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Dater’s Daily: Kadri second appeal set, Ball Arena to 100% capacity next round



Happy Thursday. Let’s do some hockey links and news and notes, starting with something I just learned about Nazem Kadri:

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  • His second appeal hearing on his eight-game suspension will be Friday morning at 9 a.m. mountain, via Zoom. “Neutral discipline arbitrator” Shyam Das will hear the appeal. His ruling on the matter will be binding for both sides. Gary Bettman and the NHL upheld the original eight-game suspension, earlier this week. Das has reduced suspensions before, including a Tom Wilson 20-game suspension to 14 games. You can read Das’ decision on that matter here.
  • I think Das will shave a game or two off the suspension, but we’ll see. Kadri has served four of the eight games so far, all Avs wins.
  • Good news: IF the Avs and Nuggets advance to their respective next playoff rounds, Ball Arena will be at 100 percent capacity. You’ll still have to wear a mask in the building, though. Avs games will actually be at only 95-percent of its capable capacity, as there still need to be some off-limits areas – like right behind the benches – for safety reasons.
  • Could the Detroit Red Wings be a sleeper in the Seth Jones sweepstakes as it feels like the Columbus Blue Jackets have no choice but to trade him? Kevin Allen seems to think so. (Detroit Hockey Now)
  • I hope you all check out the new Detroit Hockey Now. It’s the latest site in our Hockey Now family, and Kevin Allen and Bob Duff are leading the coverage. Kevin was at USA Today as the lead hockey writer for 33 years and Bob covered the NHL for years with the Windsor Star.
  • The fourth line is getting the job done again for the Islanders in the second round with Casey Cizikas scoring a big overtime goal in Game 2. (NYI Hockey Now)
  • Of the disappointing Maple Leafs, Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner have no answers for their first-round loss. (TSN)
  • So what are the Buffalo Sabres going to do now that they’ve been awarded the No. 1 overall pick in the NHL Draft? (Buffalo News)
  • Bill Zito wants Florida Panther players to be proud Panthers (Florida Hockey Now)
  • Can you believe I’ve never seen “Scarface”, until today? Watched it all morning. Riveting.
  • Brian De Palma directed the film, I see. My old man, Alan Dater, did the sound on a Brian De Palma/Robert De Niro movie from the early 1970s.
  • Special thanks here to the following people for their recent donations to the Avalanche Travel Tip Jar: Gary Echert, Logan Lloyd, John Campanella, Trevor Stephens, Lorene Schmitz, Jim Strohmeier, David McKinnis and a couple others who don’t want to be named. You help make covering the Avs on the road easier, and I can deliver more coverage because of you. Thanks. 95 cents of every dollar goes to covering the Avs on the road, five cents goes to the Thornton Food Bank. The Tip Jar is always open.
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chippy play

Bummer that they didn’t increase capacity for a hypothetical Game 7.


Scarface. Now that’s a way to start the day…


useless face diapers still required? idiots.


It’s the chin diaper!!

Matt Briggle

So, I guess we could know about the Kadri ruling before game 4 in Vegas. Here’s to hoping it gets reduced a game or two. Good news about the arena capacity going up, the more arenas we can get filling up sooner the quicker the cap can start going up which is going to be the most important thing for the Avs in the next few years.


WPG Jets, forward, Mark Scheifele gets four games suspension, for a wicked hit on Habs forward Evans. Scheifele has ZERO history of suspensions, yet VGK Reaves has previous suspensions but only got two games for his VIOLENT ASSAULT on Ryan Graves. Both Kadri and Scheifele were guilty of bad hockey hits during the split second decisions of a normal high-speed NHL hockey play. Reaves actions were AFTER THE WHISTLE. What do Bettman and Paros expect will come of when or if Reaves returns to play in this series vs Colorado? Someone is going to be seriously hurt because the VGK… Read more »


What would it take to get Seth Jones? Would Timmins + Kaut/Bowers and the 21 1st-Rounder be enough?

Would love to see him in Burgundy+Blue…


“What do you mean by that, Mr. Dater? I never liked those guys (Detroit Red Wings.) Don’t be a cock-a-roach. First you get the money. Then you get the players. Then you get the Cup. That’s how it works in this country, Chico.”

Luke Waggoner

Das decision on the Wilson suspension was actually fascinating to read. It kinda puts the kibosh on the idea that the NHL is just spinning a wheel when they decide on these suspensions; specifically for repeat offenders. His analysis of the multipliers and his removal of a multiplier that the NHLPA said was “pulled out of thin air”, but leaving the others in place was really interesting. After reading it, I’m not sure if I’m more or less hopeful that he’ll reduce Kadri’s suspension.

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