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Avalanche and NHL notes: Avs to play in Finland this November



The Avalanche were supposed to play in Finland in late 2020, but the pandemic nixed that. Today, the NHL announced a new schedule for international competition in Tampere, Finland this November, that will have the Avs play the Columbus Blue Jackets.

The games are slated for Nov. 4 and 5.

I’ve never been to Finland. I was supposed to in 2001, but Sept. 11 nixed that. I hope to be there for these games.

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Maybe that Zamboni driver thought he would get uromysitisis and die?


Hope to see you in Finland AD!

I was also going in 2001 and had expensive black market tickets..


Damn, good luck selling ANY tickets Arizona. That’s crazy. The shit show In the desert continues.
Also, I think I’ve commented this before. But Sakic is probably kicking himself for not giving Towes AT LEAST a five year. Though maybe seven.


Gonna need a special tip jar for Finland. I’d start right now.

Last edited 5 months ago by ricoflashback
Aaron Rud

Friend of mine already looked at flights. Only $700! Maybe AD can do it.

Aaron Rud

Maybe if revenue is teams’ only concern(it is), Arizona has it figured out. Fewer fans. Fewer employees. Less parking to worry about(no big deal- just charge $100 per car). Maybe the small arenas ARE the way to go. I say this in small jest.

Last edited 5 months ago by Aaron Rud

Toews ineligible for extension until summer 2023. By that time he’ll command $10M. Will be tough for Avs to afford him, I’ve run the numbers. Doable, but will have to trade core piece like Girard/Byram

Aaron Rud

Then trade one or both. The stats with /without him are VERY telling.

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