Landeskog, will miss the next three months following arthroscopic knee surgery.

Landeskog’s knee just hadn’t responded well enough over the summer and through training camp and the early part of the regular season. So, the decision was made to go under the knife again. He actually had the surgery yesterday in Minneapolis.

It’s a tough blow for the Avalanche, but as the saying goes: better to have something like this happen early in the season instead of late in the season.

“Certainly it’s up to other guys to step up,” Bednar said. “But we’ve got a good core of guys here. This part of the game. We just have to go without him, and hopefully everything will go (well) and he’ll be back in 12 weeks, for the stretch run.”

As long as Landeskog can come back ready to go for the second half, this story could still well have a happy ending. As I wrote a couple weeks ago, there were some murmurs that things just weren’t right with Landy and there some was some internal concern.

Superstreak Bonus!

Gabe Landeskog had surgery on his knee at the tail end of last season, don’t forget. He gutted it out for the playoffs – and played great. But obviously there was a setback moving forward.

But, as another saying goes: It could have been worse.

An update on Darren Helm: He skated this morning in a non-contact jersey. Bednar said there is no concern that he, too, could have some kind of new surgery like Landeskog. That said, he still does not have a firm timetable on when he’ll return.

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Ryan Krueger

Terrible news. Gabe has become injury prone. Hopefully Mayo Clinic is doing the work. They are top notch. As one who has had both knees replaced after multiple scopes I am curious to learn more about the specific knee surgery failure but I assume we will never find that out. Maybe he can shorten that timetable for return. He will be missed.


Surgery likely wasn’t a failure. I’d wager my dollar against anyone’s dime that he was rushed through rehab.

Aaron Rud

I agree.

Aaron Rud

As much as I don’t like Patrick Kane the person, Patrick Kane the hockey player is obviously good. I wonder……

Bob Neal

Bring back Jack Johnson with him if he comes over.

Aaron Rud

Bob, 100% agree. Love Jack.


Hey AD, a question out of left field to this article, but do you know if there are any plans for the Stanley Cup travelling to Finland in 2 1/2 weeks?
– Hopeful travelling Norwegian
P.S. Great site, keep up the good work

Victory Donald

I’ll buy your ticket for a 10-year subscription and 100 percent post rate! Good?


I’ll keep the tickets, hehe


All the best to Landy. May everything go well for him.


Who couldn’t see this coming?

Clearly he should have had the last procedure earlier in the season last winter.

Take as long as you need, Gabe. You will need to be fully healthy for the PO’s. The boys will pick up the slack in the regs.

Victory Donald

Yep, dumb to sign him long term unless he did not disclose his issue to the team. Captain fantastic! Pulling $8M out of the line-up for three months is ludicrous. LTIR for the season!

Victory Donald

Well Captain Flucking Fantastic! That whopping $8M holdout cap hit blows. He must have know his knee was degrading over time and likely did not inform the team. LTIR him for the entire season would have been smart and then they could have signed any of the available free agent centers who would have listened.

Captain Fantastic!

John Hansen

Something tells me that a team physical is a little bit beyond “So, how are you feeling?”

Trenton Dunn

Don’t trash talk our Captain.



What a big time bummer for Landeskog! The team will have to put it in serious gear w/o the captain! Also, even if you get ESPN + the Avalanche are still blacked out. I’m in Comcast he’ll. Where I live I can’t get Direct TV, lol.


Go back and watch him skate up to the cup before the banner raising — there is the slightest twinge on his face for a half-second after a tiny stutter-step. Blink and you’ll miss it. It was a great moment to witness, BUT he probably shouldn’t have been on skates that night (hadn’t even skated with the team yet!!!) and he definitely shouldn’t have hoisted a 35 pound trophy, victory lap or otherwise. I have a feeling the surgery decision was cemented that night, if it hadn’t been already…

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